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Moview Reviews: Comparing The Magnificent Seven (1960) Vs Magnificent Seven” (2016)

Updated on November 25, 2016

Directed by John Sturges, The Magnificent Seven (1960) is a film based an Old West. It has more similarity with the Japanese film Seven Samurai. The movie stars Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, and Horst Buchholz. The film is based on a story about seven gun members hired to protect a small village from marauding bandits in Old Mexico. One the other hand, “The Magnificent Seven” (2016), is a different movie of the same title directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Denzel Washington among others. Though the two movies have the same title, they have a slightly different alteration. For instance, in the original 1960s film, the cast was predominantly white. However, in the 2016 remake of the Magnificent Seven, there is an aspect of both gender and racial in play, there is a female actor (Haley Bennett), Denzel Washington who is black, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo who is Mexican, and Byung-hun Lee who is Asian. Some may argue that the inclusion of these characters was aimed at reaching out to the rest of the world in the form of marketing and sales as well as raising the popularity. As a result, it made the movie lose its old west taste in a way.

The plot of both movies is largely the same: there is a meeting two gunmen who assist in seeing to it that justice is served to the perpetrators. In the process, they recruit others in their band wagon with the promise of money as an incentive. They are hired by village chief of the nearby village, which as seen as series of bandits attacks. To protect them from these men, who are running terror in the villages. Although there is slight in these in both films, for instance, in the 1960 film, the particular village was an agricultural area; the bandits are stealing their food and other possession. Some young farmers recruit Brenner to protect them from the Marauder. In the 2016 movie, the village in the West of the United States, it is attacked by a baron who forces people out of their lands either by buying or kill very one one on the land and repossesses the property. Washington is recruited by Bennet, a widow after vengeance and, her companion. In both of the cases, the gunmen are unwilling to help at first but are persuaded by when they hear involved and will be paid for their services by the needy party

Another similarity between the two films is the scene where Red (James Coburn) in (1960), claims he can draw his knife faster than any challenger during a gun challenge fight. In the (2016) movie Billy Rocks, (Byung-hun Lee) has the same liking towards the knives. However, his blades are bigger. 1960 film, Brynner begs to differ with the notion that heroes tend to wear a white hat. The same is the same as with the 2016 film Sam Chisolm (Denzel), wears a black hat. Also, both leaders wore black clothing. However, there are some contrast, though, for instance, Apart from Chris being a professional gunman, but nothing else is known about him. Sam on the hand has an extensive backstory about peacekeeping, about hunting.

The second in commands in both movies had similarities to, for instance, both were gamblers, Vin loses all his money through gambling, Josh was into gambling, and this was known by many. They both had a liking in women. However, they had differences in their characters, while Vin joined the bandwagon the third, Josh was the second to accede to the crew; Josh is a talker, a joker is full of personality. Vin is more reserved and hangs around Chris.

Britt( James Coburn ) and Billy Rocks( Lee Byung- hun) are both good in gangs but one thing that draws their ability to throw knives, they both die and do not talk much in the movie. They have differences too, for example, Britt is white, and Billy on the hand is Korean. As for Lee (Robert Vaughn ) and Goodnight Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke), they both have a fear of shooting that they do not wish to share, they eventually overcome their fear, both die in the end. However, they have differences, for instance, Lee’s background is unknown apart from his occupation, his fears during a fight is known just to himself. Goodnight is an excellent sharpshooter. Midway in the film he leaves the crew but returns at a later stage to help them out to a major battle.

Red Harvest (Horst Buchholz ) and Chico( Martin Sensmeier ) both join the crew after tracking the other six, they are the youngest members of their team, looking for a purpose in life that is different from their family, they both survive. However, Red Harvest at the end of the movie, rides along with other villagers, while Chico decides to remain behind in the village.

Harry (Brad Dexter) and Vasquez (Manuel Garcia-Ruflo) both are on the run from the law; they are their crew’s joke; they are the real mercenary of their team. So of their difference are as follows: Vasquez is Mexican, he is the member man to join the crew while Harry is White and is the second person to accede to the crew.

Bernardo ( Charles Bronson ) and Jack Horne ( Vincent D’Onorfio) both had issues with connection with other members of their team; they are both popularly known to be great fighters; they both give up their lives to save others in the villages. Their main difference is as follows Bernardo has Irish connections while Jack is a native American

The hostile forces in both preys on the locals, in the Magnificent Seven (1960) the bandit leader Calvera (Eli Wallach), steals from the villagers. He laments the world has turned away from religion. As a result, he views himself as the force, and his main work job is to things according to the natural order. His controvertible psychopathic view makes a perfect villain, though sometimes his is generous. On the hand 2016 film the main threat was a corrupt, greedy and industrialist, Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard) just like Calvera, he too has religion alignment and believes that uses this to justify his action. However, contrarily to Calvera, he does not believe this religion values. He only uses religion as a means to con and gets his in any situation. For instance, he proclaims religion then he follows by burning down a church.

At the end of magnificent seven (1960) film, most of the seven gunmen die along with the bandits; some villagers turn on the heroes after the leader of the bandits confesses that the only reason he is stealing from the villagers is that he and his men were starving. As a result, some villagers allowed the bandits to ambush the seven gunmen catching them unaware and prepared. Fortunately, the leader of the bandits goes not go on a killing spree; he shows the gunmen mercy by allowing the leave unharmed. In so doing the gunmen will have to be transported back to their native homes, which is Texas, because of his prefers not to kill the gunmen, they chose to return after some time, as an act of moral obligation, and not necessary for vengeance. They return normalcy to the village, one of them even decides to marry and live a normal life and let go his ambitions of becoming a legendary gunman. In the (2016) movie, the entire village has been burned and blown up most the villagers are dead as a result of the violence. The movie has no twists and the end. As if recognizing the work of their predators the Magnificent Seven film producers decide to use the Elmer Bernstein’s song that was the theme was the 1960 movie theme.

In conclusion, both films are produced well; it is no wonder that the 1960 film is still regarded as one of the best movies of all time. The 2016 film is tried to live up to the standards of its predecessor masterpiece, and surely it did not disappoint either.


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