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Top 10 Most Addictive Instrumental Trance Tracks You Should Have Heard By Now

Updated on July 27, 2014


When an awesome classic by Airscape in the heyday of their popularity is remixed by an up and coming sensation like Armin van Buuren, this is the result you get. Although Armin is now a household name in the world of trance, and Airscape no longer exists, this beauty stays on, providing outstanding and earth shattering moments to the lovers of music that is capable of touching hearts and redirecting lives! Perfect for rave parties, this one is simply too special to not find a prominent place on a list like this!


Orjan Nilsen makes amazing music, and Orjan Nilsen makes stereotypical and boring tracks. This one is among his most iconic instrumental tracks yet. The young lad surely has oodles of talent.

The guitar sound is the defining feature of this one, and how natural it sounds!

There is aggression during the build-up, which gives way as the track progresses, to a spirit of peace and love, and peace and love consolidate on their auspicious start and gather courage as they move on, and eventually break free of all limits.


Solarstone has managed to create a large fan following for his type of music. He works exclusively on Trance that is pure, meaning it hardly has elements of any other EDM genres like House or Electro.

This one is a club beauty that you can dance the night away to. The progression is excellent, and the female voice in the middle is both seductive and haunting at the same time.


Here's another of those tracks that truly embodies what real Trance music is all about. The climax and release are simply out of the world, so watch out. You will surely be blown away by this one. Not without reason was this beauty included in the 'A State of Trance' 2006 compilation.

Not many make music like this anymore, so make sure you truly experience this one, not that paying attention to this special one is any difficult!


This one is very hypnotic. Again and again and again, the same musical pattern repeats, but you hardly seem to tire of it. It's rare talent that allows a musician to create repetitive music that manages to hold attention by the merits of its qualities.


And now on to some uplifting stuff! A.R.D.I. is top-notch with this one. This young fellow is really good at what he does best: creating breathtaking atmospheric pads that coexist with outstanding bass and kick that's really very hard!


This one is for lovelorn hearts. It's emotional. It's something you'll want to lose yourself in. Above and Beyond, a couple of years ago, were simply unstoppable as far as creating outstanding moments was concerned. This one is from that period.

Andy Moor, co-producer of this track, has always been a class act. He has the best bass in the whole of the Trance world, and that is no mean achievement! Kudos to him! He has much more to offer, especially considering that he continues to be faithful to his Trance roots, unlike loads of other producers who now mainly deal with Electro House or Trouse.


Omnia, once known for his outstanding emotional progressions, has now moved on. He maintains his quality though, and this track is evidence.

'The Fusion' is perfect music festival stuff, capable of making the crowds go absolutely raving mad! It is very positive, and has an attitude of taking on any challenge, no matter how difficult.


On we move, and this one here is another emotional beauty that never seems to lose its charming guile, no matter how many times it is repeated. Truly a track to be experienced, 'Soft Light' is a classic, make no mistake about that!

Yours truly listens to this one often, and continues to love it as much as during the first exposure!


'Blue Fear' is one of Armin's lesser known tracks, but it embodies the sound that he dealt with when he began his career many, many years ago, before he became the superstar that he is today.

A bit wonky, and yet a wee bit courageous, this one pushes one on, regardless of whether one is ready or not, because, after all, life must be lived, whether it has been prepared for or not!


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Share your thoughts on this list which has been compiled after a fair bit of research. Do you feel there is any track that should have made the cut? Is any track on this list undeserving? Is instrumental Trance music, in your opinion, outdated? Let others know!


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    • rohanfelix profile imageAUTHOR

      Rohan Rinaldo Felix 

      3 years ago from Chennai, India

      I'm glad you fond this interesting!

    • ocfireflies profile image


      3 years ago from North Carolina

      Always on the lookout for new music, so glad I chose this one to start my search. All were very interesting, but I think the first and last were my favorites. Thank You for providing something a little different.



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