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Movie Reviews: The Inherent problem with them

Updated on November 27, 2009

Rating a Movie

Usually, it is four stars for an A+ movie, or must see. But, just how many times have you read a review that either said it was bad or good by the so called "expert" reviewer? just what credentials do they have or are required for one to be a published movie reviewer? Once the review is printed or posted, it assumes the credibility that cannot be disputed and is treated as "gospel".

The problem with any sort of review for mass circulation is that it is simply the opinion of the reviewer, which usually cites some good or bad structure or dialogue of the movie, its actors etc. It is more academic, sometimes they are wrong and right.

New Moon

New Moon is the #1 movie now, setting box office records, yet, the movie review I read indicated it was only a two star or fair movie. Clearly, the reviewer opinion is a far cry from what the public thinks. The movie's structure is clearly based on Romeo & Juliet in theme and is really a good movie.

Old Dogs

After I had read a very bad review of this latest Robin Williams and John Travolta movie, I hesitated in seeing it. Yet, the one star rating seemed too severe. Thank god I ignored it. The movie was packed and very funny in many places. Robin shines with some of the gags, Travolta also comes across adept at comedy. Truly, some scenes really had me laughing long and hard. It is a great family movie that is entertaining for all ages. The theme will have hard working parents thinking about what is really important. This movie is a solid 2.5 stars, some might say 3 stars. It is certainly not a one star from an entertainment point of view. Forget about dialogue and structure, it is a fun movie. You will laugh.

A Christmas Carol

Now, this movie got four stars in reviews. Graphically and story it is true, how can you not know Dicken's Christmas story of present, past and future Christmas. In 3D it is stunning. That said, the problem the reviewers all seem to ignore is that for kids under 10, the olde English used in movie will lose them, even some adults may have some unclear understandings. The movie also follows the Dicken's story as it was back 100 years ago, which younger kids may not like. The movie is advertised like a magical kid's animated movie and kids younger than 10 may find it boring because the story line is too much above their own understanding. The movie is really a retelling of this famous Dicken's story for an older audience at least 10 yrs or more. The other problem is that it has been told, ad nauseum, since the book was written. Jame's Stewart, "It's a Wonderful Life" although in black and white, is still a classic on the same story line. It is a serious movie that is animated for kids, it is not a funny comedy.

For me and my 10 yr old, the movie was really just 2.5 stars. Unlike other movies that she will see more than once, this is NOT one of them.

If you read a movie review, take it with a grain of salt. You may be missing some great movies.



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    • Lissa Lynn profile image

      Melissa Simmons 

      9 years ago from upstate NY

      2012 doesn't look like my type of movie...I'm still on the fence as to whether I'll go see it or not :)

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      If you like disaster flicks, 2012 is great for special effects, rather somber overall, yet interesting.

    • Lissa Lynn profile image

      Melissa Simmons 

      9 years ago from upstate NY

      Great hub :) Can't wait to read more!


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