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Movie Review : XMen Origins Wolverine

Updated on October 16, 2015
XMen Origins : Wolverine Poster
XMen Origins : Wolverine Poster

Legend of the Wolverine

Why is the moon so lonely? Because she used to have a lover. His name was Kuekuatsheu and they lived in the spirit world together. And every night they would wander the skies together. But... one of the other spirits was jealous. Trickster, one of the moons from South, he told Kuekuatsheu that the moon had asked for flowers. He told him to come to our world and pick some wild roses but Kuekuatsheu didn't know that once you leave the spirit world, you can never go back. And every night, he looks up in the sky and sees the moon and howls her name. But... he can never touch her again.

This is the legend of the Wolverine (Kuekuatsheu) in Indian Folklore... and in a clever yet quaint manner fits into the story of XMen Origins Wolverine.

The Birth of the Wolverine

The 'birth' of the Wolverine
The 'birth' of the Wolverine

XMen Origins Wolverine: Plot

As the title suggests, this is the story of the origin of Wolverine (a part of the team of Xmen). Right from the first movie, I really thought that Hugh Jackman was just right for the role, and it was fantastic to see him again... but I digress.

Jimmy Logan and Victor Creed find themselves to be brothers one day, thanks to the deceit of the former's parents. A showdown between Jimmy's real father and his step-father results in the death of his step-father, and Jimmy overcome with rage kills his own father with his claws.

And then both of them run away...

Decades later, Victor still continues to satiate his bloodlust by raping and killing a woman while also killing a senior officer in Vietnam. Because of this they are courtmarshalled to be shot, only to wake up when it's over and be convinced by William Stryker to join a 'special team'.

On one of the team's many covert missions, they are to recover a piece of meteorite from Lagos, Nigeria and in trying to locate where it fell, Stryker threatens to kill the locals if they don't reveal where it was found. The locals believe that the meteorite is sacred (as it fell from the sky), and are willing to risk death which causes Logan to leave the team as he is tired of killing so many innocent people through all the wars fought (from the War of Independence all the way to Vietnam War).

A few years later, we see Logan working in Canada as a lumberjack while in love with a young schoolteacher... and then as surely as the past catches up with you, Stryker arrives with news that the team members are being taken down one by one. Stryker wishes that Logan help him to protect the remaining team members, as well find the killer but he denies as he knows Stryker to be manipulative .

Shortly, Sabre-tooth (known as Victor in the Xmen Origins Wolverine) in seeking his younger brother's attention 'kills' Logan's girlfriend.

And the rest of the movie is all about Logan's desire for revenge against Victor (by turning into Weapon X) under the misguided instructions of William Stryker.

Will Logan get his revenge? Will Victor finally meet his end? What happens to the rest of the team? What will become of the wily William Stryker?

Yeah, It's Deadpool...

Yup, it's Deadpool, alright!
Yup, it's Deadpool, alright!

XMen Origins Wolvering: The Nitty Gritty

Moments to Remember
1. The fight scene involving the 'gambit'
2. The narration of the legend of Kuekuatsheu (wolverine)
3. How Logan beomes Wolverine
4. The fight with Wolverine & Victor Vs. Wade (Weapon xi)

Wake me when it's over
A gift? You can return a gift
You point me in the right direction and you get the hell out of my way.

Year of Release

Sci-fi / Action

110 minutes

William Stryker - Bad Bad Man!

William Stryker - Bad bad man!
William Stryker - Bad bad man!

Closing Thoughts

I loved all four movies, so even though a lot of people didn't think this movie was anything special really, I liked it because Wolverine is my favorite among all the Xmen.

Hugh Jackman is just smashing. Perfect for the role. I just found it funny how Ryan Reynolds was cast in this movie as he's pretty good at romantic comedies (but the sword yielding maestro bit was done exceptionally well).

Nice movie... for those who are Xmen (and Wolverine) fans. And some of the action scenes were nice too... while the scenic shots in Canada were lovely as well.

Worth watching once or twice but not necessarily a movie for the collection unless you're an Xmen fan.

The "Helicopter" Scene


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    • profile image

      Smoove 5 years ago

      Eddgrr: You have to remember in the first X-Men where Sabretooth took his dogtags & kept them. He remembers him but Wolverine has no memories from his past.

    • eddgrr profile image

      eddgrr 7 years ago from NYC

      I liked this movie but the only problem I had was how it didn't connect to the first X-Men movie because Sabretooth was also in the first one but it seems like they didn't acknowledge each other at all...This is something that keeps me up at night haha!

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      Great review. I really liked this movie.

    • Mavrek's Mayhem profile image

      Mavrek's Mayhem 7 years ago

      I found the movie far better than its been made out to be. While yes there were a few too many look up into the sky and yell "NOOOOO" moments, it was a great time. More importantly it showed that there MUST be a Deadpool movie. A bad boy, a very bad boy. His story needs to be told on screen.

    • MovieGuruOnline profile image

      MovieGuruOnline 8 years ago from Ohio

      Very Good, I too enjoyed this film. I also grew up reading the X-men comic books infact i have the weapon X books. For the most part I liked the charaters, they should have replaced Bolt and John Wriath with more popular charaters. Over all a Great movie now we have to wait for the movie Deadpool to come out!

    • profile image

      husainsaif 8 years ago

    • danielchakraborty profile image

      Daniel Chakraborty 8 years ago from Bangalore

      F*** the critics, really! Movies are not about 'reality' blah blah... it's about about taking you into a world of fantasy [the pseudo-realists can bite me]... if the movie does take you into a 'fanboy' state of mind... so what? And if you're obsessed... so what?

      Don't give a shit, brother!

      Whatever makes you happy... remember! :)

    • profile image

      Adam B 8 years ago

      I just watched this movie last night and I thought it was good. I don't really know why people / critics bashed it so much.

      Maybe I liked it because I was into Wolverine and the X-men comics when I was growning up, but not to the point where I was obsessed. I am definately not a comic geek or "fanboy" of maybe that is why I liked it.

      I was completely entertained watching the movie.

    • iamJstyle profile image

      J Starling 8 years ago from Idaho

      I had some mixed reviews about the movie at first, but it has grown on me considerably since then. I also loved the animated series, and the newwest series Wolverine and the Xmen. I've written a hub on the evolution of X-men on screen since the 90's animated series, may be worth a look if you like X-men: