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Moonshine Bandits

Updated on June 18, 2017

A Brief Bio and a Closer Look At the Moonshine Bandits

Dusty Dahlgren and Brett Brooks met in Los Banos California towards the beginning of the new millennium, somewhere around 2003 - to be ,more precise.

Dahlgren (Tex) and Brooks (Bird) formed the band Moonshine Bandits thereafter. Their style of music falls into the genre popularly known as Country Rap.

Country Rap is making it's own way with a large underground fan base. There is currently no shortage of artist that are letting this genre be easily ignored.

This duo has collaborated with artist like Colt Fork and The Lacs on a few different projects and songs. They are associated with the group the Kottonmouth Kings and their record label Suburban Noize.

Their newest album, Baptized in Bourbon, was released in 2017. It includes the song Shook It Up, Stomp Like Hell, and Take this Job. It features many artist including David Allan Coe, Jelly Roll, and Uncle Kracker.

The Moonshine Bandits have a great up-beat, smooth sound. Every song I can think of has a happy, positive vibe.

The 8 Second Saloon - Indianapolis

I had the opportunity to see the Moonshine Bandits perform at The 8 Second Saloon in Indianapolis on May 13th, 2017.

The venue was nice and roomy and their was a pretty big turn out. In the center of the bar room was a big dancing floor surrounded by fencing to give it the look of a country fair ground or horse arena.

When we got there, everyone was already pumped up for the show and people were already on the dance floor. I wish I would have taken some more pictures, and some videos.

The Moonshine Bandits were promoting their newest album "Baptized in Bourbon". It was a great show and they had no shortage of energy going around. There were tons of people dancing on the dance floor, and for a few minutes I almost felt right at home in the middle of a city over 300 miles away. Girls were decked out in their nicest boots and the men were all looking like Outlaws.

I was actually there with some of my in-laws, but we were acting like outlaws. We had a really good time together. I'm pretty sure everyone of us bought some merchandise. My boyfriend always has to buy the t-shirt.

In the picture to the right you can see me showing off The Moonshine Bandits "Shiner" hat while taking a bomb selfie with my cousin-in-law, Alyssa.

The Moonshine Bandits had an incredible amount of energy and they were all over the stage. The crowd was definitely love it, and there was a crowd on the dance floor the entire time.

Baptized in Bourbon : Moonshine Bandits

If you haven't heard of The Moonshine Bandits then you are missing out on some fantastic rap with some country twang, and just enough rock n roll. I'm not really sure where these boys are originally from, but I think it's safe to say that they are doing it right out in California.

If you know where Tex and Bird are from, please leave me a comment and I'll be sure to give you a shout out when I update the information.

With songs like "Outback" and "For the Outlawz" making it clear that Tex and Bird know how to have a good time, and if you happen to make it to one of their shows - you're sure to be dancing too.

Which artist/group have you heard of? If you've heard of more than one, pick your favorite!

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