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Updated on November 17, 2009

A Review of the Film 2012: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Today, I watched the movie "2012", and I can summarize my comments for the movie with the words "lengthy yet great". Indeed, the movie was lengthy, lasting for approximately two hours and a half plus the aftercredits making it almost three hours in length. Nevertheless, the movie was able to touch varying themes which made the movie a very good movie in general. Among the themes it were able to touch are:

  • Family. The movie shows how important the family is to an individual person in spite of everything that had happened to them (divorce, annulment, etc.)
  • Secrecy. The governments of the world keep a lot of top secret items, and among these are things which can cause people to panic.
  • Wealth. While the film showed how powerful one can become with money, it also showed how money is of no use, in the end.
  • Politics and Power. The film was able to portray a number of leaders who are so power-hungry that all they care for is politics and power.
  • Service. By highlighting people who are so power-hungry in contrast to those who are true leaders of the people, they were able to highlight the essence of service.
  • Death. Death is a reality that one will eventually meet. There are a number of possible responses to near-death situations: Some may act strong and ready to face death, but feel terrified at the hour of death, while some may just be silent and true enough, they are ready to face their departure from this world.
  • Humanity. The film offers an insight to what being human really means. There's a very good quote there, but I'd rather not quote it now (not yet).
  • Legacy. The film was also able to offer a deeper understanding of what legacy really means. It showed that legacy deals not with the volume but more likely, with chance. What volume does is simply to increase the chance of letting one's legacy survive.
  • Wisdom and Opinion. It is amazing to note that in spite of being too jampacked with themes, the film was able to give a short skit on wisdom and opinions.

Question not how planes were still able to fly and not explode in spite of the heat that molten magma and volcanic eruption caused. Question not the other scenes which seemed to be not real, for in spite of these, the computer graphics (CG) were great. Most of all, the themes were thoroughly incorporated in the plot that touches one's heart.

So what are you waiting for? Watch it now!


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