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More To Love

Updated on July 2, 2014

Love Comes In All Shapes

More to Love premiered July 28 on Fox. The premise of the show is to follow plus size men and women through the trials and tribulations of dating as they search for true love.

It is along the same lines as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette but better because the focus will be on "real" people searching (and hopefully finding) love. If you are not familiar with either show; in the past, the minority (the bachelor or the bachelorette) goes on dates with the majority. Every week he/she has to eliminate one of the potential love matches based on their dates until hopefully by the final episode they have found someone they want to spend their lives with.

The first season has a big guy as the center of attention for twenty "confident and secure plus-size women". It will be hosted by plus size supermodel Emme (shown at left).

This lens follows each episode and the potential love matches. There isn't much now but check back soon. There will be episodes reviews as well as polls and duels for you to participate in.

"I don't think love is just for skinny people." ~ Michelle

Who's Looking for Love?

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The Man of the Hour

Looking for love...

Name: Luke Conley

Age: 26

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 330 pounds

Location: Santa Maria, California

Job: Real Estate Investor

Security: Owns own home, 6 figure salary

Interests: dog, curvy women, barbecuing, football

Favorite meal: Steak and Potatoes

Favorite dessert: Apple pie

Notable Quotes:

"I like to eat and it's always been that way."

"I wouldn't want to be with a girl who was always obsessively dieting."

"I'm ready to meet the girl of my dreams."

Episode One - The Introductions

Luke stands at the entrance to the mansion waiting for the limos to arrive. Plus size model, Emme asks him how he feels. He's obviously nervous but excited about the evening ahead. The first limo arrives; one by one the girls exit the limo and walk up to Luke where they exchange a few lines of conversation before going into the house -- twenty women in all -- Danielle, Mandy, Tali, Kristian, Arianne, Magali, Malissa, Christina, Heather, Bonnie, Amanda, Anna, Lauren, Vanessa, Melissa, Michelle, Natasha, Sandy, Shari and Natalia.


When Luke was talking with Emme he said that he doesn't have a type when it comes to women and that all women are beautiful but I found it peculiar (as did twitterdome) that there were no black women in the group of twenty. Apparently, America is ready for their first fat couple dating show on national television but not the fat interracial couple?

Getting to Know You

Luke joins the women in the house where he gives each of them a ring. A symbolic gesture on his part to say that he will view them with an open heart; essentially accepting them for who they are and by accepting the ring they promise to do the same. He put the rings on each of the girls' fingers. There was something very polygamist-like about this act. I also found the girls put way too much sentimentality into the ring and what it meant to Luke.

For the remainder of the evening Luke meandered around the house attempting to get to know the girls a little better. I haven't decided if I like Luke or not yet. There were moments when I thought I did but then quickly changed my mind. Like when he was snuggling on the couch with two of the girls (Lauren and Anna I think) saying "I could get used to this" -- it just came across as icky. He kissed more than a few women this night--almost all of which he seemed to guilt into it even though they were obviously uncomfortable with kissing him so soon (and in front of the other women).

Depression Sets In

There were many moments when I found this episode kind of depressing. Many of the women have been emotional scarred by men they have encountered. I was shocked at how many had never dated or been in a long term relationships. They are all incredibly beautiful. I kept thinking: are there really this many lonely (for men) beautiful women in the world?

Getting Wet

The evening wasn't without its excitement. I thought it was hilarious when Danielle jumped in the pool with her evening dress. She tried to lure Luke in and I think he wanted to join her but in the end he didn't because the other girls didn't seem to approve. I was surprised no one joined her!

On the Rocks

It isn't unusual to see some overuse of alcohol during these "reality" televised occasions. Women, booze and a guy looking for action make good television I guess. Overall, there were no calamities and I was impressed when one girl told another to put down the drink she had because she had had too much and basically was going to make a fool of herself. The response, she put the drink down. Bravo!

