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Miley Cyrus Headed For Trouble

Updated on October 13, 2009


This article contains some negative speculation and cruel conjecture that may cause undue distress to Miley Cyrus fans. If you are a Miley Fan, go to this hub, which focuses entirely on how wonderfully super awesome she is!

Awesome Miley Cyrus!

Billy Ray Cyrus has put his little girl up on the Hollywood Block, and Miley Cyrus is loving it. At 15 years old she knows it all, and swears that it isn't all that hard not to get into trouble when you're a Hollywood star. Miley even felt qualified to comment on Britney Spears, saying: "I understand and the pressure is definitely hard, but I think just keeping your head on your shoulders is easier than it looks," she said. "I think if you know who you are, then I think you'll be fine for the rest of the way."

She's not the first star to use this term, but I'm going to pick on her anyway. What the hell does the phrase 'knowing who you are' actually mean? Does it mean that you're aware of your status as a human being? Or is it supposed to refer to a deeper self knowledge, like that strived for and attained after many lifetimes of suffering by hardcore Buddhist monks who dine on mice droppings and break steel rods across their backs?

I am going to assume that she was going for something closer to the second definition, and I would postulate that at 15, Miley Cyrus doesn't have a clue who she is. If you check out these pictures, you'll see another vapid, oversexed teenager dressed inappropriately for her age and looking like prime jail bait. This is the way Disney raises its child stars of course, pushing them into the limelight, filling their heads full of confidence in absolute bullshit, and setting them up for massive failure in later life.

Will Miley Cyrus go down the path of Britney Spears? Probably not, not unless she develops the same sort of mental disorder that Britney is clearly suffering from. However the odds are pretty high that she will soon be experimenting with Class A drugs (if she hasn't already), and finding that they're actually pretty finger lickin' good.

Now as much as I love listening to precocious little brats expound on the world at large, I'm going to secretly snicker when she 'forgets who she is' and does something completely stupid.

So, what do you reckon will happen first? There's quite a range of illicit activities to chose from, the top three favorites being:

  • Drug Addiction, followed by rehab
  • DUI, repeat offences, followed by rehab.
  • Teen Pregnancy to a shadowy older figure.

I'm going to go with the teen pregnancy option, just because of the way she's vamping it up in these pictures. Clearly she's already gotten a taste for male attention, reminiscent of our older train wrecks, Britney, Lindsay, and Paris.

Not that anyone is listening, but would someone please put this kid in jeans and a tshirt and send her to school? As much fun as it is watching Hollywood pimp out kids for every last dollar and then leaving them washed up hollow shells of their former selves at the age of 21, it's starting to get a little old.


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    • profile image

      luz 5 years ago

      she's a borrible person if she dies because of drugs its her failt if she wants to be remember of drug abuser,sex addict,abortion,almost dies because of drugs then go ahead but she might need to know this if she keeps this up she's going to live on the steerts cause she's waisting her money on stupid crap she will not be remember in good way .people look after her if they see that she is smoking and drinking then the will think that is ok if she can do it so can i .

    • profile image

      lkjljljljl;j 6 years ago

      miley should not do crap do you know how many kids look up to you

    • profile image 7 years ago

      miley is not heading bad she is the best

    • profile image

      kourtney 7 years ago

      i wont recomend your show to anyone anymore miley chose drugs oveer HUMANS? how low

    • profile image

      kourtney 7 years ago

      mhm jackie , miley cyrus .. terrible role model ! lil kids look up to her and she does that crap?..

    • profile image

      JACKIE 7 years ago

      wo my little sister (age 14) wanted to do

      drugs after seeing the video

    • profile image

      kourtney 7 years ago

      yer dumb u use a bong! great role model

    • profile image

      idgaf 7 years ago

      yeah this is so true.

    • profile image

      ew gross 7 years ago

      Let’s have a toast for the douchebags,

      Let’s have a toast for the assholes,

      Let’s have a toast for the scumbags,

      Every one of them that I know

      Let’s have a toast to the jerkoffs

      That’ll never take work off

      Baby, I got a plan

      Run away fast as you can

      your sick miley. i hate you.

