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Most Fortunate Ponderings.

Updated on March 15, 2011


Fortunate Ponderings.




After a sumptuous pu-pu-platter,
and some extra plump pork egg foo young,
I was barely tempted to eat my fortune cookie,
but its alluring messages always amused me.

So I cracked open its thin crisp shell,
and removed the tiny strip of paper,
but I was puzzled by its words,
because it simply said, "Duck Soup!"

Seconds later a petite waitress
carrying a loaded tray of food,
tripped over someone's purse sticking out
of the booth behind mine,
and a bowl of won-ton soup went flying.

being forewarned,
I quickly dodged down under the table
as it crashed right in the middle
of her tip and my bill.

Afterwards I emerged pretty much unscathed,
although its path would have
hit me square in the head.

So needless to say on my way out
of that fine Chinese establishment,
that paid my bill in full,
I grabbed a handful of those
magic fortune cookies,
and followed their instructions to the letter.

As of today, I have won
$3600 dollars at a nearby casino,
met the girl of my dreams at a local park,
and tackled a long term project on the back-burner,
which just caught fire, making me millions.

"I guess some fortune cookies
truly are all they're cracked up to be."


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    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 7 years ago from New Zealand

      This made me laugh, because it did not prepare me for the flying soup! Well written hub! Thanks