Final Cut

When it came time to send five women home Emme talked about making a best first impression -- what exactly does that mean on a show like this? It's definitely different than what you would give going into a job interview. And exactly how does a guy like Luke determine who gets cut. I would have liked to know what went on in his deliberation.

While Luke was in another room considering his options, the rings were collected back from the women. When it came time for Luke to pass back (only) fifteen rings I kept hoping that one of the girls would decline and leave by choice. But that didn't happen. Those who were chosen to stay were ecstatic and sure that they are on the road to true love. Those without a ring were sent home: Michelle, Natasha, Sandy, Shari and Natalia. The fifteen hopefuls will move into the mansion with Luke -- talk about getting to sow a variety of oats before you get married.

Picking Favorites

I realize editing plays a big role in the impression each woman makes but I still have made a few favorites. One of which went home this week -- Natasha, the Rocket Engineer. Of the fifteen remaining Marissa is at the top of my list. I also really liked Bonnie. Followed by Anna, Lauren, Melissa, Mandy, Tali and Magali.

A Note About The Host

One of my main reasons for watching the show was because it was being hosted by plus size model Emme. They definitely didn't make enough use of her in this episode so I'm hoping to see / hear more of her in future episodes than was seen in this one.


I love to make predictions. The fact that I'm almost always wrong won't stop me this time either. I think the final battle will come down to Malissa and Anna. What about you?

"I am friggin' awesome!" ~ Melissa

The Lovely Ladies

Here are the fifteen women chosen to move in with Luke and vie for his affection and possibly a proposal. Learn more about them below.

I'd Like to Recommend...

The Fat Girl's Guide to Life
The Fat Girl's Guide to Life

Shanker is here to let the world know that fat people "aren't all jolly, we aren't asexual, we aren't lazy, and we aren't all depressos zoning out in front of the TV sets with ice cream melting down our chins." She wants us all to be able to respect ourselves, our bodies and be able to handle the rude people who aren't comfortable enough in their own lives that they have to try to make someone else unhappy.


Episode Two - Date Night

Tonight the girls were divided into two groups with Malissa and Anna as team leaders (not only is calling them team leaders an oxymoron these are the two I predicted last week would be the final contenders). Why teams you ask? All the better for Luke to get to know the ladies on their group dates.

On Malissa's team it might have been Mandy, Heather, Kristian, Danni, Lauren, Vanessa (and maybe Bonnie). On Anna's team it might have been Ariane, Amanda, Magali, Melissa, Natalia (and maybe Bonnie). This was a bit confusing who was on which team. I say this because I swear I saw Bonnie at both dates.

Because there are 15 girls there was one left over. A big deal was made about Christina being the last one to be picked. Apparently no one liked Christina (a problem she had in school) but it worked out great for her because it meant a one on one date with Luke. As you can imagine all the other girls were miffed.

Dinner Cruise

Malissa's team was taken on a dinner cruise. Poor Heather puked her guts in a matter of minutes and was unable to fully participate for the remainder of the evening. But she was a trooper and stayed on board. None of the girls showed any compassion which was disappointing from the humane standpoint. Luked sounded like he was looking for one of the others to check on her (because he thought she would be embarrassed if he went) but no one did. He made a point of checking on Heather later in the evening.

Malissa who had been my favorite last week really showed her true colors this week -- very competitive. She’s like an evil Elizabeth Shue. Luke of course made out with Malissa who he is obviously into. We didn't hear much from the other girls. When we did hear from Heather, she talked way too much about other boyfriends misdeeds. Let it go, move on.

One on One

Christina spent a lot time rubbing in her pending private date with Luke but the other girls put her in her place more than once. Especially Lauren who has a bit of a hate-on for her. Luke and Christina flew on a private jet to Las Vegas. I really don't feel the chemistry here but what's a guy to do -- a little making out perhaps.

Pool Party

Anna's group date with Luke was a pool party at his place. The girls were floored that their first date would involve the intimacy of swimwear. Some chose not to wear any all all while others bit the bullet even though they were uncomfortable. Luke tried his best to make them feel comfortable by passing out drinks and eventually ripping off his shirt to show off his gut before jumping in the pool. Lauren was increidbly aggressive on this date and I think she made the mistake of gossiping about the other girls to Luke (my mistake apparently). He made out with her.


