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InkMonstarr's Ball: How A Young Rapper Holds Court

Updated on September 25, 2016

Everybody Knows I'm a Monstarr


Baller, Uconventional

Landon “InkMonstarr” Nicholes makes the distinction between he not being a “monster” but that he lives the life of a “Monstarr.” He claims that life being productive, developing projects, and supplementing his family land in stark contrast to the life of a low-level savage who seeks to destroy and take down others in a destructive fashion. His goal is to show an assertive, masculine face (full of tattoos, no less) and inject these elements into a hip hop sphere that is replete with sensitive thugs and male rappers with feminine traits. His animated, elevated demeanor is a splash of Trevor Tahiem “Busta Rhymes” Smith Jr. and a dash of Lesane Parish “Tupac Shakur” Crooks, but he stands as his own man. His delivery and subject matter reflect his 6 ft 4 in body type, as a baller on the courts and a dedicated performer on songs.

But what most know him for is his feud with fellow rapper Michael Ray “Tyga” Nguyen-Stevenson over alleged encounters with Mr. Nguyen-Stevenson’s current girlfriend Kylie Jenner. He gets hype at the sound of her name and claims that she is a classy individual and “felt the love” upon hugging her. He speaks of her respectfully but addresses her boyfriend with disdain and animosity. His outspoken nature and youthful ambition generate vibes of a mind at work and a creatively vicious personality. His jabs at Mr. Nguyen-Stevenson highlight his forceful sense of dealing with adversaries. His off-kilter delivery may be off-putting to some while he leaves his modest number of followers enthralled. For calling out his foes, Nicholes never shies from confrontation or controversy.

Though he may have few views on YouTube and a modicum of support, Mr. Nicholes has channeled his avant-garde approach to garner more followers on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. Exuberance is Mr. Nicholes' forte. He brings to the game a sense of energy and authenticity. The recounted tales regarding Mr. Nguyen-Stevenson and Miss Jenner and the diss record that he and rapper Philip "Stitches" Katsabanis issued all add up to driving traffic and racking up views.

Competition fuels the ferocity of the game of hip hop. And that's what Mr. Nicholes understands the most about this lyrical sport. After all of the hype and gossip and backbiting is over, the words laid on the songs are what count.


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