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Recommending List of Movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Updated on April 17, 2011

Movies Like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Here are more movies similar to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

When creating this exclusive list of films I've strive to include those that convey the style and feel of this movie with it beautiful almost ballet like martial arts fight scenes inter woven into emotional tapestry of romance and love.

Movie Trailer of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Great Duel Between Zhang Ziyi Vs Michelle Yeoh

House of Flying Daggers

This beautifully film movie has at its heart a romance love story woven into a tale of intrigue, love and betrayal.

There are many memorable scenes in this film that are more like works of art. I especially like the hypnotic dance scene by Zhang Ziyi for it elegant beauty. There also a breathtaking chase scene that forms a perfect contrast between the sense of tranquility conveyed by the bamboo grove and the relentless tension from the deadly pursuit of the masked assassins.    

Movie Trailer of House of Flying Daggers

Jet Li's Hero

Hero is a tale of one man trying to make a difference by embarking to assassinate the emperor of China.

It has a multi-layered storyline that you will discover as each scene reveals another element that together forms the puzzle and solution that is the last scene.

Like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, it is full of awe inspiring and emotional laden moments that is intertwined with the poetry like fight scenes. Get ready to delve into the complexity of Jet Li's assassin character and do watch for now legendary fight scene between Jet Li and Donnie Yen, both fantastic real life martial arts experts.

Movie Trailer of Hero - Jet Li Vs Donnie Yen

The Curse of the Golden Flower

This film stars sensual Gong Li and Chow Yun Fatt who happened to be in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon as well.

The tone in this movie is darker and more opulent then in Crouching Tiger. Its an almost Othello like tale of love, lust, betrayal and vengeance, set mainly in the royal palace. Watch for great performances from Chow Yun Fatt, the lavish attention to details and the many epic scaled battle and fight scenes.

Movie Trailer of The Curse of the Golden Flower

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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Great list, I enjoyed reading about your selected movies. My favorite of these movies is House of Flying Daggers. Voted up and useful.