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Moody Blues Concert Review 1981

Updated on March 4, 2013

A Concert For The Ages

During the 1970's some of my friends were listing to the Moody Blues, with the exception of one or two songs this band was getting very little commercial air play on the local FM radio rock stations. This interested me-so I bought a copy of Days Of Future Passed and then Seventh Sojoum, both of which were big hits in the USA. It was dreamy music, less intense than YES, and was good to listen to on a warm day with the windows wide open.

On November 21 1981 I went to see The Moody Blues in concert at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford Connecticut. This tour was in support of there number one selling album; Long Distance Voyager. Band members were; Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas, John Lodge and Patrick Moraz played keyboards as Mike Pinder had left the band. As best I can remember songs played that evening included; Tuesday Afternoon, 22,000 Days, Gemini Dream, Story In Your Eyes, Slide Zone, The Voice, Nights In White Satin, Question, and Ride My See Saw.

It was an interesting concert, I was surprised that there was such a vast age group of fans there that evening, had never seen rock music cross so many generations. Also was one of the first concerts that security did a pat down search on everyone as they went in ! In concert I found they’re act to be polished and professional with a tight sound. Patrick Moraz added a bit of flair on keyboards and they’re new material. I was glad to go to the show, The Moody’s were a part of the 1970's, 1980's 1990's and beyond !


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