    • profile image

      poopy 7 years ago

      She got wings she got a halo

      It seems to me so unnatural

      Cos that's one thing that I just don't know

      What seems to be so incredible

      She looked at me took me by surprise yeaaahh

      As if she took me by the hand to some foreign land

      And had me way up

      Way above the clouds in the sky singing


    • profile image

      Stephanie 7 years ago

      this is really pointless to argue about. unless you know her personally, you really don't have an argument simply because you don't know her. personally, i am not a fan of her work or her choices but I can't really rag on her because I don't know her. even if you've met her a few times and she seemed really nice, that says nothing. she's either really open with her fans or she can easily put on an act. I wouldn't know which one, becaus I DON'T KNOW HER.

    • profile image

      Scott 7 years ago

      Hello Hope Alexander. Even thought I am obsessed with Miley I just wanted to say great hub and you are right. Sad but true almost everyone in Hollywood will crash and burn at some point. Some blame it on the pressure of being famous and all that but than again in you can't handle the media why did you want to become famous in the first place. Money righ!! and yes it must be fun being rich but we should never forget where we came from and we should never forget our values. I think she forgot some of her values.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 7 years ago

      You're right. Teenagers should be locked in dark rooms until they turn 20.

    • tysonrss profile image

      tysonrss 7 years ago

      I just think that you don't like people her age being in the limelight. By the way I'm no fan of hers, just saying.

    • profile image

      cutieurdabest 8 years ago

      Hope alexander,

      I did like your blog, though.

    • profile image

      voice 8 years ago

      STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL U DONT EVEN KNO HER! (im not a fan nordo i hate her)

    • profile image

      cutieurdabest 8 years ago

      I am wondering. Are any of you people best friends with miley cyrus I DON'T THINK SO so you don't know her so don't be judgemental. I don't like miley nor do I hate her I really don't pay attention to her. If you like her great but if you hate her... well why? You don't even know her you just read what other people write(which is their opinion) and go along with it. ALOT of it is LIES. So unless you know the gal don't be JUDGEMENTAL.

    • profile image

      ~Princess~ 8 years ago

      I agree a little Kaitlyn but not all teenagres are like that is her age I mean all my friends know how bad drugs are to take well I got to go bye


    • profile image

      Kaitlyn 8 years ago

      "would someone please put this kid in jeans and a tshirt and send her to school?" it states in the article. Well if this refering to putting her into public school, or school with any kids at all, then I doubt it would "help". People act like only celebrities are into drugs and sex, but in reality, isn't every kid around that age? Honestly, I have seen so many girls her age that are way worse than she probably will ever be, so I really don't think it is that big of a deal. Everything she has gotten in trouble for is just Miley being a normal teenage girl. You people need to open your eyes and stop worrying about her so much. You are really just wasting your time.

    • profile image

      ~Princess~ 8 years ago

      Y thank you ~lovely~

    • profile image

      ~lovely~ 8 years ago

      I agree with ~Princess~ she's right she's not going to pregnet at 16 or 17

    • profile image

      ~Princess~ 8 years ago

      some of you people think she's going toget pregnet at 16 or 17 NO it's not true she wants to STOP teen pregnasies it says in her book Miles to go she's a sweet girl and i like her PLEASE STOP BEING MEAN TO HER gosh i come here every week and every week theres onother BAD SAYING about her.i'mgoing to meet her some day just to tell her what all yall say about her Man i'm geting mad swooo well you guys who don't like her please stop wasteing your time on this website and go to one that you like and has a popstar on it that you like ok..try doing that..That might help geting comments that you might not like..

      senserly ~princess~

    • profile image

      daisy 8 years ago

      i still think miley cyrus is sick cuz she kissed selena gomaz. Does anyone think its true? If not then im still a fan of her, but too much naked pics! it's sick. I think her shows are great, but i hate the ones with her getting all the dates. So I suggest to stop being mean and be nice! I know she will like it... I just don't think she is that type of person. What made her mean? Someone plz answer that question! Don't worry Miles, I'll only like you if you start being nice cuz I heard you are being a bad girl!