Luke picked three women to go home. I wasn't suprised to see Arianne go home. She was one of the older girls and I really didn't get the impression she was into Luke or the dynamics of the group dating. Really, who could blamer her. Vanessa was the next oldest girl in line and also went home. I wasn't surprised she went home because we really didn't see much of her. And finally sweet Magali was sent home.

Overall Impression

I'm still having a hard time with this show. I want to like but it is really hard. The majority of the women are weepy and come across as desperate (some are talking about true love already – huh?) and Luke while showing compassion at moments comes across as taking advantage of insecure women. I applaud Fox for taking the step of including plus size people in the dating scene but they really should have spent more time planning the concept. Maybe even consulting with the market who would be watching.

Jackson Pearce Gives Fox Twinkie Award - Jackson style...

The Bath Tub Philosopher Gives an F

Episode Three - Prom Night

Going to the prom is a vital landmark for many young women. Knowing this and that many of the contestants didn't get to experience the perfect prom, Luke shows up and presents the girls with prom dresses and an invitation to be his date at the prom.

The Dresses

Before they got into their dresses ladies got all spiffed up with manicures, hair, and makeup. Their dresses were corseted so they had a fun time helping one another get into them. I'm sure to most viewers who haven't tried to get into a corset that this was appalling or hysterical to watch. But at least the girl's weight isn't broadcasted each time you see them!

Seriously, the best part of this episode was the prom dresses. I wish they would have spent more time talking and showing off the dresses and maybe telling us where they came from. The girls looked absolutely fabulous!! (yes it deserves two exclamation marks)

Prom Queen

At the prom each of the ladies took turns dancing with Luke and of course in some cases, kissing. I can definitely see how this prom experience would be better than any prom experience they could have experienced previously (if you didn't sense it that was sarcasm).

Early into the evening the beautiful Emme surprises the group with an announcement that Luke's best buddies from college are joining in on the festivities. Their mission for this visit is to name a prom queen for Luke who will receive a private date as a reward. (Again, I really think Emme is underutilized). After the boys make the rounds and ask the girls some questions the chosen prom queen is Danielle (Danni). This surprised me as well as the other women and Luke who admitted that Danielle wasn't one of the girls at the top of his list.

Danni's Date

Having to share Luke with one another is starting to noticeably grate on the girls nerves. Many if not all were incredibly jealous that Danielle was able to go on a one-on-one date with Luke.

Luke picked her up and they went out for dinner at Harborside where he was disappointed to learn that she had no interest in seafood -- his favourite. The whole scene was edited to make it sound like Danielle had diarrhoea of the mouth. Luke seemed to have a hard time getting into the conversation. She turned him (and probably everyone watching) off by talking with her mouth full and going crazy over a chocolate dipped banana. I thought this was G-rated television.

After dinner Luke took Danielle on a gondola for an evening ride along the waterways. She said she liked the quiet time but continued to talk a lot and about inappropriate topics like being a virgin -- eh, hello, isn't this the first date?

Horsing Around

I've said it before that I've flipped back and forth with whether or not I like Luke. This is one of those times where I liked him. To make it up to Heather for missing on the first group date (because she had motion sickness) Luke planned a private date with her. He took her horseback riding and they both seemed to have a great time. I know I had a great time watching them. They had to ruin it at the end with more weight blubbering.

The Mixer

Luke made the rounds chatting with the 12 remaining ladies, kissing some of them. Emme shocked the group with news that 4 women would be going home. Which is unfortunate because there are still many girls we didn't' see much of; like Tali.

Kristian and Heather spent some time consoling one another. Of all the girls Kristian makes me shake my head the most. First, she really thinks Luke is "perfect" and is deluded into thinking Luke makes her feel beautiful. I highly doubt that she is twenty-six because she comes across as an immature teenager in love. Some teenagers are more mature about love than she is. One of the opening scenes in this episode was Kristian in the kitchen talking about Luke and how she wanted to "pour barbecue sauce all over him and eat him like a pork chop".

