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Mob Wives (overall show review)

Updated on August 17, 2012

When I think of the mob I don’t really think of hair pulling, he said/she said ignited rumors, or cosmetic lines. Truthfully, I didn’t give a whole lot of thought to the wives and girlfriends behind the men that emptied clips in the faces of the people that double cross or shortchange them and made them disappear. What I thought was probably what most people assumed about them: Most of them didn’t work (because they didn’t have to); Cooking was a major part of their duties besides being presentable at all times (generation after generation authentic Italian cuisine); They turned a blind eye to their husband’s cheating same as their mother’s did; And they were always the best looking and best dressed arm candy in furs, jewels, and Jimmy Choo stilettos (to be seen and not heard). So it’s rather fascination to see a whole other side to these people who’ve been portrayed in the media as an uncontested stereotype for decades on the show Mob Wives. The wise guys never talked about the women who stood behind them through court cases, jail/prison stints, and all their alleged crime sprees, but now, thanks to VH1, it seems they have a voice. And yelling apparently comes with the territory.

I didn’t know what to expect when the show first aired, but it was explosive right off the bat. There are those who come off as nothing short of privileged and protected (not to mention spoiled rotten), growing up saying whatever they wanted with little to no respect for other people for the simple fact that people were intimidated by their fathers and probably other relatives. They’ve shown that they can be two faced and just as nasty as any other amoral girl in regular everyday life. For as much as reality TV manipulates images, I have a feeling that not everything we’re seeing on this how is fake. I’ve seen a whole other side to “the life”. I’ve seen that even though some of them choose to stick by their men during all the cheating, that it takes its toll on them emotionally. They do work; they have to since most of the time, with the guys in jail, there’s no money in the mattresses for them to live off. They cook, but their manual labor comes at a price. Whatever you do, don’t drop crumbs on their kitchen counters.

For as much as people criticize this bunch of women, this show is nothing short of addicting, and after its first and second seasons on air I’ve gotta say--I can’t wait for more. It’s gully, gutter and I don’t want to look away. It’s trash TV, but it sucks you in and I don’t want it to let me go. I love it from the official theme song to (some) of the chicks we’ve gotten to know. VH1, I wouldn’t miss it.


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