    • profile image

      nanoblast 8 years ago

      there is one very simple explanation of the nature of your writing... dear Hope Alexander... you hate Miley... that's all...

      you are writing about Miley, close your eyes, stuff your ears, and don't care about the other children wearing weird things ON THE STREET... have you ever seen Miley when she's not caught by a Hollywood photographer? oooooh I see... you are reading junk-papers sitting in your room, but never seen her in real... c'mon... go and check youtube how she really looks... ah yet another thing...

      please get dressed, go to Hollywood, walk just once on the red carpet, and send me all pics they took of you (be prepared it will be about 300 GB and about 7 million files)... if you can do it without ONE "face"... I say you MAYBE right... otherwise... you are just one of those who collect ideas of other ppl, and never think... anyway... did you miss your childhood? when you were born you was already 21 or what? please keep the sentence "i was never like Miley" for yourself... I'm not gonna believe it... BTW... just like I said: go and check who she really is :O and not on the Internet... Not in the papers...

      my answer to your question that you haven't asked yet, but it is obvious you will: yes, I know Miley... oh and no I'm not gonna tell y her phone number... have a nice day, and keep filling the brain of the ppl with your hate on the teens... everyone just read the "article" once more... it is not Miley you are writing about... you just picked her name, b'coz it sounds good...


    • profile image

      ~Princess~ 8 years ago

      I agree with Kosmo she's only sixteen years old she's not old enough to smoke and I don't think she ever will..Because she'll want to keep her singing voice nice..

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 8 years ago from California

      Miley will be just fine as long as she doesn't grow up! At any rate, she "seems" to have the self-possession to avoid the degradation of Lindsay and Britney. Also, let's stop analyzing this poor kid who's not even old enough to smoke!!!

    • profile image

      ~Hannah~ 8 years ago

      Miley is Awesome!! she's the best girl in the world.!

    • profile image

      ~princess~ 8 years ago

      I agree with ashley she's right. If you don't like her don't sit a round on your computer typeing how bad she is.....why do you do that it's Just stupid pure know what if I ever saw her I would tell her every thing you've said about her I hope I do see her arr you people are getting on my nervs haa...... My gosh. well bye~Princess~

    • profile image

      ~Princess~ 8 years ago

      Well she's done a few things wrong but I still like her alot because she's a good singer and she's a cute girl and I agree Roo she's just haveing some fun wile she can because all you people that don't like her are about to put her out of singing now that's bad your gonna mess every thing up with people who like her..

    • profile image

      PandR 8 years ago

      Alright so its been interesting to read all these comments and the article itself.

      My thoughts on miley cyrus...She seemed to be fine in the beginning (as most do) but after all the leaking photos, the way she poses and pouts her lips and pretty much how she just dresses is just a step to showing how she is becoming.

      Ok, so leaking photos...sure they probably weren't meant to be on the internet but why the hell does she have those pictures in the first place?? Right? She is becoming waay to sexual and unfortunately she is just another Disney star gone wrong.

      I feel bad for Disney for creating a bunch of crazy ass stars but they should do better in keeping them on a good track. Lets see, Hudgens, Tisdale, Duff, ...all wonderful disney stars just gone wrong...

      I have a feeling though that most female young stars on Disney tend to go in the opposite direction because they want to get rid of their "disney" portrait that has been created on them.

      Personally I enjoy some of Cyrus' songs, but I would never recommend to anyone to idolize her. Sorry Miley

    • profile image

      Roo who 8 years ago

      Well if you don't like her then just don't pay her any attention..My gosh..

      Because some people like her SO GET OVEEEERRR IT GOSH..

      and Meghan you should not cuss you know your diobeying God....and that's bad

      you know....DO YOU EVEN KNOW GOD.

      IF YOU DON"T YOU NEED A BIBLE TO READ.....................

