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More Great War Movies Like Red Cliff

Updated on April 28, 2011

Why We Want More Films like Red Cliff

Films like Red Cliff gives us the best of both worlds with the timeless story of love and loyalty set across an epic backdrop of blood stirring historical battles.

The international version of movie combines the part one and two which were released and screen separately in the theaters. To me the whopping 288 minutes on disc is the one of the best way to enjoy this Chinese war epic.

This film is based on one of the most famous battles depicted in the Chinese classic called Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The film is well paced with the important emotional scenes punctuated brilliantly with the fast paced heroic battles scenes.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant subtle scenes between Tony Leong and Takeshi Kaneshiro, both who are in top form and also the beautiful scenes by Ms Lin Chilin.

Read on for more review and recommendations of some of the best films like Red Cliff. 

Movie Trailer of Red Cliff

The Warlords

This is another fantastic war epic from my favorites Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro who also starred ZhuGe Liang in Red Cliff.

The story narrative in this one a bit different as it follows 3 brothers who rises through blood and sacrifice from the lowly foot soldiers to generals leading their army. In my opinion The Warlords paints a more gritty and horrific picture of war where the foot soldiers are mere pawns caught in the power struggles of their masters.

The interplay of loyalty, conflict and betrayal between these three sworn blood brothers are beautifully scripted with touching performance from the main stars and the equally capable supporting cast.       

Battle of Warriors

If you enjoy the strategic genius depicted in the battles of Red Cliff then Battle of Warriors will give you more of it.

The story is about a citadel under siege and how a mysterious stranger who is well versed in the art of war devise brilliant strategems to frustrate an adversary many times their size.

The suave Andy Lau stars as the mysterious stranger who struggles to help the people of the city in their time of need.

Movie Trailer of Battle of Warriors

More Upcoming Movies Like Red Cliff

If you also enjoy films about epic historical battle with Roman or Greek armies that I would recommend this list of films like Troy which just happens to be one of my all time favorites.

Will be adding more movie reviews on there upcoming Chinese historical war epics once they become available.

Movie Trailer of The Lost Bladesman (2011)

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