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Movie Review: Captain Marvel (2019)

Updated on November 15, 2022
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

Captain Marvel Blu-ray cover.
Captain Marvel Blu-ray cover. | Source

Quick Info

Directors: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck
Distributor: Marvel Entertainment
Released: June 11, 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Availability: on UHD blu-ray, blu-ray, DVD and digital rental, streaming on Disney+

Story Summary

A Kree named Vers must discover who she is after she crash lands on Earth where she meets Nick Fury. She tries to learn who she is and overcome her amnesia.

The Story is Generic and the character of Captain Marvel is Boring

The story is a generic superhero story, there is very little that stands out about this film besides the scene where Captain Marvel punches an old lady in the face (it makes sense in contact) and maybe the fight scenes, but you can’t carry a movie with fight scenes alone, the story has to be good and it was just cheesy, the dialogue was cheesy, the story was boring.

It’s the worst Marvel film when it comes to an origin story. It’s not even a very memorable movie for the story.

 Captain Marvel and Maria Rambeau.
Captain Marvel and Maria Rambeau. | Source

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

The Visual Effects are Cool

The visual effects are nice to look at. The fight scenes look cool, but all the fight scenes in Marvel films run on Rule of Cool. The visuals are nice to look at and the effects are on par with all the other Marvel movies, but most people don’t watch Marvel movies just for their effects.

Everyone Gives Better Performances than Brie Larsen

Brie Larsen’s acting is very boring. It doesn’t help that the screenplay writers gave her very corny and cheesy dialogue in the film, but she doesn’t help her character at all by only emoting one emotion most of the film and that’s looking angry most of the time. Her acting isn’t very charismatic at all. She’s a very unmemorable actress.

All the other actors did a much better job giving performances than Brie Larsen.

Samuel L. Jackson did a great job as Nick Fury, he’s having so much fun portraying the role of Nick Fury. I always like him in the movies I watch him in, and I’m always happy to see his Nick Fury cameos in Marvel films. It’s nice to see him

Lashana Lynch was great as Maria Rambeau. She gave a much better performance than Brie Larsen. Her character was probably the best new character introduced in this film.

Clark Gregg was great as Phil Coulson. It was nice to see him back on screen because he’s mainly been on the small screen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but he’s still having fun playing the character.

Jude Law did a decent job as Yon-Rogg. He didn’t really stand out to me either. He was definitely better than Brie Larsen.

The actors were very forgettable in this film. Nothing really stood out about them or their performances outside of Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg.

Captain Marvel Soundtrack - Main Theme

The Soundtrack is Forgettable

Pinar Toprak’s soundtrack is utterly forgettable and there’s nothing that stands out about the soundtrack.

Nothing about the soundtrack stands out, not the songs used in the movie or the score itself. It was just there as background noise.

Goose the Cat and Nick Fury Carry the Movie

Goose the cat is one of the things that made this film entertaining. Brie Larson is overshadowed by a CGI cat and it’s interactions with Samuel L. Jackson’s character Nick Fury.

Many people in the audience went to see Samuel L. Jackson in the film and he carried the entire film. It was fun watching Nick Fury fawn over a cat because they made it humorous.

Disney Compromised Rotten Tomatoes Credibility for this Stupid Movie

Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review aggregate site that has both critical and user reviews locked the “Want to See” feature before Captain Marvel (2019) came out because people made it very clear that they didn’t want to see this movie, leaving the want to see percentage at 28% before the site locked the ability to vote on wanting to see the film before it was released..

It didn’t help with the audience score either which is currently at 56%. Netflix protected Brie from criticism because she can deal with the fact that people are not gun-ho for her film. Even the Avengers cast doesn’t like her that much.

The fact that Rotten Tomatoes destroyed their credibility by not letting people voice negative opinions means that you can’t trust Rotten Tomatoes when they’re willing to shill for Disney/Marvel and not let you voice your own opinion, especially if it’s negative towards certain movies on their site.

The only reason they didn't let this happen to The Lion King (2019) is that film received mixed reviews by critics too.