    • profile image

      Roo 8 years ago

      just lay off Miley Cyrus she's just a girl haveing some fun with her life....GOSH

    • profile image

      Meghan 9 years ago

      I totally agree with you Hope Alexander! All of these people sticking up for this little whore are now proven wrong because of the fact that this girl is now being sued for what was it... 4 billion dollars for taking racist pictures. This bitch's downfall is already starting! I love how this 15 year old is trying to give advice to older pop stars and you're right, she has no idea what the fuck she is talking about. She doesn't even know who she is, that it why she is doing all of these bad things. I totally believe that she'll be pregnant soon since she is dating a 20 year old. If anyone who didn't have millions of dollars did that, they would be arrested. I hate when people stick up for her as if she'll re-pay them or something. This little girl is obviously a totally spoiled little bitch, she'll never do anything nice for anyone. I also hate how these people tell you to get a life when they're doing the same exact thing but only to you. They're taking time out of their busy and fulfilling lives to write a couple paragraphs on how you shouldn't be talking about other people and at the same time, they're including insults to you. Hilarious, isn't it? But honestly Hope, you and I will be saying "I told ya so" when this slut's shit really starts to hit the fan.

    • profile image

      agg 9 years ago

      ok so all you people that say she hasn't done anything bad or slutty, do me a favor and go look up miley cyrus pics on youtube. or something of the sort. she takes provocative pictures of herself and when other people get their hands on them, they will be posted. she isn't a perfect little angel like you think she is. she is a teenage girl. most girls can seem innocent, but really very few are. if you could actually get into the minds of them, you would see that girls have dirty thoughts and ideas too, just some are less showy about it. and if you're trying to make a comment to leave miley alone, it helps if you don't use text-talk and if people can actually read and understand what you write. go do a little research before you sit back and say something stupid.

    • profile image

      whatever 9 years ago

      what a waste..... this chick is so full of herself

    • profile image

      Darnell 9 years ago

      well she is not better then no body but she is richer so yall need 2 stop hatin haters

      Hate on me by Jill Scott

    • profile image

      Darnell 9 years ago

      I think Miley is just being a teen and teens will be teens they might get in a little trouble but really can you name one that has not miley is just richer and better so that is y yall hatin on her

    • profile image

      Darnell 9 years ago

      I think Miley is just being a teen and teens will be teens they might get in a little trouble but really can you name one that has not miley is just richer and better so that is y yall hatin on her

    • profile image

      youknowit 9 years ago

      i agree with ashley, your comment is so true.

      no one does know her personally(at least i dont)

      but i like miley, shes pretty. And i don't think that you shoould sit here and call her whatever you are calling her because you dont know for sure.

      and yeah, maybe her shirts, dresses, or even skirts are low and short, but ya know what , shes fameous she can do whatever she wants. Also cameras are everywhere and i bet she does't even know when the pictures are taken. So there is kinda no reason to call her anything. until her parents of anyone thats knows everthing about her says something to her to stop being the way "she is" then i think it's fine right now. So leace mile cyrus alone, and let her be who she wants to be.

    • profile image

      ashley 9 years ago

      If you people have such a problem with Miley don't sit here obsessively writing how much of a skank she is. and the pictures may look like she is trying to put off a certain image but do you know how many camera shots there are in a matter of seconds when a star is walking on the red carpet? you can't rely on her facial expressions to make a prediction about her. and no I'm not a huge fan of her and no I'm not going to go make a "leave Miley alone" video and stuff like that. And lastly, noone knows Miley personally. I know I certainly don't. But, I didn't make any comments on her and call her names simply because of that. And if a normal 15 year old girl wore a short dress and made a "pouty face" it wouldn't even be given a second thought. In fact, the face she made in the first picture is the face that most girls make on their myspace pages. And the comments left on those pictures from boys AND girls say things like "cute" and "pretty." So, until Miley's parents admit to something that would stoop to Britney's level, We really can't be sure of anything found in magazines or in pictures.

    • profile image

      Dolly 9 years ago

      eh. just like any other star, Disney will find their new actor/actress to pamper and display. Like with what happened with Raven Simone and "That's So Raven", it used to be reeeeally popular but now barely anyone watches that anymore since Hannah Montana came out. and soon enough someone will replace Miley and then another person will make an article like this for that person. A vicious cycle, indeed.

      And it's not just Disney. Nickelodeon is getting pretty crazy with their stars, but the exploitation is more noticeable at Disney =|

    • profile image

      Shannon156 9 years ago

      well i think she is okay

    • profile image

      hoilloe 9 years ago

      wow! I think miley will get pregnant first.

