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Mr. Right (2016)

Updated on August 17, 2016

I love Sam Rockwell, the man is a true talent and his ability as an actor is endless, the man brings so much to the table, taking the craft seriously but always with a cheeky skip in his step.
In my most humble opinion this film is super fantastic, it's not perfect but who wants perfection, is the Mona Lisa perfect, No it's not but it is delightful to look at, and that is what 'Mr. Right' is, utterly delightful.

The whole idea of perfection is challenged through the arch of this film, the perfect man, the perfect lover, the perfect killer, and in the end, the conclusion I found myself with was that perfection is bad and partly unattainable, but honesty is important, and 'Mr. Right' never pulls the wool over your eyes.

Mr Right tells the story of the awkward idiosyncratic Martha Mckay played by the wonderful Anna Kendrick, she leaves her cheating boyfriend and while recovering from the pain meets up with Mr. Right, Sam Rockwell, who turns out to be a hitman/assassin on the run from both the CIA and the local mafia.

Now the story sounds cliché, I can already see you rolling your eyes and groaning, and yes the story is cliché, however, it’s how the film twists this formula around upon itself.

'Mr. Right' doesn't try the usual Hollywood tricks to spice up an old worn-out formula, 'Mr. Right' plays with the formula twisting it upon itself, being honest with itself, the film is totally self-aware of what it is.
But then just as you think you know what will happen the film takes a left turn, constantly leading the audience into a dust trail of comedy gold, the film embraces the cliché's only to take you off into a different direction, the comedy is not built on the cliché's but around them, and this is what makes 'Mr. Right' original and unique.

'Mr. Right' is a true breath of fresh air to a genre that has been done to death.

If the story doesn’t grab you the characters will both Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell are astounding.
Wow, the chemistry between the two main leads is impeccable, so well written and performed, it's both adorable and quirky, you very much fall in love with them straight away.

Whatever Anna Kendrick is taking I want some because she is a dynamo, borderline obsessive but in a cute and charming way, not a creepy way, by the end of the movie she turns into a complete badass, and no other actor could have done this character justice.

Sam Rockwell is just awesome as usual. he is awesome in everything he does, even in terrible remakes, his portrayal of a disgruntled hitman with a sunny disposition is just perfection.

I will give a shout out to Shotgun Steve RZA, he was clearly having fun with his role and he was a great addition to the cast, as was Tim Roth, I guess they had to have a Brit play the bad guy lol

I get the feeling that everyone was giving it their all in this film, all of the performances are strong and nobody seems to be lagging behind letting the team down.

Many rom-com's come and go but with Mr. Right, I genuinely feel there is something very special.
The film focuses on the characters and their feelings and interactions, rather than trying to be funny with love, we are given two people who are funny, who just fall in love, two odd quirky goofballs who find each other as if it were destiny, and this is made believable by how connected they both truly are.

The action is also great with Sam Rockwell practically dancing his way through the film, even getting to show off his signature move.
The film was more violent and bloody than I expected but this was a good thing as it added something of a sinister nature to the relationship between our two leads, giving them a more outlaw persona.
However this film does not glorify the violence, in fact, it walks a strange moral line, it never reaches 'Natural Born Killers' (1994) level of insanity, more borderlines with 'True Romance' (1993).
Cleverly 'Mr. Right' gives the audience the question of what is right and wrong in love and war.

Overall 'Mr. Right' is a fun thrilling and adorable quirky comedy, I give 'Mr. Right' a solid 4 out of 5 stars.
Honestly, you will not be disappointed, best rom-com in years, totally original with a great personality.

I hope this performs well as I would love to see these characters again

4 stars for Mr. Right (2016)


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