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Morning For Zoey

Updated on January 27, 2012


Morning For Zoey

It is getting light out. Mommy is up so I'm up. I'm up! Ready to go! Let's go! Got to wait?!?!!? Hate to wait! Mommy got up but then went into the small room. I want to be with mommy! I scratch the door cause that opens it. And I go in. Mommy is making noises and talking to me about "OUTSIDE" and "SQUIRRELS". I know. I know.  I'm ready! Let's go!

Those squirrels are just walking about on the ground. My ground.  They walk all day on my ground. It agitates me some. They get to do that all day. Mommy never lets them inside. It would be fun if one of the squirrels would come inside. There is all sorts of places they could run to and up to and I could keep them running. I kind of want to bite one of them. I don't think I'd like to eat one but it be nice to bite one.

Okay! Okay! I paw the door some more but it isn't opening. I give it a really good scratching like I'm digging out a bone in the dirt.  Mommy says some gibberish at me with an "OUTSIDE" in it. The small room's door opens. Time to go!!! I jaunt out the hall and turn and run up the inside steps. Steps are tricky when you are in a hurry.  I miss a few steps and kind of stumble but I don't think mommy noticed. Mommy doesn't jaunt up the steps. I don't know why? It is
such great fun!!!

I'm waiting for mommy. I can run to mommy and to the door and back to mommy and back to the door several times before mommy gets to the door. She's calling down for Quin, the big dog. I like to take his bones. It excites me that he might bite at me. He's pretty slow but
every now and then he does surprise me. But it is ok because he almost always misses and I make a lot of whimper noises and mommy makes some harsh tones at Quin and soothing ones at me and usually lets me sit up on her lap. That is heaven!

I'd rather not be bit though. He's gotten me a couple of times and it smarts. It peeves me some too. It's bad manners is what it is.  I usually go back over to Quin and give him a stern look. He knows it is bad manners but I think at times I'm like a squirrel to him.  And I do steal his bones whenever possible. I don't think Quin is coming. He doesn't seem to care that the squirrels run free in our yard like I do. I suspect Quin would like to eat one of them.

Come on! I'm ready!!!! I know this door to the outside will not open without mommy being by it. I scratch it a few times to be sure. I'm totally ready to get those squirrels. My nose is at the
crack where cold air comes in. I feel a bit of pee coming out. OPEN IT!!!! It's opening!!! There is a second door I can just nose my way through! Not!!! Ouch, pinched my nose a bit. Second door wont open. Mommy fiddles with something above my head and I see the door widen a bit. I'm at the ready. My nose is right at the crack in the second door and when it widens a tad I nose right though the second door.

I'm out!!!! I'm shooting out the door and off the deck!!! I fly a bit as I come off the deck. I'm very very excited!! I so love to run!!! Off the deck and past the tree towards the back fence. Wait squirrels are in that tree!?! They are always in that tree! I never remember that until I'm past the tree. I'm not sure why I always run to this back corner? No matter!!! Back to the tree!!! I'm running top speed back to the tree. I see a squirrel climbing up the trunk.  I run up the trunk but not to the squirrel cause he's already to high up. Oh the squirrels mock me!!!! Now I know why I'd like to bite one. No time to waste though!!!

I run past the bigger tree and around the shed. And down along the fence. I navigate this very easily and very speedily. I'm a very fast dog. Super fast. It is amazing how really fast I am. I know fast because mommy and daddy always say "FAST" when I go outside and run. They say "you are such a fast dog!". It pleases them very much that I'm so fast and I love to impress them when I'm not keeping the squirrels up in the trees.

I don't really even like those squirrels in my trees. They need to run over to the other trees. The squirrels are pretty stupid. I can't get up to those branches. But if I bark and stand on my back legs with my paws on the tree trunk they make all sorts of noises!  It is such great fun. It really increased my need to bite one of them. I managed to bite one awhile ago but mommy didn't seem that pleased. That made me sad a bit but I really need to bite one. They are in my yard. They need to be up in the trees. The other trees.  This is our understanding. I'm just doing my part.

