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Midnight, Texas -- The Consequences of Swallowing Demons

Updated on October 27, 2018

Can anything be done to save Manny?

Last time we checked into Midnight, Manny was suffering the aftereffects from swallowing several demons whole so he could take down Colconnar. Fiji and Bobo were enjoying a great sex life. Olivia and Lem got married. And a new hotel was about to open in Midnight.

The light turns green in Midnight and Manny is walking down the middle of the street in cowboy boots and just his shorts. He starts digging something. Now he's back home staring at his girlfriend, Creek. It was just a dream. She tells him she's not sure she wants to stay in Midnight any longer. She says she doesn't want to be serving patty melts forever and has applied to a writing course in Austin and wants him to come with her, but he doesn't seem to want to go. When she accuses him of just that he says home is with her. Then his nose starts bleeding. When he goes to the bathroom he notices some black goo comes out of his nose and notices his boots lying on the bathroom floor. Was it really a dream or did it really happen?

Fiji and Bobo going at it on the ceiling. Mr Snuggly is watching and makes a hocking a hairball up sound at the sight of them.

Olivia removing a disguise as she wakens Lem.

Joe is out running. He kisses his boyfriend/former demon, Chuy. He wonders if evil has taken a break from Midnight.

Manny is picking at his food at the diner. He looks strangely at his knife. Creek interrupts his thoughts, which seem to be bordering on murder. Olivia says she dug up info on the hotel. She says they're full booked for the month. Healer Kai is the attraction at the hotel.

Manny says the hotel will be out of business three months tops. He saw the place filled with ghosts. No guests are going to stay in a hotel with ghosts.

Manfred trying to find out what wrong with him. He tapes his phone to his chest to try and find out what he's doing at night when he falls asleep.

Olivia comes home to Lem and he has a claw-footed bathtub waiting for her. He starts sexing her up.

Manfred wakes up in his van. He unstraps the phone and sees he traveled several miles. Then he sees a line of graves he dug and Granny says he's in trouble now. Is it for all his friends? Is he planning on killing them?

Granny says she crossed over and was resting in peace. She said then she heard about this. He tells her he's been having some urges. She says the graves are for his friends. She urges him to go back and tell them about this. He says they finally trust him and he doesn't want to ruin that. He says the dreams started after he took the demons in him. She suggests there may still be a demon inside of him. She urges him to go to the church and touch holy water to see if it burns him. He takes her advice but the holy water has no affect on him. So he's clean of demons. He says if he isn't possessed than what's wrong with him.

Emillio says the energy is amazing when he goes to the hotel opening. Kai's wife, Patience introduces herself. She says until they came here they functioned as a traveling circus.

Manny has a vision of him drowning Emillio in the pool and says he's got to get out of there.

Kai comes out and walks on the water of the pool. A man in a wheelchair asks Kai to help him walk for his daughter's wedding. Kai tells the man to come out of his chair and join him in the pool. The man falls out of his chair and crawls to the water. Kai breathes into the man's mouth. Suddenly the man is able to stand and walk.

Manny looking for side effects of being possessed. Granny warns him that bad things happen at night and said she doesn't trust him around Creek. Neither does Manny.

Fiji gives Bobo the key to her place.

Olivia thinks the guy in the wheelchair was paid and Kai is a conman.

Joe has a run-in with a demon at Bobo's bar, until Lem shows him out. While another customer watches Joe from across the room.

Granny says she's not so sure it's good if Manny gets drunk, considering the murdering thoughts running through his head. He calls the cops and reports a drunk naked man out in the street then he goes out in the street and strips down so the police will arrest him so he'll be locked up in jail and everyone will be safe from him for the night

Manny wakes up in bed alone looking for Creek. He sees blood on his hand from a cut. He asks what he did.

Manny comes in the diner and sees Creek is fine. She asks where Manny was. He says he was in the drunk tank. He promises this isn't going to happen again. She says she wants to believe him. While she's talking he stares at someone's gun. He makes a hasty exit.

Olivia is given a crystal treatment by Patience at the hotel. The minutel she leaves the room, Olivia removes the crystal and then she goes to snoop around. She sees Kai talking to a painting on the wall.

