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Morgan Film

Updated on September 3, 2016

Now that you’ve seen the Trailer

Yea, I thought the same thing when I saw the trailer! I was unsure about this film, but thought “Heck, I haven’t seen a Scott Free Production film in a while,” so I went. And I’m glad I did!

Mr. Ridley Scott has always been one of my favorite directors, and most of my friends (really old to really young) always remember Blade Runner. It is a must see, as his vision is truly great. The Director’s Cut is even better, as the additional scenes sheds light on a better Story Ending. And, it explains the Theatrical Ending a little better, too, like “Oh, that’s why it happened that way!”

Morgan is the directorial debut by Mr. Scott’s son, Luke Scott (or, I’ll call him Younger Mr. Scott in this review). Nice job on your first film! I think you are setting a new direction in this genre.

Running time of 92 mins. Rated R.

Film Synopsis

Without any spoilers in this film review, I can say that Morgan was a project being refined upon by the Company, and it involves a Scientific Team and Morgan, sometime in the near future. Morgan is a girl (host body) that has been injected with synthetic DNA. Throughout the project, her “Mother” (played by Michelle Yeoh) plays an important key in developing feelings for Morgan, along with one of her Scientific friends Amy (played by Rose Leslie). The other scientists have their key moments and purposes throughout the film.

The Scientists have been treating Morgan as a human being, as she is evolving, until the Company sends a Risk Management Consultant named Lee Weathers (played most excellently by Kate Mara), to determine Morgan’s status. Paul Giamatti stars as Dr. Alan Shapiro, who is a psychiatrist sent by the Company (post Lee’s arrival), who needs to see if Morgan has developed any feelings. This is a Key Scene, as it starts the Inciting Incident. “Why is everything running amuck? Why is everyone after Morgan? Do they find her? Then, what happens? Does she live?”

No, it’s not Horror in anyway, just a nicely done Sci-Fi/Thriller.

The Movie Viewer doesn’t know what to expect, as Morgan is unpredictable.

Give Me More…

The film might make more sense to the Movie viewer, if you’ve seen Blade Runner theatrical release, because the theme of “Do Robots dream of electric sheep?” seemed to run through my head, as I was trying to figure out the Ending. Also helpful if you follow Sci-Fi trends, such as Alvin Toffler’s Third Wave-Fourth Wave-Fifth Wave series; these are Non-fictional books, giving backgrounder information on Artificial Intelligence. If you read William Gibson’s work, this would be a Fictionalized version of A.I. but not really along the same vein, as the younger Mr. Scott envisions on-screen.

I knew there would be a Showdown involving at least one of the Scientists, Morgan and Lee. What would a good film be, without a Showdown?

The Showdown was better than I expected! When I thought one character was going to “be safe,” well I was wrong. Near the end of the film, I had two thoughts:

  • a Dream Sequence, where the entire film was part of Morgan’s attempt to gain “human realization.”
  • Or, alternatively, a Really Surprise ending.

Please see the film to decide if you like the Premise, as I did. Looking forward to more of these films being produced, and the definition of “Hero” redefined.

Hero Redefined


Cast & Characters

Anya Taylor-Joy
Dr. Alan Shapiro
Paul Giamatti
Lee Weathers
Kate Mara
Dr. Amy Menser
Rose Leslie
Ted Brenner
Michael Yare
Dr. Simon Ziegler
Toby Jones
Dr. Darren Finch
Chris Sullivan
Skip Vronsky
Boyd Holbrook
Dr. Brenda Finch
Vinette Robinson
Dr. Lui Cheng
Michelle Yeoh
Jim Bryce
Brian Cox
Dr. Kathy Grieff
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Charles Grimes
Crispian Belfrage
Morgan Age 10
Amybeth McNulty
David Chance
Jonathan Aris
Executive Asst
Charlotte Asprey

a Few Production Notes

It was little difficult finding some production notes about this film, so I did an accurate job as possible.

Production costs of $8 million.

Directed by Luke Scott.
Produced by Aidan Elliott, George F. Heller, Elishia Holmes, Mark Huffam, Michael Schaefer and Ridley Scott.
Screenplay by Seth Owen.
Music by Max Richter.
Cinematography by Mark Patten.
Film editing by Laura Jennings.
Casting by Carmen Cuba.

  • Thank you to the Production, Art and Set designers for creating an eerie, creepy feeling. The Makeup and Costumes were really a cool look, too.
  • There were 10 different production companies used to make this film.
  • Filmed on-location in Northern Ireland.

Worldwide Distribution

Rls date
Film aka as�
UK, Lithuania, USA
Brazil, Russia
Estonia, Norway, Poland
aka Morgane

Post Film Voting

What did you think of the film?

See results

Until next week, thanks for supporting the Movie business, Pam


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