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Movies to Watch Curled Up With the One You Love

Updated on May 10, 2017

Sometimes its the differences between a couple that keep life interesting. When you spend lots of time together its natural for you to rub off on each other and learn to like new things. When one of you has a passion for something then often that passion transfers to your other half. But sometimes your partner just LOVES something that you find nauseatingly tedious. This is where a little give and take can be necessary. For example if you adore Jennifer Aniston in her latest chick flick but you know that your partner will have to pretend to enjoy it, try not to force him to watch something that you know will bore him silly. And if you cannot wait to watch the latest action film with Van Damme kicking ass but you know that she can't stand this kind of thing, be considerate. There are other options you'll both enjoy and you can save the film you want to see for when you are on your own. That way you won't feel guilty whilst indulging in your guilty pleasure!

The trick is finding something that you both enjoy and films can be a great way for you to connect with your partner.

Here are my tips on finding some films that you'll both love. And a few recommendations that cannot fail to go down well and set the mood for a great romantic night in. Please comment and let me know how they go down with you guys. It'd be great to know that I've brought a few couples closer together, I'll feel like a proper little cupid!!


There are a reason some films have stood the test of time and become classics. They are films that tend to appeal to a large number of people and tend to be stories that we can all relate to. Some of the greatest story tellers of all time have written books or stories that have been turned into films. Stephen King is in my humble opinion the greatest storyteller of all time. And some of his best stories have been turned into movies, with varying degrees of success. Two of the most successful stories turned to movies ever are examples of his work. 'The Green Mile' and 'The Shawshank Redemption' are two classic movies that I would challenge anyone not to enjoy. They are both examples of films that are perfect for date night. So if you can find an author or series of books that you have both enjoyed you will probably find that you can come up with a film you will both enjoy. Recently the 'Twighlight' series and the 'Hunger Games' trilogy have both been adapted into blockbuster films and I'd definitely recommend these for a good date night cuddlefest.


We all like a good laugh. And the chances are if you are looking for common ground with a film you will both enjoy then a comedy can be a great way to connect and have a good giggle together. Now this sounds pretty simple but there can be a few stumbling blocks when picking the perfect comedy to keep you both happy. Not everybody has the same sense of humor. For example what you find funny can be very culturally specific. I remember when I was at university I took a module about fifties cinema and we discussed the old British classic 'Carry On' series. My lecturer was from Canada and she explained that when she first came to the UK fifteen years earlier she had watched a carry on film with her new husband and been horrified and hadn't found it in the least bit funny. The mysogeny and the British seaside post card humor had gone straight over her head. And yet she explained that she had recently watched the same film and giggled in all the right places. My point is that the humor is culturally specific. You need to have the right viewpoint to appreciate the comedy.

Some people are always going to hate the bawdy, overtly sexual humor of the 'American Pie' series. And some people won't appreciate the gentle humor involved in say 'Calender Girls'. So to find a Comedy you will both enjoy you need to find that place where your humor overlaps.

As with the classics there are some Comedies that I can pretty much guarentee you will both enjoy. 'Meet the Fockers' for example. Or 'Father of the Bride'. Some situations are funny no matter where you are from. Universal humor that translates no matter where you are from. I myself would definitely recommend an Adam Sanldler fest. His films are generally funny and touching and normally have a romantic undertone that works perfectly for date night.

Another way to find a comedy you'll both like is to look to the kids for inspiration. He might not admit it and will pretend to watch it because you like it, but there are a number of children's films that have jokes thrown in there for the Mums and Dads and these films are great for a cuddle up and a box of chocolates.

Grab the cushion and hide!

Finally, if you want an excuse to hold on to him tight and feel his arm around you protecting you from the bogey man then a good old fashioned horror film might be just the ticket. What you find most scary is obviously a very individual thing but there are thousands of films to choose from and there is bound to be something that scares the hell out of both of you. I recommend sticking to something that scares you gently rather that going for a gorefest that will give you nightmares for weeks. 'The Haunting' (1999) is a great film (a remake of a 1963 film of the same name) and I recommend checking out both of them. Scary enough to have you cuddling into your man but not so scary that you'll be screaming unattractively.

My Top Ten films to watch with the Boyfriend


Casino (1995) Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro star in this awesome gangster film. Definitely a messed up love story but sexy and exciting and one to get you in the mood for some romance.


The Terminal (2004) Tom Hanks in fine form as a man stranded in an airport. Catherine Zeta Jones as the stewardess love interest. Another unconventional romance but touching and charming and I always fail not to blub. A perfect date night choice.


The Haunting (1999)(1963) Either of these creepy versions of the same story make a great film to cuddle up to. Pick your favourite.


50 First Dates (2004) Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler star. This film is funny and touching in equal measures. I defy anyone not to love this tale of a brain damaged girl and the man who falls in love with her.


Jerry Maguire (1996) Tom Cruise and Reece Witherspoon in this touching romance about a sports agent. The kid steals the show and ups the cute factor. A real date night winner.


Lights Out (2016) I watched this film with my partner and I definitely needed to hang on to him during the scary bits. Made me physically jump out of my seat a couple of times and it brought out the protective side of him. A great scary film to watch together.


Blue Streak (1999) Martin Lawrence stars in this comedy about a jewel thief who unwittingly hides the diamond he steals in a police station and has to impersonate a detective to retrieve his ill gotten gains. Silly but funny film that is a perfect sofa, takeaway companion.


The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Not a surprise entry... I mentioned it earlier. A great movie.


The Green Mile (1999) As above. Couldn't leave it out. I defy anyone not to be touched by this brilliantly written tale about a prisons death row. If you haven't seen it, download it immediately and cuddle up now with your other half and a box of tissues... that sounds wrong but I think you'll understand when you watch it.


Total Recall (1990) Definitely a great film for watching as a couple. It's got plenty of action for the adrenaline fan. And a good story to get your teeth into. I'm not a fan of the remake with Colin Farrel. I'd recommend the original over the new one any day. Ultimately its got a bit of everything which is what I was attempting to do with this list. Comment below and let me know your favorite films to watch as a couple.

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