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The List of Best Movies Similar to Inception

Updated on September 3, 2011

So You Love the Movie Inception

Here are the list of the best movies similar to Inception.

The movies on this exclusive list either have a similar premise to Inception or share some commonalities like plot elements, the cast, director or other unique aspects.

If you are reading this page then chances are you have either watched the film Inception or are going to watch it.

So read on to find out my recommendation on movies like Inception by director Chris Nolan, starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

Inception (Blu-ray)
Inception (Blu-ray)

The 2 Disc Blu Ray version does justice to the gorgeous film by Chris Nolan and of course the fantastic soundtrack. It is also jam pack with background material and even a short documentary about dreams.


Movie Trailer for Inception

Movies about Alternate Virtual Realties

There's a little movie call the Matrix that was so successful it became a trilogy. But I'm not going to go for the obvious choice.

There's a movie name "The Thirteenth Floor" that sounds like a horror movie but is actually a science fiction movie based on the book "Simulacron-3" about computer virtual reality and publish way back during the 1960s.

Without giving too much about this film. It is about realities or virtual realities layered one over another. Do note that It is not focused on the action aspects like the Matrix. But it does have the moral conundrum that is similar to Inception with the story unfolding like an intricate puzzle.

Movie Trailer of The Thirteenth Floor

Movies about the Ability to Shape Reality & Bending Physical Laws

The movie Inception plays with our sense of paranoia and has the characters questioning what they experiencing is real at all. Its like the case where you don't question the most outlandish dreams while you're in it. You only question irrational aspects when you wake up.

The movie Dark City stretch those similar plot elements further by having the protagonist questioning his reality, his sanity and even his memories. As the name implies it is a sci fi film with an almost a gothic feel.      

Movie Trailer of Dark City

Movies about the Chilling Power of Dreams

Inception is also a movie about dreams. About how our psyche can create, shape and it some unique cases control our dreams.

If you are fascinated by the chilling possibilities of dreams then I would recommend one of the most atmospheric horror movies that deals with the concept of dreams and what happens when we die in our dreams.

The movie is A Nightmare on Elm Street, specifically the  2010 version that has a darker tone with more character development.

Movie Trailer of A Nightmare on Elm Street

Want to See More Movie Recommendations?

I hope you will enjoy some of my film recommendation based on similar aspects from Inception.

If you would like more movie recommendations or movie lists then check out my other movie pages below. 

Share Your Views on Inception or Suggests other Films Similar to Inception

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    • McGilwriter profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      Cool, I love movies and loved Inception. I'll have to check out 13th Floor. i remember it coming out but never saw it.


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