    • profile image

      lizzie 9 years ago

      dude, u sooo have a point. and i'm with u. it'll be a gut-buster when she slips up. right there with ya, bud!

    • profile image 9 years ago

      i said she is probably goin that path but i wish tha best 4 her cuz she is 15 give her a break ..she is not goin 2 get 2 out of hand 4 her dad i thnk they can handle her but she looks like that type but who knows who she is and who she is goin 2 be

    • profile image

      OldFart 9 years ago

      What blows my mind while reading those comments from the fans is they really don't get it....

      You are supposed to 'love' your idol but looking at the comments, it seems it is more the other way around - you are all 'you don't understand miley, she is right she is just having fun, others did worse.....)

      Is that a loving statement? you see a train reck coming and you say way to go, keep going????

      To be honnest, the comments 'against' Miley seems a lot more loving by warning she is taking a path that has been proven to lead to disaster over and over again. I am actually grateful she did not go as bad as Britteny, Paris and others, hopefully she will get a chance to avoid to trash her life. Don't get me wrong, I don't think she necessary will mess up her life, but taking Britteny as a reference and say, she did not do as bad, does not make it right.

      Hollywood might portrait teenagers with sex appeal as the way to go, but the track of record just shows it is a mess all over and actually very few make it through.

      Anyhow.... I hope this message will make some 'fans' think and realize a real friend prevents hurts to the one they love especially when it is the hard thing to do. If you just support it, scared to be judgemental then I don't believe you should call yourself a fan.

    • profile image

      cheeky4dr 9 years ago

      First off, no matter how much fun Miley is having what she is doing is bad. Are you telling me that if I hang around doing what Miley does that it would be ok? No. If I were to do that the first thing people would call me is skank. The same to all of you girls. I bet that the girls in school that act like Miley is hated by most of the girls and not the boys. And why? The boys take her as a toy, or as referred to as a sex object. The girls are annoyed by her attitude. Taking pics of yourself topless and posting it in the internet and making shows of you just eating and nothing else and putting it an youtube means that you definitely have a problem and you are abscessed with your own image. Now that is not a good example for children. There a kids who look up to her and see what she is doing and automatically think it is cool. I'm sorry to all of the Miley fans but it annoys me to see someone like Miley that thinks she is the prettiest, sexiest, and best person in the world. Don't tell me otherwise because she does think she is, and if she didn't she wouldn't expose herself, look for cameras, or pointing at other stars without realizing that she has three fingers pointing back (go ahead and point somewhere and count the fingers that point back at you). It doesn't matter how old you are, wether it is 15 or 30, if you act like a skank then you are one. Some one really does need wake up and see what Miley is about. I'm thirteen and I where cute cloths yet I don't expose myself, and it is not true that I am going to rapidly change my style from innocent teen to an exposed young adult. Miley is still a kid, so she needs to act like it. I use to like Miley, but she out of no where turned into a conceited, arrogant teen, and I frankly don't like people like that. Once again, I'm sorry to all Miley fans, but what is is and we can't change it. We can't call an apple a banana just like we can't call Miley and innocent teen just having fun.

    • profile image

      Janie 9 years ago

      C'mon jerks...<a href=" Miley Alone</a>.

    • profile image

      Jessie 9 years ago

      Okayyyy ummm Miley is like the biggest slut over and You know she is right. She is turining out like Brittany Spears.

    • webkinz staff profile image

      webkinz staff 9 years ago from richmond tx

      hey miles dont u remeber me im ur aunt leeana

    • profile image

      keegan 9 years ago

      hope, you dont even need an IP trace to realise that OBXGAL and GURLIE are the one and same. The spelling is horrendous, and the capitals kind of give it all away. :)

      In relation to Miley's Comment '...swears that it isn't all that hard not to get into trouble when you're a Hollywood star', it is rather hard to believe that to be possible, what with the media and their ways of obtaining personal and/or private information upon all celebrities, a list, b list, whatever. No-one is able to hide personal details forever.

      I think that her reference to the phrase 'knowing who you are' is more in relation to being happy with herself and what she does, etc.. more so than the two suggestions you put forward, and no, just so you know, i do not know the girl personally, rather far from it.

