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Movie Quotes of the Week #14

Updated on September 22, 2014

Selected from among those that have made a lasting, memorable impression on audiences, here's your weekly movie quotes. Enjoy! Don't forget to vote on your favorite below.

Maldoon ordering the raptor be disposed of.
Maldoon ordering the raptor be disposed of. | Source

Muldoon (Bob Peck) - Jurassic Park

"Shoot her!...Shoot her!"

This 90s dinosaur flick showed us the power of computer generated imagery, when utilized properly. This survivor, horror film showcases awesome dinosaur action until its fantastic climax. It is no surprise that the movie wastes no time demonstrating the uncontrollable force that these prehistoric animals possess and that's exactly where this quote is pulled from. The park's game warden justifiably gives the order to euthanize one of the island's most deadliest predators, a velociraptor, as she ensnares one of the handlers and drags him into the transport crate. With those slit reptilian eyes, no one ever forgets this dramatic opening scene.

Clark getting "directions"
Clark getting "directions" | Source

Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) - National Lampoon's Vacation

"Roll em' up!"

When Clark and the gang end up in one of Chicago's rougher neighborhoods, the optimistic patriarch dismisses his wife's nervous pleas. After rambling on about experiencing different parts of the country, especially those the family is unaccustomed too, a gunshot and scream pierce the metropolitan night. Chase follows with this simple line and indicates that, although optimistic, he's not as careless as Ellen perceives, until stopping for directions that is ("Holmes").

Batman convinces Catwoman to help him save Gotham
Batman convinces Catwoman to help him save Gotham | Source

Batman (Christian Bale) - The Dark Knight Rises

Catwoman (Anne Hathaway): Come with me. Save yourself. You don't owe these people any more. You've given them everything.

Batman: Not everything. Not yet.

Nolan certainly brought his A game with the epic conclusion to his Dark Knight Trilogy. With the stakes higher than ever (nuclear actually...), the returned Batman attempts to recruit his thieving friend to save the city. I give him credit for having such faith in her, as she previously sold him out to the villainous Bane. While this unyielding confidence in the Cat undoubtedly pays off during the film's action-packed finale, she doesn't immediately lend her assistance. As a matter of fact, during this very exchange preceding the final confrontation, the antihero attempts to persuade a determined caped crusader from throwing away his life for Gotham. Not only does Hathaway deliver these lines impeccably, but Bale's response is perfectly executed and only further foreshadows the impending doom of the dark knight. Arguably the best, this is certainly one of the most epic outings of Batman to grace the big screen.

The Bat carrying the nuclear bomb away from Gotham and Batman honoring his words
The Bat carrying the nuclear bomb away from Gotham and Batman honoring his words | Source

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    • Movie Arbiter profile image

      Movie Arbiter 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks, I try to vary what comprises this weekly series.

    • indianreel profile image

      HK 3 years ago from London

      Good quotes ...