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5 Simple Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Music Career!

Updated on January 18, 2014

A few months ago it was suggested to me that I write something on my website with tips, ideas and advice for other singers, musicians, performers of any genre. I thought it was a good idea since I like helping people, so here is the continuation of some things I've learned and applied. Plus, I've got some new things I am learning that have gotten me this far in my career in this short amount of time.

Some quick tips to start applying now are:

1. Make sure you pay attention to details when booking your gigs. (The last thing you want is to not know how you're going to be paid, what equipment the venue does not have, etc.)

2. Singers - Rest Your Voice (If you don't do it when it's needed, you will be forced to later on!). Like any other muscle in your body, your voice needs a break so give that to it! Don't go horse, go rest!

3. Exercise. Keeping your body in shape will give you more energy and endurance that is needed for the studio and performance.

4. Keep track of your funds. If you're in this for the long haul, you're going to have to look at your music as a business and keep track of how your money is spent. It doesn't come easy so make every dollar count.

5. Drink plenty of Water. No matter what you do, water is highly important as it is the best thing to keep you hydrated, especially for singers. The last thing you want while singing is dry vocal chords / folds.

If you have requests for information on something I haven't talked about, let me know and write a comment below.

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