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One of The Best Movies About Zombies - World War Z (2013)

Updated on March 16, 2014

About the buzz...

It's the present day. A calm beautiful morning and all of a sudden everything goes south. So begins the zombie apocalypse.

The movie has received so much critiques and appraisals, people are probably still trying to decide whether to watch the movie or buy the dvd or not. Well, to give you something to make up your minds, I'll tell you this. Brad Pitt is the main character in the movie. So yea, pretty awesome acting on that part. So it is definitely not some cheap zombie flick going on with the trend in zombie movies and tv series in 2013. For one more thing, the total budget for the movie is $190 million. However it made a box office record earning of 134 million as of now, and still counting.

Plans for making a movie out of the book, 'World War Z', began as early as 2007. Initially there was a little battle between Leonardo DiCaprio's agents and Brad Pitt's agents for the part of 'Gerry Lane'. We could only imagine how it would have turned out if legendary DiCaprio's agents won the rights for the part. In either case, I believe the role would have been played to perfection.

U.S. theatrical release poster
U.S. theatrical release poster

About the movie...

On a beautiful, calm morning in the Philadelphia traffic Gerry Lane sits in his car with his family. Then disaster strikes. Chaos, just like that. That is what the trailer shows us at least. (Trailer is given below.) Then we see turmoil, people running everywhere, helicopters flying, freak vehicles accidents and so on. The military forces are the only things that keep this attack under 'control'. Unlike in The Walking Dead, everything has not gone to hell yet. Some people are sent into the ocean in large ships so the zombies cannot reach them. I think it's a pretty intelligent move. In the end, Gerry helps the medics get hands on a pathogen that helps build a vaccine that keeps the zombies away. Using this vaccine the troops are able to get into the field and kill zombies and also help the fleeing civilians. However the movie ends leaving a door for a sequel. We will have to wait and see about that.

The cause for sudden 'birth' of zombies is a mysterious rabies outbreak (pretty believable). The disease goes viral and spreads around the world in a flash, turning over 4 billion people into zombies. US armies fight against the outrage in a defeating war. And into this battle is dragged Gerry Lane, since he was a former UN employee-kind of based on an oath to serve humanity in instances of chaos.

However one of the major aspects of the movie is it's perspective on humanity. We speak so largely of humanity and all that when we have everything. But what will happen when the world has gone to 'zombies'? How humanely would people share the remaining few resources? The Walking Dead, the tv series, showed this very well too. Rather than the threat from the zombies, will humans be of a bigger threat to humans? In a post-apocalyptic world that is the most likely cause for the termination of the entire humanity (according to my belief).

Anyway World War Z is all around a pretty good movie and for horror and zombie fans it will definitely be an awesome movie. Brad Pitt's acting only adds more quality and reality to the movie.

If you want to read the full plot of the story, try this Wikipedia article.

Our recommendation would be to watch the movie, with an open mind however. If you absolutely hate zombies, then don't waste your time and money.

Official trailer...

Book cover
Book cover

The book...

World War Z movie is completely based on the book 'World War Z' by Max Brooks.

If you are more of a book-lover, than a movie fanatic, it is recommended that you get on with the book. Then you will be able to develop your own imaginative characters and almost always the book is better than the movie (those who know, know why)...

Extend you help for others to decide...

Which is worth the money?

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Our rating (for the movie)...

4 stars for World War Z (2013)


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    • Nimesh De Silva profile imageAUTHOR

      Nimesh De Silva 

      5 years ago

      Thanks alot!!!

    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Nice review. Voted up.


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