      And i agree with your summation of Disney and the way they portray their teen stars, and that it also seems to be profit related, as everything like that tends to be nowadays, trying to reach out to young girls and draw them into buying miley cyrus or 'hannah montana' promo items and such.

      The odds of her delving into those habits (drugs, alcohol, etc) may be high, but it is not unknown to see people who go through life without touching any of it. Yes, i know that those people probably tend to fall into the extreme minority, but all the same, she may have a stronger will/ideals and not give into the pressure like so many others have before her.

      Anyway, thats my take on the issue. cheers.

    • profile image

      riya 9 years ago


    • profile image

      alexus  9 years ago

      miley cyrus ilove your music its so reara you very pretty to stay safe your number one fan alexus

    • profile image

      aly 10 years ago

      I LOVE you miley Imyou BIGEST fan Ihope Isee you somtime I went to 1 of your conserts by

    • profile image

      Bianca 10 years ago

      omg i bet miley isnt as innocent as she thinkd she is i got away with stuff that if u new me ud probubly have a heart attack about and noone found out

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 10 years ago

      For the readers who may be amused by such things... I have it on IP adress record that 'GURLIE' and 'OBXGAL' are, in fact, THE SAME PERSON *gasp*

    • mortimas profile image

      mortimas 10 years ago

      I am not Gelatinous about her Gurlie!!!!

      I like Miley, but the point of this ladies article is lost on the Miley Superfans.

      Great hub

    • profile image

      OBXGAL 10 years ago




    • profile image

      GURLIE 10 years ago






    • Sfleet profile image

      Sfleet 10 years ago

      I recently saw Miley Cyrus on the highway outside of Louisville to Lexington, KY..She was in a long white Hummer with We love Miley Cyrus on the windows. Appareantly she lives in Ashland, KY. and had a concert in Lexington that evening.

      The disturbing part was she was hanging outside of the window waving to people driving past her. What is that about? Wth a need for attention on a fast moving highway she seems ready for an accident.

      Daddy need to curb her enthusiasm if he wants former baby girl Destiny Hope to remain a healthy Miley Ray.

    • *Meghan* profile image

      *Meghan* 10 years ago

      Hey girl - passionate and well written. Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one, right? I think Miley Cyrus is completely adorable right now and would hate to see her turn into an Olsen twin, hopefully her dad learned enough with the Achy Breaky Heart one-hit wonder and all the hard work he had to do to get back to the limelight to keep his kid(s) grounded. This will be one hell of a rollercoaster ride to see where it takes us - but I don't think she's near as skankalicious as Lindsey Lohan OR Paris Hilton but time will tell. Fab hub.

    • profile image

      alannah 10 years ago

      my friends mom had a baby when she was thirteen!!!

      can you believe that??crazy huh?

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 10 years ago

      You know what jamie... bravo. Seriously. (Though no doubt I sound patronizing now, there's no real way to win here.) Those are some damn good points.


      "Nobody should choose to present him/herself as a sex object at all."

      Now if only we could convince Hollywood and the millions of men and women who lap it up of that. (That probably sounds sarcastic too, but its not.)

      I don't know if it is a realistic goal for nobody to present themselves as a sex object, simply because it is such an effective way of influencing the human mind, but it would be nice if we could see a reversal in the trend that has emerged in the last 50 years of beauty and sexuality being held up as the most important things about a person, regardless of their character.

      (Says the writer who writes articles comparing one woman's ass to another. If there's a hell, I'm going straight to it.)

    • profile image

      jaimie 10 years ago

      I never said that child pornography is okay;its every bit as depraved as adult pornography. Nobody should choose to present him/herself as a sex object at all. My message wasn't meant to attack you personally; i'm talking about society in general. What miley is doing isn't half as bad as what other stars are doing and some would consider her tame in comparison. I doubt she's trying to become a sex object, she's growing up! (and by the way, your whole teen pregnancy comment was mildly stereotypical). Why can't we all stop judging her and agree that sexually objectifying oneself is wrong no matter how old a person is?

