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Movie Quotes - Alexander Revisited (2006)

Updated on August 17, 2013


Alexander Revisisted is the Final Cut of the epic movie by Oliver Stone. The first version, Alexander, was released 2 years earlier in 2004.

Director : Oliver Stone

Writers : Oliver Stone, Christopher Kyle, Laeta Kalogridis

Casts : Collin Farrell (Alxander), Anthony Hopkins (Old Ptolemy) Angelina Jolie (Olympias), Val Kilmer (King Philip), Jared Leto (Hephaistion), Rosario Dawson (Roxane).

Links : Official web, IMDB, fan site.

Alexander (Colin Farrell)

"Hephaistion loves me as I am. Not who."

"In the end, all that matter is what you've done."

"...there are many different ways to love, Roxane."

"(to King Darius) You can run to the end of the earth, you coward! But you'll never run far enough!"

Queen Olympias (Angelina Jolie)

“They (the snakes) are like people. You can love them for years. Feed them, nurture them, but still, they can turn on you.”

"Never will there be another Alexander like you. Alexander the great."

King Phillip (Val Kilmer)

“(To Olympias) Which god could I curse to have ever laid eyes on you!”

“(To Alexander) You ride that horse and by Zeus I say, you can rule the world.”

“It’s never easy to escape our mothers, Alexander. All your life, beware of women. They’re far more dangerous than men.”

“There’s no glory without suffering…”

“All greatness comes from loss.”

"A king isn't born, Alexander, he is made. By steel and by suffering. A king must know how to hurt those he loves."

Aristotle (Christopher Plummer)

“To love excellence, is truly to love the gods.”

“Only common people believe these tales, as they believe most anything. We are here precisely to educate ourselves against such foolish passions.”

“The East has a way of swallowing men and their dreams.”

"I can only warn you, not teach you: Beware of what you dream of, the gods have a way of punishing such pride."


“Your father taught you never to surrender your reason to your passion.” – Parmenion.

"The first rule of war is to do what you ask your men to do..," - Leonidas (the wrestling mentor).


Hephaistion: What would you do if you ever reach the end of the world?
Alexander: I turn around and conquer its opposite.


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