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Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montanah happy without Twitter

Updated on September 28, 2011
Miley Cyrus is done with the Twitter
Miley Cyrus is done with the Twitter

Bad news to all the Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montanah fans. She seems to be done with the Twitter for good. Miley told in the radio interview this Tuesday for the 104.7 FM Johnjay & Rich Show that she is not missing the Twitter at all.

She actually claimed that she is not even following Tweets from others like she used to. To give the popular networking site Twitter another blow in the head, Miley says that she is now sleeping much better than before.

Instead of sleeping Miley used to be tweeting about not being able to sleep before quitting the Twitter. Now that she does not have the Twitter, she has realized that  one reason she was not sleeping was her tweeting. So there you have it. Even Miley has realized that there is life outside the cyber world. Really, we do not need to know what each celeb is doing in every blinking moment, right?

There was rumors about her quitting Twitter because her acclaimed "love interest", Australian hunk Liam Hemsworth, is not in the Twitter-space. Miley denies this almost too adamantly and her statement is that now all of a sudden she wants to keep her private life, yes you got it, private. Maybe she should have thought about it before having 1,1 million teens following her every move in the Tweet-World?

Being the observing young lady that Miley is, she now thinks that there was way too much bad publicity and worthless news about her Tweet posts circling the cyberspace. She now recommends teens to spend some time away from the internet, good luck with that one!

In the ironic side I cannot but think how many tweets there is right now about Miley not missing the Twitter!

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