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Movie Pets that Even I Would Like to Own

Updated on January 13, 2016

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not an animal person. I don’t like to pet them. I don’t like them to jump on me. I don’t like to be sniffed or licked or looked at like I’m some kind of alien, especially when I’m trying to eat. It takes a lot for me to warm up to an animal, even in the movies. Still, there are exceptions to every rule. Below are seven movie animals that I wouldn’t mind owning.

1. Sam (Samantha)

Movie: I Am Legend

If I was Robert Neville and my daughter handed me a German Shepherd right before taking off in a helicopter, I’d have been tempted to set her down and shoo her away. He’s got a virus to cure, after all. But taking that dog kept Robert alive when everyone else was dead. Sam is the perfect companion, aside from her refusal to eat her vegetables and tendency to run into dark seeker-infested buildings. Let’s face it, I haven’t mourned the death of a non-human since Wilson the volleyball.

Sam | Source

2. Verdell

Movie: As Good As It Gets

This dog is small, low maintenance, and has the power to suck the grumpiness even out of Melvin Udall. Verdell makes everything better. He’s not your typical cutsie puppy dog but being raised by a gay, New York artist, he’s got personality. I’d gladly play piano for him to get him to eat my leftovers.


3. Binx

Movie: Hocus Pocus

I’m stretching a bit here, but Thackery Binx is the perfect house cat. This 17th century boy turned black cat suffers from a case of immortality as the result of trying to save his little sister from three, soul sucking Salem witches. I feel for this boy-cat. I also imagine that he’d have a lot of interesting things to share given that he has spent over 300 years on earth. Lucky for him, though, the Dennison kids got to him first and were able to break the spell and free his soul to join his waiting sister in the afterlife.

Binx | Source

4. Babe

Movie: Babe

What would I do with a pig in the suburbs? I don’t know, but this is one pig I wouldn’t eat, whether I can hear him speak or not. He just tries so hard to get people to like him, and I can relate. Since I don’t raise sheep, I’m sure that he could find other ways to be useful around the house. I could teach him to vacuum or fold laundry, and when he was finished, I’d reward him with some table scraps and, of course, a, “That’ll do, pig.”

Babe | Source

5. Stuart

Movie: Stuart Little

Is he a mouse or a boy? I never could figure that out, but I definitely have the space for Stuart. I’d read him stories, take him to the park, buy him some doll clothes, and even a toy car. He’s misunderstood. I’m misunderstood. He needs someone to love him, and I need a little mouse son.


6. Einstein

Movie: Back to the Future

Einstein was a real sport in the Back to the Future trilogy. He let Doc Brown send him through time, had to put up with alternate universes, and even had his bed overturned at one point. Through it all, he didn’t complain once. I wouldn’t expect nearly as much from him, and his laid back demeanor would suit me just fine.

Einstein | Source

7. Seabiscuit

Movie: Seabiscuit

I’ve never ridden a horse or even touched a horse, but Seabiscuit would be a pretty decent horse to own, once he was broken in, of course. He’s an underdog, and I always cheer for the underdog. He’s the comeback king of the sports world which is inspiring and motivating. If he can overcome a life-threatening injury, I can do anything. Also, the icing on the cake would be that he would make me a ton of money.


Name your favorite movie pets in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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    • Lawrence David profile image

      David Lawrence 3 years ago from East Coast of Virginia

      Billybuc; I have to agree with you 100 percent on the horse. Not only more enjoyable, but, doesn't need a shave. I have tried the horse, never the swine, but did try a double humper camel over in the mid east, along with an elephant that had a terminal case of gaz and so on. The only animal I refused to ride was a totally blind mule that travels down into the Grand Canyon. Give me a horse any day.

    • Laura335 profile image

      Laura Smith 3 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      I don't doubt it. ha ha

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Give me a horse over a pig any old day. I've ridden both, and a horse is much more enjoyable. :)