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Monsta X Vs Black Pink Vs Twice: Is Black Pink Just Hyped? Who Will Make It Next in the U.S.?

Updated on September 29, 2019
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Fairlane is a devout Asian entertainment fan. On the side, she is a professional screenwriter and author.

Monsta X successfully completed their Ellen appearance. Twice’s YouTube documentary is in the works. Super M has an upcoming collaboration with Marvel, albeit, uncertain of the nature.

These developments raise a lot of questions. Everyone in Kpop, and their dog, are obviously making a push for the North American market but Black Pink was the clear leader of the pack. With a humongous US management company backing them, Interscope Records, endless YouTube broken and established, Billboard Charts entry and a festival tour to boot, everyone thought Black Pink is the one that will get opportunities like this.

And yet, it’s Twice, Monsta X and Super M.

Is it possible that Black Pink is all but hype? Is there any truth that Black Pink lives off Video Plowing? More importantly, what do these new opportunities of Monsta X, Twice and Super M mean? Why are these milestones important?

Implications of YouTube Decision

YouTube’s business model is a unique one. It is the market that creates the products and also the market that consumes them. YT built their business on organic content and allowed the market to dictate what product they will offer. Through the years, they developed a system that is continuously evolving. It helps determine what products they will offer and to whom they will offer it to.

Their decision to work with Twice and DSBK/Super Junior means that their algorithm shows it’s more beneficial for their market, therefore more beneficial for their business, to work with Twice and DBSK/Super Junior over Black Pink.

But Black Pink has Broken so Many YouTube Records

Black Pink has already broken so many YouTube Record. Heck, they even have the record for the most watched Music Video of a Korean group. Shouldn’t that be the most solid sign that they have the most audience among all Korean groups?

Not necessarily. Every YouTube View that is counted is legitimate but not necessarily unique. YouTube takes a lot into consideration when determining what is a legitimate view such as IP address, Mac Address, Account and behavior pattern.

In an ideal world, one combination of IP address, Mac Address and Account is one person. However, it is possible for someone to have used that combination and then show the video to someone else. YouTube has to account for things technology might not be able to reveal to them. That’s why behavior pattern is important.

If you keep on using the same internet connection and the same device at the same time everyday, your view might not be counted but if there is no pattern as to when you actually watch the video, your views will be counted.

It is possible for 1 person to contribute 10,000 views on a video as long as there is no pattern on the views of a video especially if there are multiple devices being used.

Now, this has turned into an industry, there’s a lot of companies that will guarantee to to get you millions of views for a fee. They use this using a combination of physical and digital resources. I will not get into this.

There is no sign BP has done that but it is possible that YouTube algorithm shows too many similar IPs and Mac addresses. Each view may be legit but not necessarily unique. Twice, on the other hand, may have less views but more unique views.

Concert Attendance

This seems to be supported by the attendance of these groups’ concerts. Twice only had three U.S. shows but they sold out each of their venues . They sold out the rest of their venues too.

Monsta X, on the other hand, sold out their North American venues. They didn’t sell out one Asia venue, Malaysia but it may be because it coincided with a national event.

Black Pink, on the other hand, didn’t sell out all their North American venues. They sold out some but not all. I, however, think it is not their fault. They were simply given too much too soon. If they played lesser venues, they would have sold them out.

Limited Content

The limited activities may also be a reason. I don’t think it is but it may be one of the reasons. Black Pink makes fewer comebacks in a year and has fewer contents. Twice and Monsta X have more activities.

But from a business perspective, it’s wont’ even be a consideration. The bottomline - if the market wants Black Pink, YouTube should give them Black Pink but I have to throw it out there.

U.S. Management Company

Monsta X’s U.S. Management company, Epic Records, is obviously pushing Monsta X as they should. That’s why they are there but Black Pink’s management company, Interscope, is way bigger than Epic Records. If there is any who can muscle their way to US shows, it would be Interscope.

Twice and DBSK/Super Junior don’t even have management companies. Twice has a distributor but not a management company.

Interscope Records
Interscope Records

Other Deals

It is possible that Black Pink is in talks with HBO or Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime or a mainstream TV networ and decided to forego YouTube. It is possible but less likely. If they do have a deal with another network, they would have already announced it.

Maybe they turned down YouTube so they can work with other networks. Again, less likely. If they are still negotiating and decided to turn down YouTube, that’s just bad business practice.

Let’s Not Take Away from Monsta X, Twice and DSBK/Super Junior

US shows do their due diligence before giving their precious airtime to anyone. Although their management companies help, they get these breaks because they deserve it. Monsta X delivers powerful performers. They look and sound good live, exactly the kind of performers that could get people up on their feet.

DBSK and Super Junior’s success have been consistent and enduring. They continue to fill stadiums and sell albums and did so without the aid of social media. Imagine what they can do with a more convenient marketing tool. Not to mention their fans have grown up and have a better purchasing power now than ever before.

Who Has the Best Chance of Making it North America?

I do think, however, BP still has the biggest chance of making it in North America. They have a big and powerful management company behind their backs. They can reach out to more shows, more companies and tap into more opportunities.

Black Pink also has the numbers to show for it. They have a big US tour and chart records, Billboard and YouTube. Most importantly, they speak the language really well. The only group in the roster that does so in a level that is perfectly decipherable to the US market.

However, I won’t be surprised to be proven wrong either. If there is anything we learn from the success of BTS is that the US is more perceptive of artists that bring their own identity into the US instead of trying to out Western the Westerns. That is the one thing Twice is doing right. They are markedly Korean and is so different from past successful girl groups in the US such as TLC, Destiny’s Child, and even Fifth Harmony.

Monsta X, on the other hand, writes and produces their own music. They already have a creative identity and if Epic Records stop making them sing songs written by others and just start letting them release their own songs, I would bet on their success.


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