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Movie Review - Night at the Museum

Updated on October 3, 2010

I went into watching this movie very biased. I expected a stupid, obvious jokes, no good comedy. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I found myself laughing at the jokes and I loved this comedy. It is about Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) who takes a job as a night guard at the National Museum of History in New York, to impress his son. He is always going from job to job, and keeps losing his apartment because he gets fired and can’t pay rent. But this time he really wants to show his son he can do it, and be a great example. But this job is not as quiet as sitting around and guarding an empty museum. This museum houses a mummy and his magical tablet. This tablet causes the whole museum to come to life at night. All the stuffed animals and all the wax figures of historic importance wake up, and run amuck. Larry is supposed to create some order in this chaos, make sure none of the characters or animals eat or hurt each other, avoid being hurt or killed himself, and make sure no one gets out. But then some people try to steal the tablet, and all hell breaks lose. Will Larry be able to save the museum, save himself and impress his son?

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I thought the movie was great. Ben Stiller is very good as Larry, and some of the museum characters are brilliant. There is Robin Williams who plays Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America. He is endearing in his shyness to talk to the girl he likes, but resolute in making Larry a great man. There is Owen Wilson who plays a miniature cowboy whose guns don’t work. He spends most of the movie fighting with a miniature Roman general with a British accent, and they were cast great together. I also really loved the British professor McPhee, who runs the museum. He was played by Ricky Gervais and did an awesome job.

The movie is a great comedy. Some jokes are subtle and other more obvious, but it is never overdone.  My favourite joke would be the Tyrannosaurus Rex playing fetch. There is barely a romantic story in the film, which I found refreshing, as that is usually the main theme of comedies, or at least an important byline. Ben Stiller mainly carries the movie all by himself and he is up for that job. Although he does have some great co-stars to bounce of off. The scenes with the monkey are sometimes a bit over the top, but still fun.

I think this movie would probably have the most appeal for kids, who love some adventure and good comedy. But it is also very suited for the grown-ups amongst us. It will make for a great family movie night, or a cosy date night. So go get it now!

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    • questingspirit profile image

      questingspirit 8 years ago from Philippines

      I had the same experience in watching this movie - it was a pleasant surprise. The plane I was on that was flying from Japan to the US showed it in the 'morning.' And I thought it would just be a timefiller for the 12+ hour flight. I found it to be a cute comedy that was not all boring, and it made the looong flight more bearable.