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Mrs. Wales's Hat - The Thrifty Duchess

Updated on January 4, 2012
Wall of Windsor of Castle in the English county of Berkshire.
Wall of Windsor of Castle in the English county of Berkshire. | Source

After Prince William’s April Wedding to the former Miss Kate Middleton, it did not take long for the carpers to emerge from the woodwork. Prince William’s new wife is criticized for thrift, news reports, Sunday 13 November 2011, are discussing the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat. Apparently, pundits are marveling that the Duchess recently wore her mother’s hat to an engagement. It was an extremely pretty hat, which suited the Duchess, and the occasion admirably, and matched her outfit perfectly.

The newspapers have apparently studied photographs and found other occasions, when the Duchess has borrowed outfits from her mother. Mrs. Caroline Middleton, Kate’s mother, is an elegant dresser with excellent taste. Many women raid their mother’s wardrobes for a special occasion.

The same newspaper notes that the new Duchess has often, horror of horrors, worn the same item more than once. Why should she discard a perfectly good outfit after only one wearing?

Other fashion commentators decry her for not wearing enough designer clothing. Designer clothing is ruinously expensive.England’s new Duchess is more in tune with the times, than those who criticize her. She demonstrates that, even with her job, a woman can dress well and elegantly, without wearing a dress once and throwing it away. That it is perfectly acceptable to borrow your Mum’s clothes, when something, that she has, matches your outfit or suits the occasion. The Duchess demonstrates amply that it is unnecessary to buy something new for every single occasion

Were she an ultra-extravagant clotheshorse, the same people would criticize her too. It would be insensitive to be over-extravagant in these days of austerity Britain, when many women cannot afford new clothes. The Duchess showed at her wedding that she would be a very different Royal bride, by her choice of an elegantly simple bridal gown, rather than a meringue. She also shows her good sense, sensitivity, and taste, by refusing to be the clotheshorse that some commentators seem to wish she were. Her thrifty ways will at least find favour with her mother-in-law, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second is known for her thrifty ways, and often recycles her outfits.

Fashion commentators should realize that times have changed. If they did, they might join the real World, who sensibly applaud the fact that Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has more taste and delicacy than they have.


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