Going Home

I wasn't surprised that Danielle and Christina were chosen to go home. They have similar qualities and Danielle was an obvious turn off for Luke. I was disappointed that Bonnie was sent home because she is so different from the others but sometimes she tried a bit too hard. As for Amanda, I don't even remember seeing much of her to comment. Please tell me why Lauren is still there?!

Remaining Potential

Luke offered the potential permanent mates his ring in the following order: Heather, Mandy, Anna, Lauren, Tali, Melissa B., Malissa, Kristian. They all hug in the end and Luke says, "Here's to More to Love!"

"It's about who you are not the package you come in." ~ Mandy

Episode Four - Good Wife, Bad Wife

This episode opens with Luke asking Emme to ask the girls their opinion on who would make a good wife or a bad wife. He's hoping "their honest opinions of each other will help him" with his decision.

This came across as yet another way to individually humiliate them. The girls were given a disc with Good Wife on one side and Bad Wife on the other. They took turns standing in front of the group one by one as Emme asked if she would make a good wife followed by each girl in the group holding up her disc with her answer. We didn't get to see all the girls but Kristian and Mel B had the hardest time as the girls explained their choices. Surprising to me, the overall consensus was that Heather would make a good wife for Luke. Not so surprising was that Lauren voted bad wife for the majority. Because Mel B got the most votes for bad wife and Heather got the most votes for good wife they each got an alone date with Luke so he could decide. The rest got to go on a group date.

Shake Your Booty

This was Mel B's first alone date with Luke. He took her to a Moroccan restaurant where slim belly dancers came out and encouraged them to dance along. Mel B didn't want to participate because she felt uncomfortable dancing with thin women while Luke was really into it -- no surprise there. It took a while for Mel B but watching Luke goof off put her at ease to try. At one point during the evening he commented that she was young which I believe hinted at his decision regarding her status.

Royal Treatment

Heather's date with Luke was on the evening of Mel B's date. Instead of feeling good about her date she was feeling low and jealous. She was taken into a room where she chose a formal gown for their date at a castle. Again Luke says he wants "to be that special guy for you". He asks her if she wants to be a career mom or stay a stay at home mom. The best part of since I started watching this show was when Luke broke the news to Heather that he had three kids -- then said he was kidding. Hilarious.

Group Date

The girls were up early and taken to a spa where they all put on swimsuits and robes and met Luke by the pool. Luke and Malissa had a private bubble bath together (in swimsuits). After eating he took turns spending time the remaining girls. Lauren had her time cut short when he heard a bunch of the girls goofing off in the bathroom with masks and the hot tub and left her to go join them. Lauren was seeing red

The Mixer

There were eight women at the start of this episode and two went home. Luke made a toast, "a wonderful evening with my girls." At one point he asked Lauren if she was approaching the dating from a more competitive view than the other girls. She agreed yes she was from a "time" standpoint but I don't think Luke bought into it. Mandy was more affection during this mixer but I think it's too late for her. Luke admits he is starting to fall in love with more than one woman.

Going Home

I wasn't surprised that Luke picked Lauren and Mel B to go home. Lauren was more annoyed than anything while Mel B was heartbroken.

Of course the evening ended with a group hug and Luke making a corny remark: "Me and my fabulous six."

Fifth Episode - Spicy

There are six girl left. This weeks episode starts off with Mandy and Kristian going on a dancing date with Luke -- Tango lessons at Mama Juan's!


Kristian didn't want to dance because she felt she looked like "two pigs jiggling under a blanket". There were two instructors--one man and one woman with drop dead gorgeous legs which left pairings with one woman watching while Luke danced away. Kristian was so cute once she gave in and started dancing with Luke. Kristian is deluded into thinking Luke is in love with her.

For the first time I got a real look at Mandy and she really doesn't look plus size to me. Not that it matters -- there should be a combination of girls.

