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Movie Review: Logan Lucky

Updated on August 23, 2017


Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is a father with joint custody of his daughter. While his ex has married a rich car salesman, Jimmy Logan is struggling to make ends meet with a construction job. At least he was struggling until the construction company decided to let him go due to his "pre-existing condition" which is his limp. Fed up, Jimmy decides he is going to recruit his brother, Clyde (Adam Driver), and rob the site of the construction company's latest job, Charlotte Motor Speedway. There is another problem, Jimmy knows how to get them to the vault but they will need a specialist to get them inside. That brings them to vault and explosions expert, as well as current convict, Joe Bang (Daniel Craig).

Joe Bang is in, but he has only a few months left of his sentence so has no intention of ruining that. So the brothers will have to break Joe out of prison, get him to the vault, get the money from inside, escape Charlotte Motor Speedway, and get Joe Bang back into prison without anyone noticing he was gone. Such a simple plan, what could go wrong?

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The Pros & Cons

The Pros
The Cons
The Logans (+3pts)
The Plan (-8pts)
Joe Bang (+8pts)
Bang Bros (-4pts)
The Heist (+4pts)
The Aftermath (-5pts)
All movies start with an average score of 75pts, points are then awarded for each Pro and taken away for each Con. Each Pro or Con is designated points ranging from 0-10 allowing me to convey to you how significant these Pros or Cons are.

Pro: The Logans (+3pts)

I thought that these two characters, individually, were pretty boring and generic but, for whatever reason, I enjoyed when they were on screen together. I thought that Channing Tatum and Adam Driver gave average performances but, when their characters shared the screen, their silly and "no nonsense" behavior came out. Together, they were pretty entertaining and had decent on screen chemistry. I just wish the characters were more interesting on their own.


Con: The Plan (-8pts)

I enjoyed the premise of this movie and the setup was sound. Unfortunately the film falls apart with the execution of the plan. The movie shows the character introductions and explains their motives well. Then the film skips the plan and jumps right to when the characters begin executing the plan. It felt like the characters were severely unprepared yet they kept popping up with the exact resources that they needed without any explanation as to how they acquired those resources.

It is difficult to explain to those who have not seen the film, but a movie (such as this one) should make the audience feel like they are in on the heist. Now imagine for a second, that you and I decide to rob a large bank together. Then imagine that I do not tell you the plan, but I bring you along anyway. At every turn, you are going to think we will fail and get caught but, at every turn, I end up (miraculously) having all the solutions. You are going to wonder why I even brought you along for the ride. That is what this movie felt like during the execution of the plan.


Pro: Joe Bang (+8pts)

This was easily the most entertaining and most memorable parts of the movie. Daniel Craig becomes this character in a way that was so much fun to watch. This character is a silly, nutjob with a badass attitude and a gift for science. That makes for a very entertaining combination and it was even more entertaining to watch Daniel Craig in the role. He is a tough criminal, a lunatic, and a genius all wrapped up into one great character.


Con: The Bang Bros (-4pts)

I am sorry, I just had two. This movie has a plethora of random side characters. Some of them serve the story, others do not. My issue is with the characters that do not serve the story. The first is a doctor named Sylvia (Katherine Waterston). She just kind of shows up and has no significant impact on the story or its conclusion. The next characters are Joe Bang's brothers. These two characters were completely unnecessary. They are forced into the heist per Joe Bang's request, but they do not bring any real contributions to the team or the execution of the heist.

Here is the thing, I totally would have accepted these characters if the film got everything else right, but the film takes focus away from the plan only to introduce handful of random and unnecessary characters.


Pro: The Heist (+4pts)

With all my issues, as soon as the group gets to the vault, I was interested and entertained. I enjoyed seeing how they handled the complex tube system and how they planned the getting the money out. The characters were all anxious, which left me anxious, and it was fun to watch all of these characters interact with each other. Their unique personalities clashed and it made for an entertaining couple of scenes.


Con: The Aftermath (-5pts)

My next major issue was with the aftermath of the heis. Do they get the money? I have no intention of spoiling that, but the aftermath ended up being pretty anti-climactic. I went from thinking "Oh yay! they just might pull it off!" to "Wait. What are you doing?! Why would you do that?!" and, finally, to "Okay. I guess that's kind of okay."

In the end, what the character(s) did makes sense but, as it was happening, the fans are left in the dark. This resulted in the aftermath feeling random and somewhat disappointing. The film ends up explaining everything but by then the flow of the film had been disrupted.

Grading Scale


Grade: C- (73pts)

Logan Lucky has an interesting premise. A few guys decide to rob the vault in the Charlotte Motor Speedway because of their unique concession-to-vault delivery system as well as the construction that is happening near the vault. The movie sets everything up well. We get the motives, the introduction of Joe Bang, and we get an appreciation for the difficulty of the proposed heist. Joe Bang was a very extremely entertaining character, that served as one of the highlights of the film, and the Logans were entertaining enough but the film falls apart with the execution of the plan.

Their plan was way more complex than you would think, but the audience was in the dark for all of it. This just leaves the audience confused and uninforne. Despite that, the film recaptured my interest as soon as the crew got to the vault, but the film loses its momentum with character decisions that occur in the aftermath.

This film has an interesting premise but ended up being a very average film. There is nothing special about this movie, aside from Daniel Craig as Joe Bang. I cannot recommend spending your money on this movie, but I think it would be a good movie to catch on Netflix or a premium movie channel that you are subscribed to.

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    • Movie Beasts profile image

      Bryan Ouellette 7 months ago from Hudson, MA

      Hello Louise,

      Like I said it is an interesting premise with some interesting characters. The execution of it was not as great as it could have been but I think that, if you go into the film knowing that, then you will probably get some enjoyment out of it.

      Thanks for the comment!


    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 7 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I think I'd enjoy this film. Sounds very interesting!