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Scents and Sensibility: a Modern Twist on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility

Updated on February 3, 2017

Scents and Sensibilty

Did we really need another Jane Austen movie?

Most of you are probably thinking, great, another Jane Austen movie, aren't they all the same thing? Guy meets girl, girl hates guy, but then they end up getting married in end.

Actually that's just Pride and Prejudice. As someone who's read Pride and Prejudice at least five times and watched the six hour BBC version so many times I've lost count, believe me, I would know.

There have been some new modern adaptations since Clueless that have seemed to go unnoticed. Take Scents and Sensibility, for example. I had never even heard of it until I happened to be scrolling through Netflix one night. The title sounded like Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility and I was curious because I don't believe there has been a modern film adaptation of that particular novel.

Sense and Sensibility vs. Scents and Sensiblity

For those of you who haven't read or seen Sense and Sensibility, the story is about two sisters who are very close. In the beginning of the book their father dies and basically everything is left to their elder half brother. The brother is persuaded by his wife to give his stepmother and half sisters barely enough to live on and they end up depending on the kindness of a distant cousin. They move to a much smaller house and away from all that they know. There they meet Edward Ferrars and Colonel Brandon and so begins the romances of the story. Elinor (the eldest) is sensible and responsible, while Marianne is much more flighty and romantic. But I won't say anymore as to not ruin the story.

Now, the modern adaptation Sense and Sensibility does a very good job keeping the characters personalities the way they were in the book. It was interesting to note that they made Col. Brandon or simply "Brandon" the same age as Marianne (he was at least 20 years older than her in the original story), probably to make their relationship appeal to contemporary audiences. Also, Edward was a lawyer and so already wealthy and didn't need Brandon's help like in the novel. I enjoyed how independent the women were, which would also make sense seeing as it was set in modern day rather than the early nineteenth century. The only thing I would complain about is that the acting seemed a little corny in some places. This could be because the movie is probably a low budget film. It could also be the script was just not very well written. Otherwise, it was a very cute movie for a relaxing afternoon.

It makes you want to make your own lotions! Marianne begins making money by making and selling her own lotions.

Marianne and Elinor

So what are you waiting for?! Go check this out on Netflix whether you're a lover of Jane Austen or simply want to watch a cute romantic comedy.

See the trailer below.

Scents and Sensibility Trailer


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