Before leaving Luke announced that he would like some one on one time with each girl leaving one girl to sit by herself. I thought this was incredibly rude. Mandy walked in on Luke kissing Kristian and ended up leaving to cry in the bathroom. To make himself look better Luke went to check on her in the bathroom.

While the dancing scene was going on the other girls made Luke cupcakes and left them outside his door to come home to.

Up, Up, Away

Malissa and Luke go for a helicopter ride. Some of the girls really flipped out over the fact Malissa got a one on one with Luke. Luke confesses he has strong feelings for Malissa. After some wine tasting they make out.

Beach Bunnies

Anna, Heather and Tali have a beach date with Luke. Tali is upset about having to wear a bathing suit again. Heather admits she doesn't love Luke and needs to get to know him better.

Luke says he's looking for confidence. The girls are uncomfortable and look to Luke to direct the conversation which is disconcerting for him. He gets gross again by asking the girls to rub sun tan lotion on him all at once.

Luke and Tali go for a walk and talk about jealousy. Luke is so not in Tali's league.

Anna and Luke go for a floater ride. He seems to feel natural with her. Shortly after, Heather and Luke lounge on the beach. She displays more of her insecurities about Malissa which proves to be an obvious turn off for Luke.

The Mixer

Heather is really stressed.

Luke is uncomfortable. He feels some of these women have put themselves out there emotionally for him and he feels bad about having to send some of them home.

I'm really sick and tired of Kristian's talk about how in love she is with him. She comes across as emotionally immature.

Tali gets miffed and confronts Luke about his feelings for Kristian and herself. She threatens to leave which he quickly talks her out of.

Going Home

Anna, Malissa, Mandy and Tali are saved this week while Kristian and Heather are sent home. Frankly it was about time. Kristian was becoming stockerish. Heather hugged Luke goodbye and of course cried. I think if she had not gotten all jealous at the beach earlier she might have stayed another week. Kristian of course cried and professed her love but wished him the best -- he said thank you. After she left he went running out after her to tell her he did care about her but that he didn't' feel like he was the guy for her (in other words, he's just not into her).

Luke is feeling down about the elimination but excited about it almost being at an end.

Episode Six - Family Dates

This episode is all about having one-on-one dates with the potential future bride's friends and family.

Racing Queen

Tali and Luke go go-cart racing. Luke thought her competitiveness was sexy. Her aunt and uncle show up in a surprise visit. There is a lot of discussion about their cultural differences (of which her uncle has experienced since he married into the family) when visiting different countries and relating to extended family.

Smooth Sailing

Mandy and Luke go for a boat ride. Mandy is already a bit on edge because of Malissa interrogating her earlier in the day. When Mandy's parents show up they grill Luke about Mandy. It becomes a bit awkward when Luke asks her mom if Mandy is ready to settle down. Her mom replies after a pause that she thinks Mandy is ready for a serious relationship but she looked like she wanted to say no.

Bowling Him Over

Anna and Luke go bowling -- she wins. Luke likes the way she looks but doesn't really think she will be able to settle down because of her career for at least four to five years.They meet up with her parents for a friendly visit.

Sisterly Love

Malissa and Luke go out for dinner where he meets her sisters. Her sisters are both younger and totally different from Malissa. They describe her as a mom figure (their mother died young) and are protective of her. Surprisingly, one of the sisters said, "I can't picture you having any kids." It turns out it is because she wouldn't babysit for her. This became a topic of discussion for Luke to confront Malissa about because he feels strongly about having kids. Luke asked the sisters what they would think if he proposed to her -- of course she took this back to the group to rub in their faces.

The Mixer

Malissa thinks her and Anna will be the last ones (me too). But during the mixer Anna did the "You're going to pick me, right?" which kind of turned Luke off. Mandy of course can't help herself and brings up the topic of Malissa to Luke. She requests reassurance and he questions whether she would be clingy and needy. She feels Malissa is her major competition.

Luke gives the family speech.

