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Movie Review: Haunters: The Art Of The Scare

Updated on September 5, 2019
Scare actor Shar Mayer in full makeup can't wait to entertain you this evening.
Scare actor Shar Mayer in full makeup can't wait to entertain you this evening.

Lately I've been on a documentary kick and while going through the recommended documentaries for me, I came across this little gem of a Halloween spook fest.

Since writing doesn't pay the bills, I had answered an ad to work at a haunted house (well, actually it was haunted woods) and I thought that I was applying to be a ticket seller or something along the line of customer service.

No such luck as I was interviewing for a scare actor position. I wasn't too excited about it because 1) I can't act and 2) how was I going to scare someone? Well, I could show them my bank statement, but that's not the point in this case.

After back and forth of my not accepting the acting job, I finally caved and could really relate to the people in this this documentary.

Sure, I know all that blood's fake and the actors aren't supposed to touch you (and vice versa) but in this documentary, these are the real people who are into Halloween. I think my hesitation has been that I'm not really into Halloween, but while you're watching these actors and the producer/owners of these shows, you'll see the passion that each and every one has and just how much work goes on behind the scenes for that perfect scare.

It not only takes you behind the scenes, but it also explores the relationship of two couples.

Donald Julson, a props maker in Hollywood and scare actress Shar Mayer. Both are married to non Halloween enthusiasts and each of their spouses look at the haunting season as just another day. They don't know when they'll finish for the day, but Julson does get a text from his wife late one night and she's furious.

Mayer's husband on the other hand says that during the month of October, he became a single parent and went about his daily routine. He says that he never knows what condition his wife will come home in (and she has a few stories to tell).

While the documentary shows the preparations and takes us through the haunts, the legendary McKamey Manor tends to steal the show.

Creator Russ McKamey seems like a fun loving independent spirit kind of guy, but what happens behind his haunted closed doors is up for debate. It's also amazing to think that the Manor was done on his property and how people are selected to participate in the haunt.

Whether you're working in the business or have always been curious about what goes on behind the scenes, this is a good documentary to watch and see what goes into a scare and what really motivates everyone.

Be sure to watch it with the lights down low, because you never know what's wandering around in the dark.


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