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Movies You Do Not Want to Miss That Will Make You Think

Updated on March 30, 2015

Short Term 12

The most sad, sadly realistic film I have seen with real situations that are well portrayed on a low budget. The movie was made to make the audience think, to raise awareness about the reality behind the hard of raising kids with a past in the arena of a foster care system.

From a kid dealing with a mother's abuse, to a child fighting cutting herself after her father did the unmentionable, this movie will throw you in a tumult of emotions but in the best way for the best reason: to care for the lost and for the hurting, the confused and the forgotten.

You will want to watch this one that slipped in under the radar.


An 11 year old tomboy nicknamed "Skunk" (Eloise Laurence) lives with her single father (Tim Roth) in London. Viewers watch life change when she witnesses a violent attack between two neighbors. As the plot develops and thickens, including a blooming preteen romance, we experience an array of emotions - perhaps strongest toward a villain family of bratty redheads. Seriously. You may want to jump through the screen after them a few times.

The story brings about awareness of the power of bullying with unbelieveable life changing acts because of it. It also touches a bit on juvenile type 1 diabetes. A decent little movie walking through the characters' lives - Broken.


Your stomach may be in knots after this film because it's based on a true and ugly reality, but it also makes its viewers think. Jon Stewart, known for his work on The Daily Show, directed this movie about Maziar Bahari, a journalist captured and imprisoned for releasing live video of Iranian violence in and around Iran's national election. It's a true depiction of middle eastern jail cell life and the acting is not so bad in this dark and cruel representation showing how we westerners too often forget how precious are our freedoms.

The rally of support for Maziar's freedom warms the heart knowing the demons that he faced. It's a remarkable look at the unfair and the risks our media takes in delivering news from foreign soil. The tragedy comes in that it still happens today, regardless of job title, and the fight continues to free those wrongly incarcerated for the truth. Perhaps it's a reality we do not want to hear exists in our world, but it's a reality we the people need to be aware of and take steps toward change and peace.


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    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 3 years ago from United States

      Great title. Definitely have to check out these movies, since I am a movie lover. Thanks for sharing.