Going Home

Malissa, Tali and Mandy are asked to stay another week. In a total shocker, Anna is sent home. She asks him why and he admits that he feels more like a friend and didn't think she was ready for family.

At the end the girls get a note announcing that they have to pack their bags so they can go to Hawaii!

"This is not a competition this is about me putting my heart out there."


Episode Seven - More to Love in Hawaii

Tali, Mandy and Malissa are greeted by Luke with a lei and they have their last group date. We see even less of Emme during this episode.

Luke is able to spend a whole day with each woman.


Day - Zoo

Luke is concerned about Malissa's commitment and feels he might have misled himself in regard to her intentions. He gets to spend some quality time with her at the zoo and they have some fun playing with dolphins. He likes that she isn't timid. They both ended up with a little sunburn.

There is some really bad editing at one point when Malissa talks about being surprised that the "dolphins could support us". It was so blatant.

Night - Bed of Roses

Luke believes that Malissa possesses what he is looking for but is concerned that she's not ready to take a risk. On their last one-on-one date he asks her if she's ever dated a guy as big as him and admits he's afraid of being rejected by her. They have dessert back at his room where the bed was strewn with roses. They make out (no surprise there). But, he still confronts her about being in it to win. She spoofs her response by saying it started out that way.


Day - Mesmerizing Mermaid

Luke opens with, "All I needed to forget about my date with Malissa was to see Tali walking down the beach". Ouch!

He thought she would like going out on a boat trip and going snorkeling because she used to be in the navy. It turned out that she has a great fear of water and considers herself more of a mountain girl than a mermaid. Despite her fear she went into the water with Luke's help. They had a great time and it's with this date that Luke sort of redeems himself again.

He admits to the camera, "I have a feeling for Tali that I haven't had for any other woman."

Night - Sleepover

Luke admits that he's falling for Tali. Personally, I think he's infatuated more with her beauty than anything else. I don't feel the chemistry between them. In a surprising move Luke takes her back to his room where the bed is covered with blue flowers. Tali toasts to "one love" instead of "more to love" and they make out on the bed and have a bath together (in swimsuits).

Luke asks her to spend the night and Tali agrees.


Day - Get Your Motor Running

Luke is concerned that Mandy is the most guarded (who could really blame the poor girl) but looks forward to spending time with her. For their last daytime date they go ATV riding. By the end of the day Luke has us confused because now he feels Mandy is the most ready to be in a relationship with him.

Night - Stars

For his last date with Mandy he takes her for an evening boat ride under the stars. Mandy seems more comfortable and admits she's felt a strong connection from the beginning. They spend time together on a bed set up out under the stars. He asks her if she could see herself married to him and she says yes -- "I'm not scared of love, I'm scared of rejection." He asks her to spend the night with him out under the stars.

Day Time Mixer

Emme shows up to collect the rings. One girl will go home and the last two will go home with Luke to meet his family.

At this point it isn't really a surprise that Luke chooses Tali and Malissa to stay and sends Mandy home. He walks her to the limo. She cried and is obviously upset when he puts her in the car to leave. She didn't know what to say to him but in her final camera talk she says "I just feel LOST" (if you watch the night time drama LOST you might think that a little funny.)

Episode Eight - Lukes Family

This episode opens with a collection of clips from Luke's perspective, first Malissa then Tali.

Tali Comes First

Luke's parents divorced when he was nine. The first family meeting is with Luke's father, brother and grandmother.

But first Luke takes Tali on a picnic and introduces her to his dog Max. During the picnic Tali became a little passive aggressive with comments like, "you WILL choose me" haha giggle giggle.

After the picnic Luke takes her home for a family barbecue where they welcome her with open arms. His family seemed uncomfortable, maybe because of the cameras. His dad toasted to them after dinner. They discussed the fact that Tali was Jewish and Luke stepped in more than once to help her out.

Malissa Meets the Family

Malissa picks Luke up in the limo expecting to meet his parents but he takes her to play pool instead -- Malissa is a bit of a pool shark and whips his butt. She openly admits she is competitive. Over pizza she asks him for advice on meeting his family.

