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Movies From the 90's You May Have Forgot About!

Updated on May 13, 2016

Radio Flyer


Oh, Elijah Wood! This was by far one of my favorites as a child. With it's debut in 1992, we take a look at 2 young boys, Mike and Bobby (Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello) who explore interest in other adventures to avoid their abusive step-father. Tom Hanks tells the story (as older Mike) when he see's his two young sons fighting. Bobby being the younger one takes the brunt of the abuse, so Mike and Bobby plan his big escape from the troublesome home life he endures day in and day out by building an "airplane" out of their "radio Flyer" wagon. Tear jerking and entertaining!

What's Eating Gilbert Grape


What's that you say? Young Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio? Yes please! This movie sends us on a journey of a young man named Gilbert (Johnny Depp) who cares for his family after their father hung himself 7 years prior in the farmhouse basement. Gilbert's primary responsibility it caring for his mentally ill younger brother Arnie (Leonardo Dicaprio). His mother Bonnie, being morbidly obese, hasn't left the house in 7 years after her husband's suicide due to depression. This leaves Gilbert's two sisters Amy and Ellen slaving away in the kitchen and household chores. Between his home life and an affair with a local insurance agent's wife, Gilbert finds peace and trust with an annual camper named Becky. This movie will make you laugh and cry for years to come. It's too bad most of us have forgotten this dramatic film!


The Other Sister

"Olive Juice" teehee! Only those who saw this movie understands what that means. This romantic comedy filmed in 1999 is one of Juliette Lewis's lesser known films. She plays Carla Tate, a mildly mentally challenged young woman, who has to deal with her overly protective mother Elizabeth (Diane Keaton) who seems almost embarrassed of her daughter's disability. Carla's sister seems to get all of the attention. Carla decides to attend a trade school where she meets Daniel (Giovanni Ribisi) who is also mildy disabled, but independent. Carla begins to convince her parents she is capable of being independent as well. Soon Carla and Daniel fall in love. This is a must see movie! "I love you every minute. I love you more than marching bands and cookie making." - Daniel McMann

The Beverly Hill Billies


I'm sure most of us remember this 1993 movie and what it's all about. Based on the 1962-1971 TV series, Jed Clampett hits the big bucks by discovering oil on his land and is offer 1 billion dollars for it. He takes the offer and moves his "not so average" family from their honky tonk hometown to the busy and wealthy city of Beverly Hills. The chain of events that occur while they settle in is pure entertainment!

Baby's Day Out


This 1994 film, made for children's entertainment, explores the 1 day journey of of a kidnapped wealthy baby being held for ransom by 3 criminals (one being played by Joe Mantegna). They seems to have it all planned out but unfortunately have a hard time controlling this little one. I know, I know. Sounds corny. But for an 8 year old in the 90's it was entertainment!

It Takes Two

A 1995 film starring Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Basically the two young girls meet and realize they are long lost twins. They switch places to get the two important adults in their lives to fall in love so they can all live happily ever after. I'm guessing the olsen twins were about 9 or 10 when this movie was filmed.

Cry Baby


Yet another wonderful, but forgotten, Johnny Depp movie. This movie made it's debut in 1990 with Johnny Depp playing the bad-ass drape, a teenager in the 1950s, Wade "Cry Baby" Walker, who falls in love with Allison, a goody two shoes tired of being a "square". This movie also features Rickie Lake who plays Wade's sister, Pepper, a single mom. It's definitely a must see if you haven't already!



This is one of the most underrated Kevin Costner movies that no one ever gave a chance! I absolutely loved this film and still do. It was hyped as the most expensive film ever! Believe it or not! I wouldn't mind being stuck in the middle of the ocean with Kevin Costner...would you?!

One Eight Seven


Making it's appearance in 1997, this was Samuel L. Jackson's first leading role as a New York teacher who relocates to L.A. after being stabbed, almost fatally, by one of his own students. The movie features a great soundtrack, consisting of Method Man, Massive Attack and DJ Shadow. This thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat! Good job Jackson!

That Thing You Do

Showing it's face in 1996, co-starring and directed by Tom Hanks, this movie brings us back to the 1960s with a 1 hit wonder band called "The Wonders". Also featuring Liv Tyler as one of the band members girlfriends, this movie also resulted in a hit song, "That Thing You Do". Exciting and dramatic, this movie takes you on the journey of a band's rise to stardom from start to finish.

Dumb and Dumber


Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey star in this hysterical comedy about 2 guys, Harry and Lloyd, who trek across the country from Providence, Rhode Island to the Rocky Mountains in Aspen, Colorado all in search of a woman, Mary, who "forgot" her brief case in the airport. They become involved in a huge crime investigation while running into some serious dollars that don't even belong to them. In the end, these two idiots, become the hero's.