      Unless I'm just a dumb teenager who happens to be clueless about the new rule that it's only okay to virtually sell sex if you're a grown-up.

      oops, how could i have forgotten THAT rule! yup, that explains it all.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 10 years ago

      Well jamie, many people consider the sexualization of children to be wrong. An adult woman wearing a sexy dress is okay because she is just that, an adult. A child on the other hand should not be held up as a sex object. That's where people get the "moral panic" you were talking about. Personally, I think we should be panicked morally.

      That being said, this article isn't about her dress, in fact, her dress isn't actually mentioned. I say she's vamping it up through her pouty faces and attempt to look sexual. It's somewhat endearing in a way because no, it doesn't really work, and like many teens she looks like she is trying to be older than she really is, but that can get a teen girl in trouble pretty quick.

      Also I do hear that there are pictures of her on the Internet in her underwear. I haven't seen them myself, nor would I look for them, but if it is true, then it borders on child porn. I think we should have a problem with that too.

      Gosh, aren't I just an old stick in the mud.

    • profile image

      jaimie 10 years ago

      hi, sorry about my message appearing twice! I accidently double-spaced before I was finished. Anyway, i was about to say that what miley is doing with her looks isn't even bad, especially compared to what other stars have worn (or NOT worn). She can't be a little girl forever.I don't see anything skanky about her in these photos. what's the big deal? nobody's freaking out about vanessa hudgens and her NUDE PHOTO, or the fact that she often wears cleavagey dresses. there's nothing wrong with miley's new look. Calm down, people! why don't we bash someone who's really corrupt?

    • profile image

      jaimie 10 years ago

      its pathetic that our society is still judgemental and full of double-standards. If an adult female celebrity wears something low-cut or tight or with a high split , it's okay or even sought after; she even gets called sexy, confidant, and gorgeous. (consider Jessica alba, Angelina Jolie, scarlett johansson, and other celebs over 18). But if a younger starlett like miley cyrus gets caught wearing anything remotley similar (and by the way, its not like miley's going around dressed like britney spears or christina aguilera before 'back to basics'!) everyone has a moral panic.

    • Jon Kohan profile image

      Jon Kohan 10 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      Leave Brittany...i mean Miley alone!!! leave Miley alone! hah

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 10 years ago

      Hi Shannon,

      You almost had me with your convincing "you don't know Miley" line (I assume you have a close and intimate relationship with the girl, unlike myself.)

      Then you went on to say that drug addiction, DUI's and teen pregnancies "sometimes just happen". I had no idea that was the way the universe worked. One day you're sitting there, being a healthy productive member of society, and then it's like, you're hit by an asteroid and when you wake up you've been sleeping with men twice your age, you're knocked up, and you have a crack pipe in your mouth. That really is tragic.

      You should really take your message to the people who matter Shannon, you clearly have a far better grasp of reality than anyone. Did you know that we're jailing people for DUI's? If only you could explain to the powers that be that "sometimes just happens." Wow, what a revolution that would be.

      I could stop ragging on people who've done nothing more to deserve fame than happening to be born the daughter of an 80's country pop star, and I could buy into the mindless media creation that is Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, etc, but I don't think I will.

      If your idea of 'having a life' is being a fangirl to yet another Disney icon, a media spun creation, a child being sucked for every penny she is worth by a corporation that will dump her the moment she no longer turns a profit, then I think I'll pass.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

    • profile image

      Shannon 10 years ago

      Hello Hope Alexander, your very judgmental and dont know anything about Miley.

      All you know is what the media writes and half of that is lies. ok?? Also, Hollywood is not "Pimping her out" it's just taking pictures of her in a cute designer dress. She looks very pretty. Also, you are very negative. Miley's father was in show business before she was born so she has a close authority figure to guide her while Lindsay and Britney didnt and they also had big family problems to deal with. It doesnt make them a bad person. I almost hope one of the following affects you:

      Drug Addiction, followed by rehab DUI, repeat offences, followed by rehab. Teen Pregnancy to a shadowy older figure.If something like this happened to you you might understand that it's not always their fault or that problems sometimes just happen. Get a life and stop ragging on people that are more famous and/or successful than you.

    • profile image

      taylor 10 years ago

      wow and miley u r geting wierder but i still love u