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The Runaways Movie

Updated on July 24, 2011

Starring: Kirsten Stewart, Dakota Fanning

Back in the 70’s, before the vomitous Avril Lavigne was whining about, “sk8er bois”, a ragtag gaggle of hotties called The Runaways played a genre of grrrl rawk called “jailbait”. Reaching top o’ the pops, like most gimmiky all-girl bands, they imploded for a bunch of reasons – mainly ‘cos girls are bitchy. And this is their story…or Hollywood’s version of it, anyway. It girl Kirsten Stewart (yes, the vaginal vamp-teasing bore in Twilight) plays a raven haired guitarist Joan Jett, while Dakota Fanning is apple cheeked singer Cherie Currie – whose auto-biog inspired the film. Jett eventually went on the form her famous Blackhearts, Micki Steele joined the Bangles and guitarist Lita Ford carved out a career as a glam rock queen, while the rest retired to obscurity. Like their shaggy haircuts, though, reminds me of my 70’s era porn collection. Despite the lack of attention this one got at the box office it surprisingly isn't a bad little film. Don't go in expecting a glamorous multi-million dollar production cause frankly that isn't this movie, and you know what, it would have seriously ruined the story if it had of been. This movie isn't about glamour or being popular or even conforming to the norm, it's about getting out there, being individual making music to impress your friends not the masses. This is what this movie does, if you are a fan of the era you will totally get it, and specking from personal opinion what an era to be around! Heavy focus is given to the music and lifestyle of a rock band and creates that little idea in the back of your head that makes you wanna quit your job and buy a guitar - awesome. I can't think of two better actors to be in this movie than Stewart and Fanning, i think its great that Kirsten is broadening her horizons and getting away from the image she has created whilst being involved with Twilight. Dakota on the other hand had to do some serious growing up to fit into her role but at last we see her in this finally loose her innocence. Great film for any wannabe rock-star out there, try not quit your day job straight away though



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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Nice review, this movie was much better than I thought it would be.....the commentary on the DVD is a pretty good listen as well...voted up and useful.