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Most Popular Pat Benatar Songs from the 80's

Updated on November 27, 2012

Pat Benatar may have been a rock singer from the 80's but there are still fans out there that admire and yet have a passion for her rock songs. Her hard rock style of music have influenced many other female pop and rock singers that followed her example. Which is why up to this day Pat Benatar remains to be as one of the most amazing and admirable singers of the 80's decade in the following I will present to you a list of her hit singles that were most popular.

One of the songs that I like from her

It's called "Hit me with your best shot" It's a really good song I've heard it on the radio a ton of times before I think it's one of her best songs yet that she has ever made well her other songs may be good also but this one is solidly unique in its own way being that when you hear it you can feel the power of her voice going to the beat of her song and you can also hear how they are many different instruments being played to make a good rock song.

About her songs.....

Pat Benatars songs changed during time with a variety of styles her songs reflected who she was as a woman and some they also inspired strength in them. The quality that her music reflected was what attracted the fans all over the world in the decade of the 80's

Pat Benatar may have sang and created a lot of songs on her time but some of her most popular songs that made her shine as a rock star and still do are "Heartbreaker", "Treat me right", "You better run", "Hit me with your best shot", "Shadows of the night", "Love is a battlefield" (one of my favorites), and "We belong". Furthermore these were all of the songs that jumped her career to the next level and that had their own attribute.

Song #1 - Heartbreaker

For heartbreaker which ultimately came in Pat benatars first debut album that was called "Into the heat of the night" (1979) marked the start of her music career. To it's surprise this song made it only to number 23 at the billboard charts of pop by the year of 1980 with this song of heartbreaker Pat benatar was able to show that a female voice is also capable of creating a hard rock attitude for rock music not only men that were in rock bands. She was also able to prove that she could also deliver a sense of muscular chops and appropriate melody.

All of the quality that her songs had were what landed her to have a spotlight in the music scene. Her song "Hertbreaker" is said to be one of the perfect song examples to introduce the album. It contains a lot of guitar sounds, awesome riffing and finally so much aggressive in the hooks and all of those characteristics helped face barriers and was also performed by Pat benatar in several music audiences.

Song # 2 - "Treat me right"

In her second top favorite song "treat me right " which was included in a different album called "Crimes of passion" Pat benatar's voice were both perfect for two different elements gritty hard rock guitar and strong songwriting which would then change the ways of arena rock and pop metal combined alltogether the singer also shows a more fun and lively melodic sound when it comes to hard pop. This shows that out of all of the female stars of the 80's Benatar is the most straightforward singer that lacks contradictions.

Song # 3 - "You better run"

This song was claimed to be one of the most famous whose music video was choosen to be played at one of MTV's event launch it also shines based on the fact that it gives out one of Pats time of guitar bravado. Her cover of Rascals is a perfect example of what hard rock is all about because of it's moving brisk, continous guitar work and Pat Benatars hard proffesional voice. However the the sounds of the songs are no mystery about how the singer did it to become one of the most important figures female rock singers of her time. Her music in fact is extremely entertaining rock music that surpasses the test of time a lot better than any of the other rock music in this category that came after in the 80's.

Song # 4 - " Hit me with your best shot "

The lirycs to this song contain the meaning of a force of girl power amonmg the dangerou compettion of love and at the same time fitting Pat benatars forceful vocal chords with her style amongst that the singer also uses a play of words metaphorically taking the sound of each songs to a next different level and letting the lnguague spread effectively in a single melodic chant of chorus. Foremost this was Pat benatars goal of achieving all of the possible cylinders of mainstream rock which can be described as sexy, mysterious, and tough in her own way which was approved and liked by all audiences of all ages.

Song # 5 - " Shadows of the night"

Pat benatar already had four full lenght albums on her belt including 1982's album called ( Get nervous) she started to put more keyboards into the music leaving the hard rock guitar sound from the past and moving to a pop rock feel type of music. One of the things you can do is listen to the verse of one of 80's most desirerable times.

Song #6 - " Love is a battlefield"

Over the years Pat Beatar certinly began to change the way her music sounded that when the beat sounded more of the 80's decade of he year by the year of 1983 the song "love is a batlefield" became a hit going to number 5 on the pop chart. Also anoher thing to mention was that the hard rock swagger that she would use in the past faded away she no longer included that type of style instead she converted her sound to a more sweet melodic voice and a musica approach. This song gives a meaning sayin that no matter how har love is if you really want it yo got to fight for it no matter the circumstances.

Song #7 - " We belong"

Pat mostly did not write all of her songs that were popular but that did not stop her from having a great ear for choosing songs that had a great compositional start "We belong" which was the artist final top 5 pop sog of her career showed her own judgement.

Love is a battlefield

One of her performances:)

We belong


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