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Movie Theater Boom

Updated on August 8, 2019
Ilya Klimenko profile image

Ilya is a Cinephile...that means he is obsessed with everything in Movies and finally wants to talk about them!

More Movies Please!

Lets be honest, we all love to be entertained! Why else would we see the ridiculous craze of all the unique content companies like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Disney are pumping out? We live in the binge-watching world and those services are at the peak of that mountain top! For a long time, there was this fear that if content was made easily available to all and can be accessed almost anywhere, it would hurt the movie industry...............

However, have you noticed something else in the world of entertainment? I have!

I don't think the level of satisfaction you get from watching something at home or on a tiny screen in front of your face, will ever reach that of a fully engaging evening out, watching the latest box-office hit at the nearby movie theater! I think we can all agree that we have noticed the number of true box-office SMASHES over the years(particularly in the super-hero genre) and regardless of the cost of going to see a film and the many different theater or viewing options these days, people still want to be entertained the old fashioned way; and I LOVE IT!

As I say in my profile, I am Cinephile. I love movies and everything that goes into movies. I am entertained by stories, character development, music, fully emerging sound, solid acting performances and being able to drift away into the world a director is trying to make us live in for a few hours. Who doesn't love that?! How can you not love that?

Walking into a Movie Theater allows us, for just a few hours, to put our phones away and appreciate the art that is film making without the distractions we deal with on a daily basis. Sitting in a dark theater, quietly letting yourself slip into the plot of a movie and not worrying about anything else is absolutely freeing.

A few points as to why I don't think the good ole' movie theater is going away any time soon:

  1. Going to the movies will always be an easy way to "get out" every now and then.
  2. If you enjoy movies, you should be enjoying them the way they are supposed to be enjoyed; in front of a large screen, with full sound making your skin tingle!
  3. Movies are art, and if you care about art or being entertained, you should support the art.
  4. They are a manner of distracting yourself from all the other things you normally distract yourself with.
  5. Where else are you going to see certain movies? Do you even want to wait that long just to watch it at home on your TV?
  6. Nostalgia. Who as a kid didn't love going to the theater and taking in a classic theater experience. Not to mention, the options with the old-school drive-in style movie experiences(not my favorite for the surround sound part).

In 2018, Movie theater ticket sales grew 8%, with the majority of the growth coming from the super-hero and animated genres. I don't think that should surprise anyone given the level of popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC...and I can be fairly confident in stating that as long as Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney continue pumping out creative works of art and entertainment, parents will consistently want to take their children to enjoy a family friendly film.

I say, keep up the great work! I love to see this industry thriving and cannot wait to see what the future of the movie industry has in store for us all.

What are your thoughts on the industry? Do you think with the MoviePass types of options, we will see an influx in attendance? What movies do you feel you HAVE to watch in theaters?

NOTE: Full disclosure, I do not go watch every movie that comes out. I believe there are certain movies that MUST be viewed in theaters because it was meant for the full theater experience, and some that you don't necessarily NEED to watch in a theater format.

Movies or wait?

Are you more likely to go see a movie in theater or wait for it to be available to watch at home?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Ilya Klimenko


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