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Terror Tuesday: Mercy Christmas (2017)

Updated on January 8, 2024
Cindy (Casey O'Keefe) stops by Michael's (Steven Hubbell) annual Christmas party.
Cindy (Casey O'Keefe) stops by Michael's (Steven Hubbell) annual Christmas party.

Remember how parents went crazy when Silent Night, Deadly Night was released in 1984? You know how now you make fun of the sappy Hallmark movies (and get tired of them before Labor Day)?

Well, brace yourselves for Christmas torture porn.

Michael Briskett (Steven Hubbell) is one of those people that you probably wouldn't cause you to do a double take and you probably wouldn't even know who he was even if you worked side by side. His biggest joy in the world is Christmas and every year he's spent it by himself.

His mother goes on an annual cruise and every year he has a party for people in the office who never show up.

At his company's office party, he's tucked away in his office working when his boss, Andy (Cole Gleason) barges in and tells him that he needs to get a project done by the day after Christmas. Stunned, Michael doesn't know what to do, since it's Christmas, but Andy doesn't care and laughs off Michael's invitation to his party.

Later, Andy's assistant, Cindy comes down with the work that Michael needs to do and it's nothing small.

Alone in his festive apartment, Michael anxiously awaits his guests and when no one shows up, he's surprised when there's a knock on the door and it's Cindy. She tells him that she saw the invitation and thought she'd come to the party since she's pretty new to the city.

Michael invites her in and the two end up having a great time as they get drunk on eggnog and he's shocked when she invites him to go with her to her family's for Christmas.

The next morning she picks him up and he takes the work that she so gleefully gave him the day before.

They continue bonding on the drive and when they get to her father's house, he's taken aback by the genuine feeling of Christmas. It's always been something that he's wanted: a real family Christmas and his heart is overjoyed.

That is until Andy shows up and starts demanding that he get to work. Cindy just smiles and then starts to ignore Michael.

But, before he gets to work, he stands to give a toast and when he wakes up he's tied up in Christmas lights and realizes that he's on his way to becoming the family's Christmas dinner.

There are a lot of things that I can't reveal because this movie will have you on the edge of your seat and if you're a fan of watching reruns of Supermarket Sweep, you'll never be able to look at sweet and innocent looking host David Rupprecht in the same light ever again.

It does have it's cringe worthy moments but for the most part, this is one excellent movie. Very original and if you are tired of the Hallmark movies, then here you go.


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