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A Review of the Paranormal Romantic Movie, "In Your Eyes"

Updated on June 14, 2017
A 2014 American paranormal romantic film.
A 2014 American paranormal romantic film.


In New Hampshire, Rebecca Porter goes snow sledding and finds herself in danger. Dylan Kershaw, who's in New Mexico and just sitting in his classroom suddenly gets a vision of himself in the eyes of Rebecca, who crashes into a tree. They both lose consciousness while Dylan's teacher and classmates are confused about why he got knocked out from his desk.

20 years later, Rebecca Porter (Zoe Kazan) is married to a doctor and lives a wealthy life while Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) struggles from his life out of prison and barely keeps a job. Rebecca and her husband attends a dinner party while Dylan tries to stay out of trouble at a local bar. Despite Dylan's effort to start a new life, he still ends up in trouble because of the criminals that he used to know and because of the image people already has of him. While playing billiards, he gets hit on his back with a cue. The impact hits Rebecca as well and she drops on the floor. Her husband is completely embarrassed as he cannot explain the unusual scene to the host and the party guests. The next day, Dylan and Rebecca somehow connect through some kind of portal within their own eyes and through their thoughts. They see through each other's eyes and starts connecting and talking about each other's life, experiences and dreams. Dylan finally asks Rebecca to step in front of the mirror so that he can see her. Rebecca asks him to do the same and they finally see what they look like. They instantly get attracted to each other. Their constant connection creates complication on their daily life as other people in their world start to question their sudden happiness as well as the fact they that they seem to be talking to their own selves and nobody knows that there is some kind of paranormal thing going on. Rebecca finds herself stuck in a mental institution while Dylan finds a way to locate and save her.

What makes it interesting?

After watching the movie, I had to google if this is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel and it turned out to be written by Joss Whedon. I swear, it felt like something Nicholas Sparks would've written as his first masterpiece. Probably something that he had written before he has decided that tragic endings make a better impact and gain more responses from the readers.

In Your Eyes isn't one of those movies that is ambitious enough to create impressive effects and massive editing on its post production. It is a movie with an ambitious concept but they have narrowed down the parameters without a goal of making it to the box office. It was just simply done, almost as if it wasn't a science fiction and the paranormal romance between Dylan and Rebecca seemed as if it could actually happen in real life. I think the lack of effects just made the movie more realistic and interesting. Just the mere thought of a man and a woman having telepathic abilities to see into their own lives without having to meet each other is already captivating.

I love that there was no exaggeration on the dramatic scenes where Rebecca's unusual blow of Dylan being physically hurt, is witnessed by the public. Rebecca did not dwell on the embarrassing experiences and didn't care if she was being perceived as insane. Dylan's humor was also effortless in the movie and his character as an ex-con, in love with a married woman who's out of his league, just gave a classic feel to this science fiction movie.

The best scene was how it ended. I loved the fact that there was an instance there when it gave an impression that this movie was going to be a tragic story. Rebecca escaped from the mental institution and she and Dylan connect telepathically to meet in the woods.When Dylan hears a rumbling sound of a train and its whistle, he asks Rebecca to follow that sound. When they both reach the side of the railway, Rebecca says "I'm here" and Dylan says the same thing but they have no sight of each other. She asks "where" and Dylan says, "Here" and that scene gave me goosebumps all over as I thought that they might really be two worlds apart and would never meet. After a few seconds, Dylan appears across Rebecca and they both run for an opening in the train where they could jump into and finally meet. I was highly strung on this particular scene until I finally got relieved of them meeting each other in person. I loved this movie. It isn't something that I would watch over and over but it is a movie that I would recommend to everyone.

In Your Eyes DVD


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