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Movie Review: The Senna Documentary

Updated on July 11, 2015

The Senna documentary a focuses on one hero, Ayrton Senna, a one-time world champion. The director traces his spiritual and physical life from 1984 until his death. Other aspects which the narrator explores are his sports achievement , the mythical status he achieved and his quest to rise on top of his field. The documentary is written by Pandey Manish and directed by Asif Kapadia.This hub presents analysis of a documentary, and evaluates the style used by director in putting their points across. From this review, it is apparent that the director was focused at observing the life of a historical figure and presents them as a factual as possible.

A view of this movie would certainly make one understand the emotional and energetic aspects of Arton Senna more than these could be understood from articles or series about him. It may be true that many people could have heard about Senna and that he had hailed from Brazil and died while on his sport. However, few may have an understanding on his life aspects such as age prior to the occurrence of the accident, the number of championships be won or his competitors. However, the director has done immense work when he combines various stock footages and news about the hero in an endeavor of completing a total exhibition of Senna’s career. The documentary runs approximately for one hour and forty fifty minutes without presenting talking head or persons. All interviewees including his colleagues, family members and friend are presented in voice over, while the footages on the heroe’s practice and racing is given center stage. Morever, there are also telltale like behind the scenes moments that explore the emotional aspect of Senna in pre and post race.


From the two documentaries, it is apparent that the directors have employed a unique technique in painting a fulfilling and deeper picture of their subjects when compared with other documentaries. Moreover, the authors have woven through strong narratives and supported pieces to give a true reflection of the heroes they present in the movies. In particular, the narratives are established from the real life events of the characters. In essence, the life of Senna and Jandamarra could nto be believed if they were written the same way as Hollywood scrip.


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