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Mixing In Fl Studio

Updated on February 25, 2015



20 + people email me every week inquiring about how to make better beats. The most asked question is " How are you getting your tracks so clean and warm?" “How are you Mixing In Fl Studio ?”.Rather than replying to each email one by one I thought it would be best to just write a short article on it and help everyone at the same time

1. Mixing

In order to get good mixes you are going to need to do 2 things : 1. Listen through good headphones or monitors. 2. Practice practice... More practice.

Forget everything you've been told about eq and compression for now. The next time someone is talking eq and compression replace it with these 3 words blah blah blah. It's over hyped IMO so just ignore it all together (for now). Leave Eq and Compression out of your vocal for now when it comes to mixing. I do suggest eqing sounds to enhance them or tweak them but don't worry about it in the mixing process. I like to push "obtaining good sounds" into the heads of my students. The better sounds you have the less eq, compressing and sound manipulation you will have to do.

Are those tips going to leave you with perfectly mixed tracks? Oh lord not even close to perfect. Remember better sounds = better sounding track (mix/blend wise)o. Why put in all that extra work eqing and compressing a sound to get it sounding good? No one wants to polish a turd..

Having monitors and great headphones is good but if you don’t have these its OK use what you have. Make sure to learn the headphones or speakers you are using.. I did this by doing everything in my speakers from listening to music...Watching movies and playing video games. This helped me learn my cheap speakers (when that;s all my budget would allow).

I'm using my ears and my sound just isn't coming out good, what am i doing wrong? Mixing In Fl Studio sucks. Should I get pro tools!? Or what about something like Logic Pro? I've been hearing good things about both

2. Quality Sounds

There really is no way around it better sounds = an all around better track.

Look into getting some VSTs because Fl's stock sounds just don't do it ... They are a completely waste of time

Excellent Vsts

anything the following brands

Native Instruments

IK Multimedia

Lin plug

I like things especially

1) Nexus
2) Trilogy
3) Atmosphere
4) Sampletank 2
5) Battery 3
6) Tassman
7) Sonic Synth 2
8) Rapture
9) Firebird

Last note - you can be a creative producer but most people won't hear the vision unless you have them quality sounds, Don't have your music passed up because the sounds are lame!.


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    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 6 years ago

    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 6 years ago

      ^ No problem man

    • profile image

      Hiphop Chord Training Tutorials 6 years ago

      Hey fam, just wanted to thank you for this hub. I'm a not big into fl studio myself but the information can be used across all platforms.

      I'm interested in reading more from you


    • profile image

      studio headphones 6 years ago

      Truth spoken right here my friend nothing but truth