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Captain Marvel in her uniform.
Captain Marvel in her uniform. | Source

Brie Larsen’s Screeching At White Male Critics Does This Movie No Favors

Brie Larsen’s screeching and whining and complaining about mainstream critics that are reviewing her movie doesn’t help that she attacked white men because a majority of them will be reviewing her movie, which is dumb, there aren’t as many female critics as you think, they’re doing other jobs or staying at home with their kids.

Also, reviewing films, videogames and books, and other movies doesn’t really pay a lot unless your site is huge and you receive millions of clicks, and I’m sure most women would rather find a nice job or stay home with their kids or find a better job than writing about media.

She keeps screeching about inclusivity, but attacks fans of the character she’s playing, because she’s a bad actress and her character is boring. And yes, I’m the “female critic” she wants to watch and review this film. Gender of the reviewer doesn’t automatically mean you’ll receive a glowing review because you are the same gender as your critic, Brie Larsen.

Girls don’t buy Captain Marvel action figures; they’re all on sale with discounts and not moving off shelves. While blu-rays sell well because people still buy movies, her comics Captain Marvel comics don’t sell and she keeps getting her series canceled and rebooted.

This movie fails to do what all comic book movies should be able to do, get moviegoers interested in reading the comics.

I went out and bought Captain America: Winter Soldier graphic novel by Ed Brubaker shortly after I saw the movie and it was a great graphic novel too. I can’t say that’s happening with the Captain Marvel (2019) movie.

It Tries Too Hard with Its Girl Power Message

The “girl power” message is annoying because it’s the same message that’s been in a ton of other movies. And Captain Marvel doesn’t earn her empowering message at all. She never makes any mistakes, which is why she’s an annoying Mary Sue, she never loses, she doesn’t have any consequences when she does something because the plot bends itself over backward to make her a perfect and boring character.

She’s the Boring Invincible Hero trope with no personality to make her an interesting character.

It’s a One and Done Movie

This film is not one I’m going to rewatch again. It was uninteresting and boring, and any of the interesting parts of this film are probably uploaded on YouTube.

This movie is one you’ll watch once and then move on to Avengers: Endgame (2019), which is why I recommend renting it or borrowing it from your local library.

Quick Summary

What Works:
What Doesn't Work
Siome good actors
Generic and boring story, characters,a and world-building
Great specia effects
Brie Larsen can't emote, is not a good PR spokeswoman in public
Nick Fury and Goose the cat are fun
Forgettable soundtrack
Clar Gregg returns to the big scren
Tries too hard with its "girl power" message
Rotten Tomatoes shilled for this stupid move and tried to protect it, giving the movie a bad repuation even before it came out
The worst Marvel film

My Grade: F

Captain Marvel (2019) made a billion dollars, but nobody cares about the movie. I don’t see little girls dressing up as Captain Marvel, I have seen little girls dress up as Wonder Woman and Rey and when they like Rey, who is also a Mary Sue more than Captain Marvel, that’s saying something, at least Daisy Ridley can emote on screen more.

While the movie may look really cool and people like Nick Fury and Goose the cat, those two things can’t keep this film from being generic and boring character writing. All the other characters in this film are more interesting than the main lead, and that’s bad.

Captain Marvel’s character is boring and uninteresting. It didn’t help that Brie Larsen attacks the main comic book fandom of white men by saying that she doesn’t want them to see her film, which is stupid.

It also suffers from cheesy dialogue and just trying way too hard with the “girl power” message, and as a woman, I’ve seen that message in a much better Marvel film, Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018).

This film looks great when it comes to visual effects. It looks great but it’s not going to save this movie. If you want to watch this movie and you have Disney+, just watch it there.

The story is boring and generic and the lead character is uncharismatic and her actress can’t emote more than one emotion. It’s only filler for Avengers: Endgame (2019).

It’s not worth your money, if you really want to watch it, borrow it from your local library, at least if you don’t like it you didn’t pay for it. I am not recommending this movie unless you like Brie Larsen or Samuel L. Jackson. This movie can’t be propped up by one actor and a CGI cat.

It tries too hard to be a great movie and all it turned out to be is a generic, cheesy superhero movie with boring actors, cheesy dialogue, and a boring story.

My Rating

1 star for Movie Reveiw: Captain Mavel (2019)

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