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Midnight, Texas -- The Trickster

Updated on December 14, 2018

Fiji makes a terrible mistake...

Last time, Fiji embraced dark magic to save Olivia from her father’s spell. And Manny uncovered a dark secret about Kai.

Manny with Patience. He tells her Kai is stocking up supernatural powers and thinks he's up to something nefarious. Patience says he’s keeping it safe. Patience won’t believe Kai would put anyone in danger. When they start kissing Creek suddenly walks in the door. Patience makes a quick exit. He asks what she’s doing there. She says his voicemail made it seem like it’s an emergency. She plays it for him and Manny says that’s not him.

Creek won’t believe it wasn’t him. Manny tries to get Creek to see Lem and Olivia.

Fiji examining a chest that Celeste sent her. It’s everything she needs to pledge herself to the dark witches. Fiji says anything is worth keeping Bobo safe. She says it’s time she accepted all of herself.

Manny tells Lem and Olivia about Lyric. He thinks Kai is planning something bad. Lem defends Kai but Manny wants to put Kai to the test. He suggests Lem go to Kai and ask for his powers back to see if he’ll give them back.

Joe tells Chuy he’s hiding something from him. He tells him he went demon hunting, again. Chuy doesn’t seem bothered by it. Joe says he feels like he’s found his place, again.

Olivia says it’s up to Lem to decide if he wants to be a vampire again. She says whatever he is he’ll still be him. Lem says he wants his powers back, but they won’t be able to have children if he gets his powers back. She says they can adopt.

A deliveryman brings another pizza to Lem. He wants to enjoy his last meal as a human.

Patience asks Kai what’s wrong. He reveals he knows Patience is sleeping with Manny. Kai received a phone message from Patience thinking she was talking to Manny but she says that’s not her. So who is able to mime Manny and Patience’s voices and why send messages to their significant others?

Kai won’t believe her. She confronts him about going off with two women. He says this trip was for them.

Creek won’t believe Manny didn’t call and calls him on sleeping with Patience. She asks if he cares about Patience. She packs her things and prepares to leave.

Walker gets a text from Joe asking to pick him up and he says he didn’t send a text. There’s another one.

Fiji pledges herself to the dark forces. Her eyes turn black. She sticks a dagger into her chest but it doesn’t seem to cause her any pain. She takes her heart out in her hand and a butterfly emerges from it. She gets a grey streak in her hair and wants to have sex with Bobo.

Lem goes to Kai asking for his powers back. Kai says he can’t have his powers back. After leaving Kai, Lem sees the delivery man lying on the street who brought him pizza and offers to help him.

Joe asks why Walker is hunting demons. He lets Joe read his memories so he’ll know why he hunts demons. His mother was killed by one when he was a child. Walker kisses Joe on the mouth and they dissolve in a passionate kiss that turns to sex.

Manny tries to explain why he did what he did. He kisses Creek and says he misses her. They’re interrupted by a knock on the door and it’s Patience. She tells them Kai found out about them because of a fake message from her. Creek finally believes Manny is telling the truth. Manny tries to get Creek out of Midnight, because he’s worried why someone dragged her into this, but no matter where they go they can’t leave. Creek is trapped in Midnight with Manny and the others.

Olivia bandages the leg of the pizza boy. Lem can’t get in touch with Manny and neither can Olivia. All the power suddenly goes out.

Joe feels bad for cheating of Chuy after 1,000 years. Walker says he felt love. Joe gets out of the van.

Fiji and Bobo in bed having sex. The power won’t come on when he tries to turn on the light. Bobo realizes all the power is out in Midnight. Fiji lights a candle and decides to stay in bed while Bobo goes to check on people. When Bobo says he loves her she doesn’t return the sentiment.

Manny thinks Kai is behind the problems in Midnight. Lem and Manny decide to steal Kai’s head. He says he’ll need Joe to pick it up.

Someone calls Walker pretending to be Joe. Fiji realizes the pizza boy is a demon. He says he’s a demigod known as The Trickster who likes to cause trouble. He’s the one behind all the trouble in Midnight. She asks why he came to a little town like Midnight, and he says he likes the energy in town and knows Fiji’s won’t tell because she stopped caring about the people in Midnight an hour ago when she performed her ritual.

Patience goes to see Kai. She says she’ll prove to Kai that message wasn’t from her. Creek asks to talk to Patience while Kai is distracted with Bobo and Manny and Joe make a plan to snatch the head. Joe touches it and says the head is tethered there.

Fiji sees Walker head to the diner to go after the demon. The delivery boy is sending Walker after Chuy.

Creek cautions Patience about messing with Manny. She asks if Patience loves Manny. Someone comes and summons Patience and she takes off.

Olivia and Lem find the juke box with all the monster juice gone. Olivia holds a knife to Patience saying Lem wants his powers back.

Joe uses his angel juice on the head and Manny jumps back when the head’s eyes pop open.

Creek in the hotel looking for everyone. She goes into a room looking for Manny and runs into Kai.

Lem gets his powers back. Apparently, Patience gave him a vial, so she knew where it was moved to.

Joe tells the others the head is alive. Then they realize Creek is missing.

Joe stops Walker from harming Chuy. Chuy’s demon side starts coming out and Joe tries to talk him down.

Bobo sees Fiji and the delivery man together. When Bobo tries to touch Fiji she burns him. He realizes she’s not his Fiji anymore.

Walker says Joe doesn’t belong with God for being with a demon. Chuy almost goes back to normal until he realizes Joe and Walker were together and then his demon side takes over. He goes after Walker and Joe stops him from killing him.

Joe tries to get through to Chuy but he goes after Walker as the delivery boy smirks in the background.

Chuy runs off, but Joe says he can talk Chuy down. Lem knocks out Walker and tells Joe to go after Chuy.

Kai tells them all to get out of the hotel. They crossed a line with him and he's done playing nice with them.

The delivery boy reveals to them that he caused all the trouble then disappears in a puff of smoke. Lem says the delivery man is a trickster, and you can’t kill him. If they don’t want him to come back they have to be honest with each other and have no secrets.

Lem demands Walker let Joe take care of Chuy and he agrees.

Bobo claims Creek took off in her car.

Manny confesses to having an affair with Patience and Creek walked in on them.

Bobo comes homes to Fiji. She’s acting all sorry now. She asks him to forgive her. But her face doesn’t look at all remorseful when they embrace.

Manny calls Creek saying he’s sorry and to let him know when she’s home and he loves her.

Manny comes out and he sees Creek's specter before goes up in flames before his eyes. Creek's dead, but who killed her? Bobo said he saw her leave town, but the last time we saw her with someone it was Kai.

Next week Midnight moves to 8, which is going to cause me problems in regards to Dynasty.


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