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Movie review: Django unchained

Updated on January 2, 2017

Where can I start... Oh I know by saying this movie is pure dynamite and a gem! Bravo to the producer! When you put together Kerry Washington and Jammie Foxx you know for sure that that right there is a recipe for success.

Oh were are my manners my apologies to those who haven't watched the movie it is set up in America at the time where slavery was still very prevalent and so that is where we meet Django(Jammie Foxx) chained up by his owners who have just bought him from an auction. Django we soon discover was a runaway slave who had tried to get away with his wife Hildy (Kerry Washington). A German bounty hunter who was once a doctor enters the picture and ends up with Django now unchained(huge mistake).

Anyway the story develops from there and we follow Django as he learns to become a bounty hunter and then his quest to find his wife and free her. In the movie the writer did a great job of flipping the script instead of showing the usual slave movie this one had a sting in the tale. We see the tables turned by the introduction of Django who was now on the other side of the fence. We also see the different kinds of people that existed at the time, those who saw all people alike and others which believed in supremacy of an individual race.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the movie it had a bit of romance and a whole lot of action and guns however some of the shooting scenes were a bit exaggerated and there was just too much blood towards the end, not that I am squirmish but I am just saying. I therefore give this movie four stars. Great story line, great cast,good acting, great picture only weak point being shooting scenes too exaggerated. This is a must see movie if you are Foxx fan or if you just love guns or a good story.Oh by the way the D is silent.:-). Enjoy! (Please note that I am not affiliated to the producers in any way this is just my individual perspective of the movie)

Django unchained : official trailer


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