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Mixed Couples Shown In Advertisements.

Updated on January 21, 2016
Responsible For Advert Of Mixed Couple:  Black Man And White Woman.
Responsible For Advert Of Mixed Couple: Black Man And White Woman. | Source
European man With Chinese Woman And Child:  Why Dont adverts Reflect couples LIke This?
European man With Chinese Woman And Child: Why Dont adverts Reflect couples LIke This? | Source
The Standard Racial Mix Couple As Shown On British Adverts And Programmes:  White Man With Black Woman.
The Standard Racial Mix Couple As Shown On British Adverts And Programmes: White Man With Black Woman. | Source


It seems these days every time I turn the television on and I watch the advertisements that seem to last for ever which becomes particularly annoying when you are trying watch your favourite programme the powers that be seem to be pushing our minds or at least trying to train our minds that every couple in the UK today is a mixed couple.

It seems this really is politically correctness gone mad, the ad that springs to mind is the Halifax's Bank's one where a black man is a soccer coach and is all things to eveybody. Suddenly as the soccer training comes to an end there appears his pregnant white wife and the next scene they are walking into a branch of the Halifax bank to secure a loan or mortgage.

It seems now in advertising this trend has caught on now because every other couple you see on advertisements if not all couples now is either a black man with a white woman or the other way round.

I have absolutely nothing against mixed relationships but what is irritating me is this politically correct stance of this is what society does now every black person or white person is getting together. I dont know if the adverts are reflecting society and acknowledging that such relationships exist or are they pushing an agenda to brain wash people into getting together with someone of another race because thats the trendy and politically correct thing to do to build racial harmony between black and white.

Again I have nothing against racial harmony indeed if the world were really like that between races, religions, nationalities, etc the world would reflect the John Lennon song 'Imagine' but unfortunately we do not live in the ideal world for that to come about nor I suspect will we as long as humans walk the Earth.

What I am protesting about here is if the agenda of these adverts is to force or brainwash people into thinking "Oh I must get together with someone who is black or white" and they keep constantly pushing that view down peoples throats then that is wrong.

If that is the case that the adverts are keen to show people from different races getting together and getting married and having children then why always black and white? Why not Chinese and White or say English and Polish?

Its not only adverts that have to have black people in it seems you cannot watch a programme now without black people in it. Even period dramas set in Anglo - Saxon times like ITV1's 'Beowulf' where you get black people playing Anglo - Saxon characters.

Again Im not saying black people should not be represented of course they should however it seems as if these days most programmes have them in case their called racist and just because they dont get picked in a film role like at the OSCARS as is the case with Will Smith they cry racist and call us lilly white as Spike Lee did but if a white man was to say something like tar black that would be racist but not if a black man cries lilly white, double standards me thinks.

To sum up then I have absolutely nothing against black people being on programmes and being represented however when it comes to historical dramas I think we need some historical accuracy here to the types of people that were around then in whatever time period their representing. As for showing mixed relationships on adverts or whatever thats fine too but dont show it all the time as if everyone is doing it when the majority population in the UK is white and by and large whites still choose whites to marry and have children. Also when showing mixed relationships lets not just have the black - white combination all the time.

At the end of the day of course we need equality but we also need realism but equality for all races and realism for all people no matter their ethnic or national or religious background.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago from Blackpool


    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Interesting post. I think more black white are shown because of color contrast and the lascivous thoughts that accompany.


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