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Movie Review: Unforgettable

Updated on April 28, 2017


Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson) has not had great luck with relationships. Her last relationship was a severely abusive one that left her emotionally traumatized. Now she has fallen with David Connover (Geoff Stults). He is a seemingly perfect guy and he treats Julia well. The two are engaged but this would not be David's first marriage. He has an ex-wife (Katherine Heigl) and a daughter who also come across as perfect. Julia is all moved in with David when his ex-wife drops their daughter off to stay with David and Julia for a few days. Tessa (Katherine Heigl) immediately makes things difficult and uncomfortable for Julia by being condescending, hostile and treating Julia as though she is stealing Tessa's life. As the next few days go by, Julia must survive Tessa's mind games and manipulation as her games become more and more dangerous.

The Pros
The Cons
Rosario Dawson (+6pts)
Katherine Heigl's Character (-6pts)
Katherine Heigl (+5pts)
The Ending (-5pts)
The Fight (+3pts)
The Writing (-10pts)

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Pro - Rosario Dawson (+6pts)

Easily one of the best parts of this film, Rosario Dawson and her performance made this movie watchable. The were a few scenes in which she significantly out performs everyone else in the movie even though she was not given much to work with. Her character was a bit dumb at times but she still makes the audience care about her character in an otherwise weak movie. It is always an impressive thing, to me, when an actor or actress' talent can shine through an otherwise bad movie and that was the case here. Bad movies can sometimes hurt a performer's career or reputation but, have no fear, Rosario Dawson will survive this one just fine.


Con - Katherine Heigl's Character (-6pts)

Tessa Connover is the centerpiece of this movie. She is the villain, she is the plot, she is the suspense and she does not work in this movie. There are some scenes in which she is creepy and menacing but, as a whole, she is a one villain that is so obvious in her obsession that ir took away all of the suspense and all the uncertainty. A movie like this can only be as good as its villain and Tessa Connover was extremely poorly developed which made for a fairly boring movie-going experience for most of this movie.


Pro - Katherine Heigl (+5pts)

While I thought her character was one of the worst parts of this movie, I actually thought Katherine Heigl did the best she could. She was given a one-note, uninteresting character and added depth to it in an impressive way. I am not normally a fan of hers or her movies but I was actually impressed with her performance in this one. Katherine Heigl masters "the look" in this movie. She is not a very intimidating person in real life but, when she would turn on the psychopath look, she made the character feel dangerous and capable of anything. She also consistantly turns that look on and off in a natural way that only enhances the crazy. If only there were better writing to develop this character.


Con - The Ending (-5pts)

The entire film leads up to a this. Will David see his ex-wife for who she really is? When both Julia and Tessa survive this feud and be able to put all this behind them? I won't be answering either of those questions here but I will tell you that the ending is pretty anti-climactic (after the fight). The whole film villifies Tessa Connover but the audience is expected to sympathize with her during her final scene in this movie. My response? No! You are a dangerous lunatic. You've always been a dangerous lunatic. Shut up.

Then the movie ends with a terrible attempt at a plot twist that audiences will see coming from miles away. They just HAD to leave this door open for a potential sequel but I do not see this movie having the required success to warrant another film.


Pro - The Fight (+3pts)

The whole movie leads up to this. The audience can feel it from the first time these two meet. Then there is a whole movie that leads up to this fight. I really enjoyed this fight, it felt real and it felt brutal. Both characters took some good hits and gave them out just as hard. My only complaint is that the fight was too short and ended somewhat randomly. However the fight, while it was happening, was fun to watch.


Con - The Writing (-10pts)

The worst part of the movie by far. None of the bad things that happen to Julia would have happened if she talked to her fiancé. The villain seems to be executing an elllaborate plan while also having no plan whatsoever. The film handles cell phones in a conveniently lazy way. My list can go on and on. My point is that this movie is riddled with plot holes and lazy writing which makes for an, at times, irritating movie to watch.


Rating: D+ (68pts)

This movie was somewhat of a mess. Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl did the best they could with what they were given, but their best was not enough to save this movie from the awful writing. The main villain was severely underdeveloped and was a one-note character that, as a result, was not interesting to watch. Certain scenes tried to pretend that there was some mystery to the movie but again, the writing ruined the mystery by making the truth obvious. This movie also has an abundance of plot holes and lazy plot devices. Then to cap all of this off, the movie ends with an anti-climactic finish that does not live up to the poorly written rising action. My impression of this movie was that the writer(s) were like a high school student who forgot about a huge essay so stayed up the night before it was due to start and finish the assignment without giving it any real thought.

I thought this was a decent looking movie but it ended up being a pretty big disappointment for me so I would not recommend spending your money on a ticket for this one.

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