They meet up in the family home again. Luke's dad is obviously smitten with Malissa and her "Irish eyes". They sit down to dinner and dad toasts them right off.

Luke is still concerned about whether Malissa is here "to win" but his dad tells him the choice is obvious and that Malissa will absolutely fit into their family. Luke tries to sell Tali to his Dad but dad continues to try and sway his choice to Malissa.

Mamma Mia

The next morning Luke's mother pays a surprise visit on the girls while they are still in their pajamas. One of the first questions she asks is what they first noticed about Luke. Tali gives an affectionate response while Malissa ended up talking more about herself.

Malissa made them all some food and Luke showed up a little later to join in. Malissa seemed to continue to make Luke's mom uncomfortable -- she would get a weird look on her face whenever Malissa would speak.

Mom asked Tali and Malissa why they came on a show like More to Love: Tali thought it was a good opportunity to show that love comes in all shapes and sizes and Malissa "did it on a whim", got caught up in the excitement and here she is. I bet you can guess which response mom liked best.

I think Malissa's true intentions are officially made evident in her private discussion with the camera: "I definitely don't want to be the girl that doesn't get the guy." Which pretty much sums up how she really feels about Luke too.

Luke's mom takes turns having private time with each hopeful. She seemed particularly close to Tali and thinks she has a stubbornness that will help balance Luke. She feels Malissa is lighthearted but doesn't have future wife potential for Luke.

Next episode: Luke Chooses a Bride

Episode Nine - Will You Marry Me

Having his parent's meet the girls hasn't changed Luke's decision. He has one final dinner each with Tali and Malissa to help confirm their feelings. I still think Malissa and Luke look like a better couple. Both she and Tali are beautiful but I just can't see Tali and Luke as a couple.

Something Sparkly

Luke goes shopping for an engagement ring for each of the girls and the girls go for a final trip to the hair salon. This really felt like a time filler because it was obvious at this point who he was going to pick. It was much of the same dialogue that we have been hearing.

Emme Where Have You Been

Emme shows up in an awesome blue fitted dress showing off her curves -- seriously, awesome dress. She and Luke talk a bit about his feelings and the task at hand. This is the last we see of our host.

The Mixer (but not really a mixer)

Tali and Malissa dress up like they did the first night. They both look amazingly beautiful (but Malissa had some wicked smoky eye make-up that transformed her usual look).

Luke calls this the hardest break up he's ever done. Malissa arrives pretty in pink and walks down the isle to meet him with thoughts like, "OMG, I love this man. All I want to hear is 'I choose you, Malissa'. If it's not me my heart will break in half."

Luke talks about his instant attraction to her -- that she is beautiful, fun, adventurous and that he loves her. But, "My heart belongs to somebody else." He escorts her out and she really doesn't know what to say. "Every thing felt so right. I can't believe I was so wrong." She comes across as angry and not wanting to cry in front of him. Alone in the car she ask, "What makes her better than me?" then she begins to weep.

The One

While we are waiting for Tali to show up Luke admits he's in love and going to propose.

Tali makes an extrance in a beautiful dress with beaded neckline. Her voice over is "I'm more ready than ever to be Luke's wife. Luke greets her affectionately with "You are a beautiful curvy woman." (why can't she be a "beautiful" woman instead of "beautiful curvy" woman)

He starts his speech off about them being from two different worlds and the barriers that they would face leading her to believe she is being dumped but then he explains how much he loves her and is better because of her. He gets down on one knee and proposes -- noisy make up session.

They leave viewers with the fact that "Love does not have a shape or size."

There Can Only Be One

In the end Luke proposed to Tali. She accepted.

Please leave a comment on whether you liked the show, what they could do to improve it, or what you liked about it. Do you think Luke made a good choice? Do you think Tali did?. Abusive comments and swearing will not be posted so please don't waste your time. I want to keep this lens g rated. Thank you for stopping by this More to Love lens.

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