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Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump Are Blood Relatives

Updated on May 12, 2016

The resemblance between two individuals is a quick way to establish family relations; we're all much too familiar with expressions such as (or have often heard that) she looks just like her mother or he is carbon copy of his father or you must be sisters or they are twin brothers. Those types of superficial observations are society's way of solving problems on the fly or craft solutions without much effort.
But when it comes to physical characteristics, resemblance can be sometimes misleading or at the very least not at all helpful. How many children resemble their parents closely? It is rare; that's why we're in awe when we see two siblings who look alike. That is also why those who are related could be in the same environment without anyone knowing. Case in point, US Senator of Kentucky Mitch McConnell and real estate mogul Donald Trump are related; who would have thought? According to rumors, Mitch is actually Trump's father.

As unbelievable as that may sound, people who are knowledgeable of the situation confirm that Mitch may have confessed privately he's aware of the situation. It remains a near impossible story to dissect considering that Mitch is only four years older (Mitch was born in 1942) than Donald Trump who is 70 years old as of this writing. The only proof that the father and son relation is real is a picture of Donald crying - when he was just 8-month old - held by his father; Donald was a cry baby. Nothing has changed, he still is.

We find the story quite entertaining; therefore, we will not make any attempt to verify its accuracy. However, we do expect that either Donald or Mitch or both would make/give statement to dispel any mystery or allegation of wrongdoing. According to the rumors, Donald is the product of extra marital affairs on the part of his father, Mitch McConnell. Anonymous source swore the story is true and add that a simple paternity DNA test would put all speculations to rest. Effort to reach both Mitch's office and Donald's has been unsuccessful.

Does Donald Look Like His Father Mitch?

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