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Terror Tuesday: Babysitter Wanted (2008)

Updated on October 23, 2023
Sam (Kai Caster) is the perfect little boy who needs a new babysitter.
Sam (Kai Caster) is the perfect little boy who needs a new babysitter.

If you're a parent, trying to find a babysitter I'm sure is hard work, especially when you don't know who's answering the ad. Maybe you've been lucky with one of the teens in your neighborhood, but what if you're the babysitter looking for a job? How do you vet the parents?

Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) has just graduated high school and has decided to go to attend college in another city. With this being her first time away from home, she's both excited and nervous about the upcoming semester.

One of the things that she has going for her is she does have a car which makes life a lot easier for her and a wild roommate (Jillian Schmitz) with a stoner boyfriend (Brett Claywell).

Angie, a good Catholic girl, has a run in with Rick (Matt Dallas) on her first night in town which startles her. Within a week, the two become friends and he sort of watches over her like a big brother. Afterall, he's a nice Catholic boy.

During the week while looking for a bed for Angie at the bulletin board on campus, Erica keeps telling her that whenever she's looked at the board, someone has always been selling a bed. Dejected, Angie knows that one day there will be a bed for her and she sees a flyer for a babysitting job.

Erica tells her that it's "out in the boonies," but Angie doesn't mind. They also see a flyer that a girl has gone missing and Erica begins to tell her that a few other girls have gone missing. After a brief silence, they go about their business.

Yet, Angie has a feeling that someone is watching her and after interviewing with the Stanton's (Bruce Thomas and Kristen Dalton) she agrees to watch their son, Sam (Kai Caster) the following night.

As Angie begins her day, a flyer for the missing girl is taped on the outside of the dorm's door and she takes it to the police where she meets Chief Dinneli (Bill Moseley). He assures her that she's in no trouble and shouldn't worry, but if she feels threatened in any way to give him a call.

Later, as she's getting ready to go out to the Stanton's, her car won't start and Rick takes her to the house so that she can watch Sam and earn a little cash. He tells her that he'll take a look at her car and if she wants, he'll come and pick her up, but, Jim Stanton tells her it's no problem and he'll take her back to her car.

Relieved, Angie accepts this new plan and the Stanton's are off and now with them gone, the terror begins as she and Sam fight for survival.

We've seen it all before with the babysitter being terrorized, in a creepy house, in the middle of nowhere, but this movie is a little different.

The characters and story take their time developing, which at times can seem a little slow. We know that Angie is being followed, but by who is a mystery and what the purpose is in stalking her remains to be seen.

As the movie comes to a close, I do have to say that it gets more disturbing and gory. I've seen my fair share of horror, but this one will really haunt you for a couple of days at least.

The cast does an excellent job and it's one of those movies that, although a sequel was set up, it never happened.

I'm glad I'm not in the market for a babysitting job, because I probably would have quit after seeing this.


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