Manny back in his van with Granny. He finds a journal of Uncle Marnie who suffered from the same thing. He tells Manny the black junk coming out of him is demon residue and once it takes over he'll lose his mind. He says put a bullet through Manny's brain before he does it to someone else.

Bobo and Fiji going at it until he realizes someone broke into the pawn shop. Granny reveals that it was Manny who broke into Bobo's pawnshop and he stole a bunch of weapons. Granny, suddenly turns evil. and says to give into temptation and kill Creek. He realizes Granny isn't really there. That he's been hallucinating her. That it's too late to save himself. Then the demon residue inside him takes over him and he smiles evilly.

Joe comes out to the dumpster and is attacked by the demon he had a run-in at Bobo's bar. They get into a fight. The guy who was watching him from afar comes up to help him. They guy says he's Walker Demon Hunter. At least, I think that's what he said. I immediately thought of the old TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger.

Creek in the bathroom when she notices all the black goo in the waste can. She takes a picture of it and prepares to leave but Manny corners her. He says he has an overwhelming urge to cut her. She tasers him and gets out.

Bobo inventorying what he's lost. Creek texted the photo she took to Fiji. Fiji apparently knows what that is even just seeing a picture of it. They rush to Manny's and they're both gone. Meanwhile Manny has Creek tied up in the back of his car and he's conned Olivia into helping him find Creek. He takes her out to the grave site. Olivia pulls a knife on him threatening him to tell her where Creek is and he smiles.

Manny knocks Olivia out and drags her towards one of the graves and kicks her in. When he opens the car Creek has untied herself and she knocks him out. She tries to get the car started and get away [nice the way she doesn't even check to see if Olivia is okay, cause she definitely heard him and Olivia talking about her] only the keys are on Manny. When she tries to get the keys off him he arouses and begins to strangle her. Lem shows up and knocks out Manny. His connection with Olivia made him realize she was in danger. They bring him back to Bobo's pawn show and tie him to the chair. He tells Creek to kill him. Emillio brings Kai to help Manny. Kai touches Manny and he vomits up demon tar. Then Kai puts his mouth next to Manny's and a mini smoke monster comes out of his mouth and into Kai's and Kai collapses to the floor.

Seriously, seeing the black cloud of smoke going inside of Kai who played the ageless Richard on Lost where a smoke monster was running around was just a great homage to Lost.

Manny thanks Kai for saving him. Manny says he'll understand if none of them ever want to talk to them, but he was afraid if he told them the truth they wouldn't trust him anymore and now he's lost their trust, forever. But they all forgive him. Fiji says this happened to him because of what he did to save her. Creek is the only one that's not forgiving and wants to get as far from Manny as she can. She says she's going to Austin, but she doesn't want him to come with her. She says she's done and she reached her limit with him and Midnight. She says he can't know he's fine. She says if he loves her to let her go.

Manny wakes up in bed alone the next morning thinking it was all just a dream to realize the truth. She's gone, baby, she's gone and he's alone. I actually think this is the best for Manny. She wasn't really one of the Midnight Special group. She wanted Manny to leave with her and he found a home for himself in Midnight with a new family. He'd be giving that all up for a relationship that might not even work out.

Bobo and Fiji move in together. Bobo says Fiji is his soul mate and she says he's hers. He carries her over the threshold. As they kiss all the leaves on the plants start falling off as if they're dying from their passion.

Kai vows to avenge a beheaded head he has in a secret compartment behind the painting he was talking to. Who was it and what was it to him? The plot thickens

I really think the addition of Nestor Carbonell and Jamie Ray Newman to the cast are great additions. Remember Newman from the days she was on General Hospital.

I have mixed feelings about Midnight Texas being made a fall show. It might have been safer for it being a summer show since the ratings demands for a show is less in the summer. Although I think it's great Midnight is getting a chance at being a fall show. And the network has promoted it pretty good. But Friday nights are not known for being a great ratings night. Let's hope the show makes it. This episode is the most I've enjoyed any episode on prime time TV this fall.


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