A few slackers are not moving on. One or two of them I can tell aren't going to move. The fat ones don't move much. They are going to wait me out and then come back down to the ground and eat some of these seeds. Not if I eat some. I'm going to eat some seeds.  Wait! I run to the side gate as there is a squirrel outside the fence. I run fast right up to the fencing. That squirrel went running!!! Stupid squirrel. I can't even get to that side.  Thinking about that make me feel funny inside though so I bark a lot for no real reason. I just feel a need to do it.

I hear the door opening to the house up on the porch. Daddy is calling, "Zoey". Daddy! But I need to bark a bit more. And the door closes. What? But I need to come in soon. I'm getting cold.  So I jaunt up to the door and jump real high. This makes daddy come sometimes. Sometimes not. This time not. I jump for quite awhile.  But no one is coming to the door. So I sit. And wait.

It's not real long but I see daddy through the glass of the second door now. DADDY!!!! Watch me run!!!! I fly off the deck again and run my circuit to the corner up to the squirrel tree back by the deck then over to the corner where the shed is and go behind it along the fence. Then I round back to the tree and jump up about seven feet.  I'm so freaking impressive. I can see Daddy smiling. He's admiring how fast I am. Daddy seems especially proud of how fast I am. He seems to be really happy with me when we go to the big field with the other dogs in it. It is so much fun! You run with all these other dogs and play chase. And Daddy is calling out "FAST" and "DOG" and seems to really adore me.

Daddy has shut the door again. I go over to the window that magically looks down to where we sleep. And I scratch that window.  That usually makes someone come to the door and they let me in. I give it a really good scratch like I'm digging in the dirt again.  And I can here the door open. And I fly around the corner and up through the door and for a moment forget that the cats are not squirrels and I should not bite them. I'm a tad afraid of the cats.  They have sharp paws. So I use my paw at the grey one. But keep a safe distance.

Now I'm wound up. I'm really wound up. Daddy tends to go back to sleep in our sleeping room. Or he goes up to one of the other small room upstairs and sits in water. I don't like it much when he makes me sit in the water. It's warm and nice a bit but he's splashing me when I'm in there and I just don't feel comfortable with all the noise and splashing and soap. That really makes me run fast afterwards though. I'm all wound up and need to dry and I'm itchy and I can really really run fast after I get soaped and splashed.

But Daddy is right here now. And if I'm quick I can get the tug toy out and he'll play with me for a bit. Not real long like all day but for a bit. Sometimes he chases me! It is such fun! He scares me some cause he wants to pick me up and I don't really care for that much but being a bit afraid really helps me scamper!

WAIT!!!! Mommy at back door. I'm OUT! I'm off the deck! I'm flying past the tree. The wind rushes through my ears. I jump up the squirrel tree but I know the squirrels are gone. Once I chase them off in the morning it takes awhile before they come back. I can keep an eye on them from the sleeping room. Then I can have a second chance to bite them and make them go to the other trees when the sun is high and the day is brighter.

I love being responsible for keeping the squirrels in their place.  They never come in so they must be a tad evil. Mommy seems to feed them seeds though. All I know is it lets me run. And I'm so fast.  It is perfect. I just love my life except for the times when I'm not getting constant attention. But during those times of no attention I attend to my hobby… ripping the stuffing out of pillows.

Life is good.


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    • profile image

      Landon 8 years ago

      You spell Quin[n] with one 'n'? Something is very, very wrong.

    • profile image

      Joyce 8 years ago

      Sounds like my house in the mornings. I got a puppy a couple months ago (Frankie, my Great Dane, passed away.) I went from a 175# dog to a 5# Yorkie-poo. Max is now 5 months old. Frisky is a good word for him. He's also got that cute thing going for him. You sure you didn't write your story from my porch.

    • profile image

      rightpet 8 years ago

      Great energy - I could feel the need for speed and the urgent desire to get some squirrel fur in his mouth.