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Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Updated on November 26, 2012

Being that I am a gamer and fascinated with animation, I chose to write this review of the movie Wreck-It Ralph. I saw this movie a week ago with my brother, who is also a gamer, and thought I would share my impressions of it in a hub.

Wreck-It Ralph is a Disney animated movie based in the world of video games. The movie takes place in an arcade where the characters from the various games come "alive" after the arcade closes each night. The characters can then leave their games and travel to a "terminal" that is the power strip each game is plugged into. This allows the different characters from the games to interact and travel to other games. The main character, Wreck-It Ralph, questions his position in the world and searches for a way to change his life. The film tracks Wreck-It Ralph through his pursuit to make his life better and the other characters he meets along the way.


I will try not to reveal any spoilers in my description of the plot but I do apologize if I reveal something not already common knowledge. You are free to move to the review section of the hub below if you are worried there is a spoiler in my plot description.

Wreck-It Ralph is, as I said, based in an arcade where the characters from the various games come alive and interact with each other. The story starts off with Wreck-It Ralph questioning what his life means, why he is relegated to being the "bad guy" and how he can possibly make his life better. After interacting with the other characters from the other arcade games, he meets a character from one game in particular where the object is to get a "hero medal." Wreck-It Ralph devises a plan to obtain this medal and improve his status in his game and stop being the "bad guy." On his journey to acquiring this medal, he meets a variety of characters and makes some realizations that change his outlook on life and how he will live from then on.

Wreck-It Ralph

5 stars for Wreck-It Ralph


Wreck-It Ralph is the perfect movie for people who play video games or grew up playing video games. The initial, introductory period of the movie makes numerous references to early (90's, 80's and before) Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation games (and many others). Gamers will feel like they are back in the time when they were kids playing these "8-bit" (now retro) games from their childhoods. In this, the movie also makes for a perfect family movie as it is animated and about video games for the kids and contains retro and more advanced gaming and programming references for parents. While the reference phase of the movie is somewhat quick, the movie remained interesting after the nostalgia passes. The way the characters "come alive" and interact is witty and clever with the structure of the arcade world being set up logically yet comically.

The excellent, big-name cast of voice-actor/comedians give the characters personality as well as numerous one-liners and funny moments. It is easy and obvious to like the "heroes" and hate the "villains." The voices make the characters' emotions believable and make the audience engaged in what is happening on-screen.

The overall story is basic and easy to understand while containing more advanced content and references for people familiar with gaming and programming. It allows for viewers to gain a variety of different impressions depending on how much you know about the content of the movie. The simplicity of the plot and content make the movie enjoyable even to those not familiar with video games or programming.

I went in to the movie knowing I would laugh and knowing that I would gain more from it than a non-gamer but the movie still impressed me. It did a good job of not making the entire story one long reference to retro games. I was able to get my reference/nostalgia fix and be immersed in an original plot with lots of funny moments. This movie had everything I expected and more and so I gave it a 5 stars out of 5. It is a great family movie and is even better for people who grew up gaming in the 80's and 90's. My experience was nothing but positive.

I hope this review helps you and hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did. Please leave any feedback or criticism you would like.

If you've seen Wreck-It Ralph, how did you like it?

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