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Most Intense Series

Updated on April 30, 2017

Crackle, Netflix, & Cable

On boring days' people tend to keep back and relax. Catching up on some reading or the latest television's series you once could not go a day without viewing. It is relaxing to sit back on the couch with some snacks and watch people entertain. Now days watching television is no longer, Crackle, Hulu, and Netflix have taken the place of old fashion cable. These sites usually do not contain commercials and can travel with you. Each site is similar offering unique original movies and series. A lot of satellites cable shows are found on Netflix if you missed it when it aired. Hulu and Netflix do require a sign up before viewing any content. A free limited subscription is offered upon sign up. The fee to watch Netflix will apply when the subscription is over. Netflix does contact before your subscription ends.

Snacks and Netflix

Netflix has the most original movies and series such as 13 Reasons Why, The Expanse, and much more. As we know Thirteen Reasons Why is based off a book about a high school student who committed suicide and sent tapes to the people who contribute to her killing. Netflix delivers drama, reality, romance, and thrillers. Shows aired on Syfy and TNT are often seen on Netflix.

All comic-cons and superficial believers know that SyFy is a channel that gives the craziest movies to watch. Sharknado is a popular movie that is only aired on SyFy. The Expanse, Magicians, and Van Helsing are the most popular shows since 2015. Some of their original series consist of Being Human, Dominion, Haven, and Helix.

The first season of The Expanse aired in last November 2015. Now on the second season. Expanse has given consider to what could come in the twenty-third century. Starting with colonizing the solar system for humanization. Moving to the war that is slowly brewing between Earth and Mars. Mars is the independent military base power. While a detective is showing, his rookie partner the ropes of the trade, he is assigned to a case of the suspected kidnapping of Julie. Julie is the daughter of a wealthy man. While the Cannaberry is delivering cargo, Julie is expected to intercept. However, Aero intercepts Julie fleet killing everyone in the process. Setting a flaw beckon to lure the Cannaberry fleet in hopes of creating a war between Earth and Mars. Now, all the confusion and new discovery lead to the detective being fired, the Cannaberry destroyed with only five survivors, and the Marians preparing for war. In the beginning, many suspected Mars to have planted the flaw beckon leading to the death of the Cannaberry crew; Earth is now the new suspect in putting Aero in charge of placing a false beckon to lure a ship. No one knows who all is involved, with answers slowly rising the war may happen sooner than expected.

Lev Grossman bestselling novels became a hit television series in early December 2015. The producer brings this great writer magical novels to life in the show The Magicians. Based off a world of magic anything is possible. For a grad college student discovering the magical school Brakebills, a college for magical pedagogy, he soon finds out along with his friends that the fairy tale book they read as kids is not all fiction. He meets a girl who is willing to risk everything to find out what happen to her brother. Loses a friend to dark magic who did not pass the exam to get accepted into the college of magic. Learning the book of Fillory is a kingdom in the land of magic, but before he can learn all there is to learn about Fillory. He and a few others must find and destroy the beast before the beast kills them. This show is currently on its second season. Capturing the white lady to bring back someone who was lost while defeating the beast and healing a traveler cursed hands leads to unexpected twist and turns. Now, the second season have ended we learn that there are major consequences to killing a 'God'. The gods that roam the realms freely are children of the higher power gods, the gods who created magic. With the killing of the higher power god offspring all magic is now gone. Leaving everyone unable to perform spells.

Imposing on Love

This year, Bravo presents viewers with a love, thriller-tragedy series. Bring a woman who is working for a man by luring people into loving her and taking them for all they possess. She is the con artist of all con artist. Leading many lives, this Impostor will soon find out what happens when you get caught up and your past comes to find you. Leaving two guys behind with unanswered questions they soon discover each other and go on a hunt for her to gather answers. Along the way, they find out she is married to a woman bringing her along they soon discover more about themselves. Maggie assigned to another target meets a gentleman who has a family of his own despite this she finds interest in him and pursues a relationship. Her boss finds out he sends a cleaner to warn her to stop building a friendship with him. Leaving him with an unanswered question she tries to get him to move on without telling him too much and staying focus on her original mark.

College Life

Two most controversial series hitting on topics relevant in today's news are brought by Black Entertainment Television. The Quad hits everyday life struggles for a college student while Rebel speaks on the justice on the police force. Both shows will have you sitting on the edge of your seat if you don't believe me check it out. Here's run-down on what has happened so far starting with The Quad. A college president is fired for having a sexual relationship with a student. Finds another job at Georgia A&M, a predominately African American school. Her main goal is to help get the school more funding to get them out of the hole they are in financially. Along the way, she makes a friend. Her staff does not make her job easy, two staff members try everything to get her fired. Her daughter who is attending the school must keep a good image, however with a recent tape leaking it sends the campus on a spiral. In Dr. Fletcher, personal life her ex-love affair has come to her current school to build a life with her. Not excited by the thought of him attending and constantly showing up. Her professional relationship and jobs are now at risk again. The controversy in the media of police brutality has slowed down recently, on the television series Rebel the police officers wearing the same uniform, took the same oath, are made up of all ethnicity display true racism. The detective Rebel is helping her brother with his life while taking care of her father. Soon experience a lost in tragic events. She witnesses her unarmed brother shot down by the same officers in her task unit. Questions forming, she does everything to find out why her brother was put in the situation and why was he shot.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Crackle is comparable to Netflix expect there is no need to sign up for a subscription to access their movies and shows. They do not display Comcast or Time Warner Cable series on their site. Their Start-Up series is original. Start Up gives' aspect into the dirty South of Florida. Witnessing life as a man making sure his family is untouched while helping his people, the life of an architect and his girlfriend, and a young woman working on starting her own business by providing funding to those not able to access funds. These three separate lives collide magic happens. Crackle has yet to produce a second season, though the wait should not be long for this series is a must.


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