A 1996 comedy starring Pauly Shore (Bud "Squirlly") and Steven Baldwin (Doyle "Stubby") who play two stoner idiots who accidentally get locked inside the "Bio-Dome", a human experiment of earth's natural homeostasis. They quickly become "part of the problem, not the solution" in this series of events of getting locked in, trying to behave themselves, and eventually escaping, but saving the day all the same time. If you are a Pauly Shore fan, this is an ultimate must see, if you haven't already.

Angels in the Outfield

In The Army Now


"Suck on this a one time!" Yet another forgotten but hilarious 1994 Pauly Shore movie. In my opinion Pauly Shore is seriously under appreciated as a comedian. This film shows Bones Conway (Pauly Shore) and Jack Kaufman (Andy Dick), two slackers from Glendale, CA being sucked into the world of the military. They are tired of their mediocre life working for "Crazy Boys" electronic store after being fired for destroying an entire wall of TV screens. So, they join the Army Reserves. 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year, right? Well they end up becoming water purification specialists and are deployed to the desert over sea's to filter and supply water to the combat soldiers. Their whole outlook on "1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year" quickly change when they are the ones having to fight against the Libyan's invading Chad. Very funny and not something to miss.

The Newsies


"Carrying the Banner!". Christian Bale, who played Jack "Cowboy" Kelly, along with many other famous names (including Max Casella AKA "Vinny" from "Doogie Howser, MD) star in this 1992 musical film based on a true story (later presented on Broadway) that takes place in 1899 about the "Newsies" strike who predominantly consist of orphan's that sell papers on the streets of New York to make a living to survive. Unfortunately, the prices of "papes" inflate thanks to greedy ol Joseph Pulitzer trying to out-do William Randolph Hearst. The boys gather allies from all parts of the city to develop their "union" to defeat the money hungry newspaper big shots. With the help of news reporter Bryan Denton (played by the famous Bill Pullman), they are able to defeat the odds. After seeing American Psycho I was astonished by Christian Bale's (who also played Batman) ability to play such different roles. Heck, I didn't know he could dance! If you like musical's, I suggest this one.



We all remember Eddie Murphy in films from the 90's, like Beverly Hills Cop. But how bout this classic?! Murphy, along with Halle Barry star in this movie about your typical man meets woman, she plays hard to get. Once man decides to direct his attention elsewhere, girl begins to give in. It's sweet but yet it's Eddie yea, it has it's comedy relief.

Kindergarten Cop

Haha! Great line kid. This famous line was presented to us by Miko Hughes, who played Kindergartener Joseph (and played a big part as Michelle Tanners friend Aaron Bailey in the TV Series "Full House"). Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a cop named John Kimble who is forced to have to deal with children, going under cover as a kindergarten teacher, in order to catch up to drug King Pin Cullen Crisp. On the journey he discover's his niche in teaching. Personally, I enjoyed this movie as a kid in the 90's!

Little Monsters


Ok, so this movie actually came out in 1989 but it was a great movie for young ones in the 90s! Weren't most of us afraid of the monsters under the bed? Well, Fred Savage (also known as Kevin from "The Wonder Years") plays a young 6th grader named Brian who discovers exactly what happens under the bed when you go to sleep! He meets and befriends a monster name Maurice (played by Howie Mandel) who shows him a world under the bed where there are no rules, no parents, and just plain old good times. That is until his brother Eric (Ben Savage) is kidnapped by the big old mean monster and they have to rescue him. Needless to say, after seeing this, I am still scared (yes, to this very day) of something grabbing my feet from under the bed.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Before Sarah Michelle Gellar there was THE Buffy movie. In 1992 the movie debuted starring Kristy Swanson as Buffy while the heartthrob Luke Perry co-starred. If you don't remember this movie, you're not a 90's kid!

The Sandlot

Came to the big screen in 1993. No other summary necessary. If you've seen it, you love it. If you haven't you will want to see it. End of story...

How 90's are you?

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    • Amanda Holzinger profile imageAUTHOR

      Cocky Mommy 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      I love that movie also adecoury! After submitting this hub I thought of sopping many more movies I could have posted. What are some of your other top faves?

    • adecourv profile image

      Alex deCourville 

      4 years ago

      Out of these, What's Eating Gilbert Grape is my favorite. I actually re-watched that movie recently, and I think it still holds up.

    • Ahdilarum profile image


      4 years ago

      This page has really taken back to 90s..


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